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  1. Thanks everyone! It was definitely a labor of love. The actual H-4 is a magnificent piece of work, and much more sophisticated than most people realize. Someone asked about the finish. It's Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminum from the rattle can, except decanted and thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner. I used my old Paasche H to spray it.
  2. From the Amodel kit. Build photos: Part 1 https://goo.gl/photos/fv9LJa4N9yaeSD7W9 Part 2 https://goo.gl/photos/rbRCrupfZrnjb3aL6 Part 3 (includes completed model photos) https://photos.app.goo.gl/TEbZ36CbWZzCwnQf6
  3. Nice job on that kit! Too bad it's such a turd in terms of accuracy. I'd love to have a 1/72 Concorde, just not this one!
  4. Nice job! I think this is the first I've seen of this kit built up. This is very interesting to me as I have a copy of this kit that I haven't started yet. I had not seen your in-progress thread, and comparing your kit to mine, I wonder if Fliegerhorst didn't totally rework it. The resin in my kit is very hard, for example. The fuselage has a cutout for the cockpit with two options: a resin part with open framing or a clear vacuform part. The tail section is a separate part. And the scribing & fit (as far as I've taped it together at least) isn't too bad. Finally, my decals look nicely printed by F-DCAL. I'll take some photos and start another thread.
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind remarks. It really is a great kit, and I highly recommend it. If we all buy one, they'll do more aircraft! It really "feels" like a styrene kit. The resin is not as brittle as some, and the castings are so thin it really behaves like styrene except, of course, that solvent cements are powerless. It's not difficult to build, but there are a lot of very tiny, very fiddly little parts, both resin and photo-etch to contend with. The fit s very good: it almost snaps together, although in some case removing a hair's width of material helps. I do wish I had a "do over" on the canopy join as there are uneven seam, but that shows up worse in photos. The paint is Tamiya acrylic gloss red with a few drops of black added sprayed with my old Paasche H. I thinned it severely with Mr. Color leveling thinner which works great. I probably could have thinned it less, as it tended to pull away from the panel lines leaving them looking "whiter" as you can see. I gave it a few extra coats and that helped. This mix turned out to be quite forgiving: I was able to rub out some bits of dust and some fingerprints, and spray those areas again and it blended right in. The spinners are Alclad polished aluminum. I wanted the prop blades to have a different tone (which, in they end, they don't) but they were painted gloss black acrylic. While that was still a little tacky I rubbed on some of the aluminum polishing powder that SNJ used to sell. Then a thin coat of Alclad's clear sealer. It's a fairly easy way to get a really polished aluminum finish on small areas. The decals are very thin and glossy, but they are delicate. Be careful not to let them fold, and once they're set in place, that's it! No do-overs.
  6. This is a really great kit. I hope they continue with more aircraft kits!
  7. Can anyone confirm the SS United States as the old tool or is it new?
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