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  1. Lockheed Model 10 'Electra'

    I haven't yet decided how to finish them off (possibly I should have thought about this before taking drill to plastic ! -- We share a common approach it seems, namely how do I get out of my latest good idea. The difference is though, that you do and produce a wonderful model at the end, whereas I muddle along as much as model!!
  2. A week into the build and I don't have much to show for it, but with only 17 parts and a yellowing decal sheet it's kind of all or nothing. This week though, the yellowing decal sheet has been taped to a window and the sun has been shiny so that's progress. All the parts are cleaned up and ready for some primer to go on. But most of the week has been spent on research. I've never been into noisy cars (or any cars) and this has opened up a whole new world to me. Never mind Harold Wilson's 'white heat of technology' stuff, the 60s really were like that! Porsche were refining their designs to quickly that the 910 hadn't entered a race before his successor was being built- that's as quick as Apple can produce new iPhones (other brands available for denigration). About 30 of the 910 were produced, entered races and were sold onto privateers to collect or race as they saw fit. And that's made research very hard, there are so many later mods that trying to figure out what the originals looked like is impossible; my biggest conundrum is did it have a roof? The moulding suggests it did, but it could be a very big casting line. Lots of photos show no roof though, which I suppose saved a few kg until the cockpit filled up with rainwater (stuff the driver's comfort). So, the roof is off. Once that decision was made I realised that this meant that the doors had no top, rather the top of the glass just sits there with no frame around it- better not make a mess of the one and only transparency in the kit when it's cutting time. Oh and of course there's always aftermarket parts aren't there. Ever the downfall, I've now spent half as much again on parts as I did on the original kit. But it had to be done because.... A distinctive feature is that the wheels only had a single lock nut onto the axle; illegal for a road car (I can't understand why it clearly had a number plate) but valuable time in a pit-stop (marginal gains I think they call it nowadays), so I had to buy some of those, especially as it'll hide the problem of metal axle looking like a Matchbox toy. Then, there needs to be a safety harness. The more so as there's no roof to obscure the view into the spartan driving compartment. Trouble is I don't know what aq 1960 racing car harness should look like, hoping someone brilliant has an idea but at the moment it's going to be a 4 point one. similar to this is the problem of the co-driver's seat, what goes in it, did they even have a co-driver or swap drivers at pit-stops? Nargh Finally, after a friend thought I'd got the scale wrong and there was no way a person would fit in, I've order a driver to go next to it and give a sense of scale... again having seen some photos of how people towered above this beastie driver comfort was not a priority and I think they must of recruited from horse jockeys who wanted more horse-power! Finally for this post. Thanks to everyone for such a fascinating, entertaining and diverse GB and total respect to those already over the finish line- I will join you because I've given up giving up for Lent and this model WILL be finished before Easter...or I quit!
  3. I'll have to carve out a lot of the resin to fit in the speaker and sound card, and I hope the young lady doesn't scratch the wing with her high heels (nor the driver come to that!)
  4. At least we've got plenty of south facing windows, but sunshine in Suffolk in Feb is hard to come by- the Big H don't list it
  5. A day at the auction and I've won a Tenariv Porsche 910 Spyder 1967. Actually I almost didn't as I had a micro-sleep at a crucial moment and was nearly outbid! but it's mine and the budget was kept to with no auction fever (re-assuring that I don't get every illness going) Tenariv is a pallindrome for Viranet a French company created by Jean-Pierre Viranet in 1980 . Jean-Pierre was a passionate petrol-head for machines of the 1960s, and sonme 300 models later stopped production in the necessary 2008. This is my first venture into limited run petrol head and I feel humbled to have got hold of a model by someone who clearly knew and loved his stuff so I hope I don't stuff it up but produce something fitting. So we come to the shot of the box, instructions and parts. I know this is often a couple of pictures but it's only 1:43 scale so can all be fitted in one go. I think I'lll say that the instruction sheet/ painting guide is in the French minimalist style, but at least I'm not overwhelmed by the number of parts. Here's the main event and the most detailed part of the build Loving the detail on the wiper blade. The decals are for car 17 which a quick research suggests won the 1,000 km race at the Nurburgring in 1967 so would have attracted John-Pierre's interest. The cockpit/ cabin is sparsely detailled but with a lovely vac-form glazing unti I think something needs to be done about that., otherwise assembly looks simple enough after some cleaning up and taking care of a little bit of pitting and scratching. The decals are very yellowed, but there aren't many of them and they seem to be simply the race numbers so I might have a go at painting them or making my own. Unlike M. Viranet, I nothing about Porsche 910s so a lot or research and learning on that side of things ahead, but otherwise as they would say in 1967, 'Gentlemen start your engines', or maybe ' Meine Herren, starten Sie Ihre Motoren'
  6. The Story so far... As @Black Knight has pointed out, I was an early backer of GB and I finally got back home and survived running out of heating oiil and dental abscesses! At least it gave me plenty of contemplating or confusing time. to re-cap... I was going with the Broden EAA VC10, but @Roland has that thoroughly under control, and having seen the state of the tail... You see, like many of us the new year brings a comiment to finishing some builds, so I want a mojo boost😆. Next on the list was a Midland Railway 10 ton brake van, I first came across these 40 years ago and they're as lop sided as me. There's a Slater's O gauge (1:43) kit available, but the review I read was not encouraging and I feared for my mojo😬 Thoughts then turned to ships and I scoured every RN WW2 pennant number in search of a 10 before noticing at about the same time as @Corsairfoxfouruncle that Yorktown was CV(A) 10. The Trumpeter model looks a gem, but all those tiny tiny planes in 1/700 scared me But I found the Revell Fair play X (Roman in numeral) tugboat. Reviews say that lots of small parts are totally bounded to the sprue, and who am I to break a strong relationship! @SAU came to the rescue with some car suggestions. Topping the list was a Tamiya Alpine A110, what could better soothe the mojo? Especially as they do a precise Alpine Blue paint for it. Wonderful internet, I can order it and have it waiting for when I get home. Sorted. What is wrong with us modellers? And I know I'm not alone in being distracted look at KUTA😉. This time my downfall was seeing that there is a model auction in our nearest town this very day, and listed are... Fire brigade models kit of a Volvo FL10, resin and white metal but no reviews And Tenariv Porsche910, again resin and white metal. Found a generic reviews that says they are lovely kits from a French car fanatic who stopped producing in 2008- freaky eh😵... Those are my top contenders. Obviously I should go with the Tamiya for my mojo😷 ailment. Even the Kindle auto correct makes resin into resign😱. But I suspect I'll be along with the Porsche, unless the bidding goes silly😛 Which meant 2 weeks before I actually started Unless I have another good idea😜. I expect the gallery will be full of wonderful builds before I even start my engine; and there is a masterpiece in there already and some beauts well on their way. Which means that starting right from the back of the grid is me
  7. Bf 109 E-7 Black 10

