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  1. Aussie P-51K AIRFIX 1/48

  2. Sturmovik

    Stunner. Lovely - particularly like the leaking from under the exhausts... Never managed to build up layers like that - using oil washer brushed on.... top layer always takes of those before.... may I ask how you went about it? Cracking Sturmovik!
  3. Bf 110E

    Amazing - would have thought it was stunning detail on a 1/48 110, let alone a 1/72!
  4. Stunning - really love the variety of tones in the one colour scheme. Makes me want to build this kit!
  5. After getting my last project - a JU88 which took me two months (agggges by my usual rushed standard) - completed, I wanted to have a palate cleanser. Something small-ish, easy, and interesting... I had read about Japan's plan to attack the Panama Canal using submarine-launched float planes, and also had read that the Tamiya Aichi Seiran kit was a treat to put together... Oddly they seem to be generally cheap online too. It's an odd subject I suppose and likely attracts fewer people than superstars like the P-51, P-47, 109, 190 etc... Anyway - I decided to do the kit in prototype orange. A semi-what-if... The variety of images I found online for Japanese prototypes' colours seemed to span all the way from a light red, to a very dark yellow via varying hues of Orange. I still had most of a rattle can of Belton 'vermillion' left over from a drone Hellcat - so went with that as my shade. Markings were painted except for the tail number. I have included a few along the way steps. As ever I hope I haven't crossed the line between RFI and WIP here, but while it was too fast for a WIP, I was happy with how some techniques worked out... First off for the interior I primed black, then rattle-canned on something approximating to an interior green. I then made a wet palate and using a number of Vallejo paints started low and high-lighting areas. White green on raised areas / tops of units / edges of boxes and so on. This process is I think really good fun, and very forgiving... You can essentially mix on the parts. Once the rest of the kit was built (as expected - zero bumps along the way... the kit only just needs glue) I primed grey before pre-shading whole panels white or black. Then the orange went on. And another wet palate allowed for areas of ware to be brush painted or sponged on markings and main paint areas in varying shades before oil weathering. Similar process was used for prop and spinner. Anyway - here's the rest of the pics! Thanks for looking. Bruce
  6. Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-5 Corsair

    stunning finish on that!
  7. Fantastic - I love seeing the less well known aircraft from Vietnam on here. Really great looking model.
  8. Beautiful! Just seeing that tinted canopy makes me want to try it. Lovely cockpit detailing too!
  9. Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon Bubbletop

    Lovely looking model, interesting to know it was a pain to build, as I usually buy Hasegawa kits blind on the assumption they will go together nicely...
  10. Revell JU88 A-4, Sicily, 1/48

    Thank you Chris! It's a bit more eye-catching than most of the German kits I the collection, that's for sure!
  11. Revell JU88 A-4, Sicily, 1/48

    Wow! That's exciting. I did stumble across some interesting info on the Ju88 squadrons along the way. Some interesting info out there... Thanks! That's a great idea! Thanks Roman. In this case the kit luckily came with about 15 guns of various sorts - so I was able to make a similar arangement after the fact. But next time I will be taking your route! Thanks for the tip!
  12. Revell JU88 A-4, Sicily, 1/48

    Thanks Andy - some of the wear is intentional - some of it less so... These cans come out thick and slow, meaning that you get a bit of speckling effect around the edge of the sand / blue areas... Which in this case is helpful, but is sometimes most annoying! Thanks again, Bruce
  13. Revell JU88 A-4, Sicily, 1/48

    Thank you, it certainly had chalenges along the way. Some expected - like the size, and others less so - like the build up of paint layers. Thanks again, Bruce