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  1. Airfix 1/48th Merlin

    Hi, What differences are there between the RAF/Airfix HC3 Merlin and a Royal Marine Commando Merlin? Is there any after market to support this? Thanks,
  2. A few more updates. Fitted the wings and tailplanes. Wings fitted ok but needed plastic shims before filler as the gaps where reasonably big.
  3. Some more progress. Lots of sanding now completed and I have added the Eduard Airframe PE set. I have to say this is a pretty comprehensive set. A little worried that it may appear a little "thick" after the primer coat. Next steps are to actually fit the wings and tailplanes as I move closer to the first primer coat. I am actually really excited to get this one into the paint shop as a worn ANG bird at the end of its life.
  4. Monogram 1/48 B-29 in Bare Metal Foil

    Fantastic topic - love your solutions as well.
  5. One shot I forgot from last week showing an assembly of the wings and bits before much of the filling. I can see a "Hun" starting to take shape.
  6. Fuselage construction has started and I can actually get a glimpse of how the F-100D looks. [/URL]
  7. The wonder of Christmas - more modelling time. I am now working on the wings. I chose not to use the Aires main U/C bays as they where only a little more detailed and would have been a pig to fit. In addition the plugs for where the main U/C legs are to fit did not look as good as the Trumpeter parts. I have filled all the "divots" with Mr Surfacer so there "should be" much more of an impression rather than holes. In addition you may notice little tick marks in pencil - this was a reminder to me of each line that I re-scribed. I am planning to get the fuselage together later on this evening. Quote MultiQuote Delete Edit
  8. A little bit of progress on dressing the ejector seat. Being honest this is a bit of a mishmash but I won't tell anyone of you don't :-)
  9. Progress continues on the F-100D. Knowing that I had reduced the structural rigidity by removing the gear bays and other details I decided to be quite deliberate regarding which side I glued the intake and the Aires resin bays etc in an effort to produce a little bit of a jigsaw puzzle that would lock together nicely as I approached the drama of assembling the fuselage. Hopefully the following images display this clearly. In addition I continued to finish some of the smaller details. I made the decision to use the Eduard coloured PE for the instrument panel, repainted the same colour as the cockpit as well as using the black box cockpit coaming as I preferred it to the item supplied by Aires with their cockpit that I have used. I also added some small details that are very clear on the real aircraft but are not supplied by Trumpy or Aires. Next up is finishing the ejector seat and getting the fuselage together.
  10. I now needed to complete some more work on the bulkhead behind the cockpit. This left two issues to resolve 1) the Aires part was too short and secondly even with hot water the part was somewhat curved. Hopefully some more progress later this weekend.
  11. A few more updates on the "engineering side" First off as I was fitted the Zacto replacement nose with the requisite surgery to the Trumpeter nose causing a few issues. As I need to ensure the minimum amount of fit issues and sanding I cut the end off a micro brush and inserted it to keep things in place. After doing this I continued with the nose U/C bay area. Again after removing the Trumpeter part that is moulded into the jet intakes there where potential issues with structural rigidity and most importantly fit. I did not want a situation with awkward gaps needing to be filled when the fuselage halves are finally assembled or even worse the Aires nose U/C part coming free and rattling around inside the model. Its not like I have had that happen before when modelling I am pretty pleased with how that all worked out as the Aires nose U/C bay seems to fit pretty well. I decided to replace the Trumpeter airbrake with the Eduard PE part. I am not always convinced with the 2D nature of PE but in this case there was a big improvement in detail. After this I moved to add more engineering support both with plastic card tabs and lots of white tac and super glue to hold everything.
  12. Tackled two steps - one the fit of the Aires main U/C bay. As is more the norm with Aires the bay is slightly too small and the curves do not fit as well as you would perhaps expect. The answer here is superglue and filer. The second step was to replace the kit internal airbrake detail with that provided by Eduard PE in their Big Ed set. Next I need to tackle the airbrake door itself - also provided in PE by Aires. To fit the U/C bay and the airbrake I decided to use white tac and superglue to hold in position. As usual with Trumpy kits the fit is more like a 70's Airfix kit IMO and therefore I decided to add some additional plastic card tabs. I now need to start looking at fitting the nose wheel bay and anything else before the fuselage halves can be closed.
  13. Sort more progress today - I have a couple of days off this week and with a change of job I am no longer flying everywhere so I have more time and more inclination to model. At least that is the plan :-) Spent time looking at the various panels that will need to be closed. You cannot have the ammo panels open when you use the Aires resin cockpit set so I decided to close them all up. I painted what I could research or guess the relevant internal colour in case you can see anything through the open cockpit or open vents etc. The fit of the gun barrels if I included the complete cannon was a bit of a pig (although this may well be my fault) so I decided that as the panel is to be closed I could save myself a lot of pain by just cutting the barrels off and mounting directly. All held in place with blu tack and super glue.
  14. Superb detailing and finishing. Loving this build.
  15. Lots of cutting today - bated breadth to see how good or bad the Aires resin for fit is. You can see where I have removed the nose wheel bay which is integral to the jet intake assembly and removed the main U/C bay from the fuselage halves. We now have a "floppy" F-100D! I have also removed all of the detail around the cockpit area ready for the Aires tub. The main U/C bay is - as quite often with Aires resin shorter than the hole it needs to fill. Why Aires cannot resolve this at the master stage I do not know.