    is that a paint job or graffiti? Looks like a tag I saw in Tilbury once😀
  8. Let's see your dogs!

    Is she sticking her tongue out at the camera?!
  9. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Good one, I've been pondering the trumpeteer kit as they're not many ships on board so far
  10. Let's see your dogs!

    Oh, if its diurty pictures you want Monty,having just come off rabbit patrol in his favourite field
  11. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Away from my cave? I'm completely out of the country for a couple of weeks. But will be along in February, enjoying watching for now
  12. Revell 747 questions

    Sorry! I forgot that THE advantage of living in deepest Suffolk, is that they're just down the road mybad
  13. Revell 747 questions

    This'll probably start a long discussion about gray, but for Boeing gray I'm always happy with Hannants Xtracolour, we'll...Boeing gray
  14. Let's see your dogs!

    And next up is Monty 50% Cocker, 25% King Charles and 25% Dachshund- our first spaniel was pure Springer so we thought we'd tone it down this time around. But it's still a lot of spaniel in a small body! Anyhow, here he is in his favourite field where he offers rabbit pest control as a free service. Until the summer, his mentor and lady of the house was Grace... Ultimate mongrel rescue dog, she came from Wales but everything else was a mystery, to baffle the pompous I would insist that she was a Carmathen Bitsa and wonder why they'd never heard of the breed. Remarkably active in her youth, especially as when she came to live with us she'd already had a rib broken. Ability to eat anything and survive- chocolate, soap, yes I really mean anything. And yet if there was ever an entry level dog she was it! Housessitters who became our friends said she was only one of two dogs they'd ever sat that they would allow to walk off lead.
  15. Revell 747 questions

    Boeing are easing back on 747 production, just as you go into turbo-boost-drive! Good luck keeping track of which is which!