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  1. Wonderful. Thanks so much. I will now check everything in your signature. I did not realize there were links. Many thanks.
  2. Hello Håkan. I am glad the links may be helpful. I would like to see them release draken decals sheets. Having said that the Hasegawa decals, while still thicker than AM sets, are well done. I was happy to see the large dayglo numbers didn't need trimming. The colour and register are excellent and the gold in the badge looks superb. I am really very happy with this draken and look forward to building the FR-35. My Tarangus J32B lansen arrived yesterday. I had forgotten Tarangus sells the needed PE separately. I now look forward to the Special hobby viggen and Tarangus safirs arrival. There's some interesting AM out there for the viggen. I have a few days with limited time and will use that to consider my options. I may not even add that small fin pitot using my excuse that this is a practice build. I will know better when I move on to my Danish model. I really do have ham hands and worry I may destroy it. Both draken and gripen are being thrown together. I never expected to complete the gripen. At all. Let alone getting to the painting phase. The draken... could I really leave it? I don't know. I will wait to decide. Here's an amazing ride. I thought you may enjoy it. https://youtu.be/eXaPfUs6sQw
  3. Hello Christer. I just discovered I have broken the small fin pitot off my gripen. So I will be able to practice on the gripen. I have some evergreen rods so I will fashion something. M.R. has a sheet of viggen stencils that could be utilized if building the splinter gripen. Speaking of decals, there's a few more on the draken. (The bench has been busy and needs to be tidied. )
  4. Hello Håkan. The Tamiya P-51 is very nice. I have one here. I will dress mine in RAAF colours. Hard to resist an Aussie mustang. Is there a link to Christer's instructions for the splinter camouflage? Moose republic has two sheets that may help build the splinter gripen. 1 sheet of unit badges and another of codes. The codes are shown in yellow on the site. Unsure if the red as seen on the gripen's fin are available. If not those numbers are fairly easy to mask for someone of your ability, so it may be possible. Yellow codes. Unit badges. I hope this helps. You can always send him an email: robert@mooserepublic.se
  5. Hello Christer. Thanks for this. I had no idea that photo was edited with photoshop. I am looking at my model and wondering how to attach a pitot to the tail fin. My concern is that not having included it earlier, I am now looking at an area that is painted with decals around it, and is a small point from where the pitot extends. How would you, or Hakan if he is reading this, go about it? I have "ham hands" and worry I may damage the model at this late date of assembly. Many thanks.
  6. Hello Håkan. I've not seen the Hasegawa P-51 in 1/32. Swedish camouflage has certainly been attractive over the years. I had only planned for the Danish draken. So when this became a practice for a more detailed draken I chose what seemed the easier option of grey which, as it turns out, is very pleasing and easy on the eye. I have found a photo of a grey viggen that is alluring. The aircraft looks very beautiful. I never expected to not build a splinter green viggen. And yet I may. There is a sheet at Moose republic that covers both schemes which will allow me to change my mind. Although I think having all 3, draken viggen gripen, in grey may be dull. The other builds are slowly moving. The big spitfire is looking good. The focus is more on the two jets here. Speaking of nice Swedish camo, I found this gripen. Hello Christer. Tomorrow I hope to attach the tail pitot. I only noticed it late in the build. (I should have seen it earlier.) I am looking forward to getting the viggen and draken books you recommended.
  7. Hello Håkan. Yes the J-26 would be great. Which kit would you use? I will check the harrier thread. Have not seen more of your buccaneer. I will have a look later on. I am interested to see that kit built. I have not looked at much of the site recently due to just wanting to get on with my builds. I only see random bits every now and then during a break or when posting an image. (images help me remember where I am. Very useful. )
  8. Thank you Håkan. Here is the sheet. The gentleman at M.R. is a very nice chap. Very helpful and easy to communicate with. I have bought a few sheets from him and I can recommend M.R. confidently. 1/32 Moose republic 1/32 sea venom sheet. Were you able to get some work i over the weekend? I've been so busy modelling I have hardly read the site and have been left behind a bit. So I have yet to see anything. I will look through the thread later when I've finished for the evening. Now time to see if the nozzle clogged while answering your post. It's clean!
  9. Basic paint on draken before being rubbed back tomorrow. Gripen nearly ready for a black base coat.
  10. Indeed it is. I had visitors that slowed me down. I lost a little time. Hopefully tomorrow will be totally free. I will build the sea venom in Swedish colours as well. I bought the below set of decals from Moose Republic. I seem to have a large collection of Swedish subjects.
  11. Hello Hakan. Thank you. The metal areas have been masked and the camo begun. I was able to model all day from 6.00 AM through until 6.30 PM. It seems like a long time but I spent a lot of time cleaning up areas on both the gripen and draken. I have another full day tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what is accomplished then. Oh I checked the buchaneer I told you about and it turns out it's a sea venom. I don't have one after all. Easy to confuse the two I suppose...
  12. Further work on the undercarriage and drop tanks. Due to the aircraft modeled being relatively clean, I thought I'd make the drop tanks look used.
  13. Thank you. Those are very handsome books. I'd like all of them. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. It is a shame those libraries are so far from here. This video is stunning. Very beautiful, full of colour and an amazing aeroplane.