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  1. Hi Super hornet is quiet clean as it was the first cruise aboard uss lincoln
  2. Hi All here is my F-14 D Tomcat & F/A-18E Super Hornet hasegawa modelkit add-on are : -missiles and bombs from hasegawa and eduard brassin kit -aeromaster decals for VF-31 tomcat - Fujimi carrier tow deck and figures -brengun photoetched tie down cross -scratch built ladder for F/A-18E super hornet
  3. Hi, Here is the kangnam RA-5C Vigilante Some panel lines need to be added on this kit as you can see, putty is heavely used due to poor fitting ajustments... FOD covers are fitted to mask the poor detail inside the intake
  4. Hi, Here is my hasegawa's Skyraider Wing fold mechanism is a scratchbuilt work paints are gunze acrylics, and weathering is done with oil paint
  5. thanks for the comments decals are a bit thick for this scale also, adhesion is poor, due to years i assume. don't forget to weight the nose
  6. Hi here are my last models Fujimi F7U3-M Cutlass and Hasegawa F9F-8 Cougar enjoy!
  7. thanks for your comments ground is sandpaper 800 painted with grey acrylics
  8. hello figures are included inside kit "ready for the battle" https://www.amazon.fr/Airfix-Ai50172-Coffret-Bataille-DAngleterre/dp/B00VW7FZWI
  9. Hi, here is my airfix hurricane mk1 decals are xtradecal sheet x48144 figure & accessoires are from airfix kit
  10. Hello here is my tamiya corsair with a willys jeep enjoy!
  11. tain²

    Bader's hurricane

    Hi, i wish you a Happy new year and very profitable modeling time I am working on airfix hurricane, and i would like to represent the Bader plane LE - D (serial V7467) I have the xtradecal decals on hand, and according to thus, the plane doesn't wear RAF Roundel on underwing Hasegawa notice shows a airplane with underwing roundel who's get right? i cannot find real picture of LE-D plane thanks to all
  12. very nice this flanker you do a great paint at this scale
  13. nice job! I never seen a skyray with this unique scheme!
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