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Ham Hands

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  1. Ham Hands

    1/48 Bobcat Models Yak-28P Firebar

    Fantastic. I have always thought this aircraft was striking. Your model proves it. I came here after seeing a kit online and thought about purchasing.... Tempting.
  2. Ham Hands

    Spitfire Pr XIX #1/48 #Airfix

    Thank you. Things are moving and I nearly have my dad in a good care facility. No modelling going on with no less than 6 models very near completion, including a 1/48 Draken (there's a WIP thread on that I wish to complete) I was enjoying so much... I hope I have not ruined this GB forum. The spit is ready to be put together. It's a lovely little kit. See you soon.
  3. Ham Hands

    Spitfire Pr XIX #1/48 #Airfix

    Thank you. My father broke his back. 89 years old is too old for this injury. I have been buying models for future work I hope I can do. ATM it is 24/7 care. I just received the new Tamiya 1/48 F-14D. Wonderful looking model. I hope I get to build it. My draken is so close.... Thanks again.
  4. Ham Hands

    Spitfire Pr XIX #1/48 #Airfix

    Please go ahead. All my modeling has come to a halt following a family member being involved in an accident and sustaining severe injuries. I gave the boy a model to be built. Back asap.
  5. Ham Hands

    Spitfire Pr XIX #1/48 #Airfix

    Thank you. It turns out I only have 3 weeks. A friend wants it for his 12 year old son's birthday. So I am going to use the PE for the dash board and harness. There's no time to do the whole cockpit. This all began because of a diorama project for school. Father and son built an earthquake scene and the kid loved it. Chris, the boy, discovered spitfires through playing War thunder and Cliffs of Dover. My friend hates war and violence, so the Swedish recon' spitfire is perfect. No guns! The kit is nice but the undercarriage is pretty weak. Mine was broken on the sprue. I had to cement it together before removal. This is also my first Airfix kit in over 30 years. Very nice it is a spitfire. I cannot remember how many 1/72 Airfix spitfires I must have built as a child. I have a Swedish draken and gripen ready for completion. (I am building lots of Swedish subjects ATM) They can wait a few weeks. I am kind of excited a teenager is interested at all in spitfires. Or history, for that matter. I am also pleased my friend thought a built model may be a nice present. I may also pass on an un-built kit with some glue and paint. It is nice to be in a group build as well. Thanks for having me.
  6. Ham Hands

    Spitfire Pr XIX #1/48 #Airfix

    While finishing up a few builds, I have been asked to build a spitfire for a birthday gift. I am taking the opportunity to build the 1/48 Airfix kit. There is some PE and AM decals and wheels. Aside from that it will be OOB. This should not take long due to my prioritizing it with the birthday coming up.
  7. Ham Hands

    1/48 AMX trainer. Kinetic Vs Hobby Boss?

    Thank you very much. Kinetic it is.
  8. Hello. I am unsure which of these 2 kits to purchase. Is one better than the other? Many thanks.
  9. Thanks Hakan. I just realized I've forgotten to affix the pitot to the 162. Happily I have it and can add it later this weekend. It's in my cabinet now and I will get it out on Sunday for repair.
  10. Hi Håkan. It's a nice little model but the way it has been engineered differs from other Tamiya kits in that the undercarriage must be added early. I decided to build it OOB except for decals. I even used the kit harness decals. It looks ok at a glance. I have a few of these quick builds on the go ATM because I just spent two years concentrating heavily. I'll worry about a harness later. I had planned to complete the draken today. Or get close. Then I was sidetracked and completed the 162 instead.
  11. Ham Hands

    J35F/J Draken - Hasegawa 1/48

    Looking good. That underside will look great when its done I reckon.
  12. Thanks Håkan. Yes it is one of the many captured at the war's end. I have two sheets of these captured 162's. Two other French, 1 Russian, 1 RAF. They had some good schemes. This A/C was tested in France. I have a photo of it in 1947 and it looks pretty shabby. I want to give it the "last chicken in the shop" look. As if they have finished with it and are now more concerned with building their own jets. As for that seam, I forgot it is supposed to be there. Currently dirtying it and messing up the paint job.
  13. Thank you very much. My usual ham handed efforts. Thanks very much. Hi Håkan. Thank you. I awoke keen to complete the draken. Then did this. I have just begun to weather it. The airframe was pretty dirty by 1947. So I am going to trash it. I have faded the paint and have begun weathering it. I broke a little rod off the leg which can be replaced. Sadly failed to notice a seam in the engine spine. Typical. Draken tomorrow.
  14. Ham Hands

    J35F/J Draken - Hasegawa 1/48

    Hi Håkan. It is looking great. I am looking forward to seeing it completed.