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  1. I've been to their store which is near where my in-laws live. They have a great collection of memorabilia, art, and models. The guys there are great to just chat with as well. Carl
  2. Lifelike have the following decal sheet available: I'm currently in the process of building TD248. Hope that helps. Carl
  3. Tamiya includes stands with all their recent 1/32 single seat fighters. I have several spares if you want one. There's also this one which I have from HLJ: The nice thing about it is it's adjustable and your model isn't permanently attached to it. Carl
  4. There was a limited release of DVD and Blu-ray copies under Star Blazers 2199. Although not dubbed, they were subtitled and region free. For some reason, they didn't finish releasing the entire series. As for the Cosmo Pulsar fighter sketches, they're from Yamato 2220 and not the upcoming second season which is called SBY 2202. If you can find a copy of Hyperweapon 2009, there's a multipage article on the Cosmo Pulsar as well as the Cosmo Zero 2220. Carl
  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the comments. I primarily build in 32nd scale so that was the easy part. The rigging didn't go as bad as I thought but it was definitely hit and miss initally in getting them to stay anchored. Part of the learning process I guess. I've picked up another WNW my so I guess this won't be my last biplane. But first I need to clear the bench of a couple Spitfires. Carl
  6. Thanks everyone! The Corsair is my favorite plane so I'll be building a couple more of these in the future. In the meantime, I have a bunch of Spitfires to get through. Carl
  7. I just picked up a pair of older Honda kits: I have the RC version of the CR-X, also by Tamiya and the NSX is a do over for me. My first try was when the kit first came out and it's mostly decals for the "paint work". Carl
  8. Nice Corsair! I just finished a VMF-213 Birdcage too but in 1/32 scale. It's definitely a challenge getting through weathering just right. Carl
  9. Thanks everyone! It certainly was a bit of a challenge for me and out of my usual comfort zone of Spitfires, Corsairs and Phantoms. Hopefully it won't be my last biplane. Carl
  10. I finished this build earlier this month. This is my first biplane kit and my first attempt at rigging. I know the rigging should have been flat wire but I didn't learn that till after I bought the EZ Line so I stuck with that. This probably won't be my last biplane but I'll be sticking with Spitfires and Corsairs for the near future. Thanks for looking in and Happy New Year! Carl
  11. A couple more: Some WIP pics:
  12. Here's my most recent build. I finished it as Reluctant Dragon from VMF-213. Paints used were mostly Tamiya and the aftermarket used on the kit were seat belts by Wako, Barracudacast wheels and Monokio decals.
  13. There's also Aizu tape which you can get as thin as 0.4mm. It's great for following tight curves or making thin stripes. I've used it for the stripes on ejection seat pull rings. Here's a slightly wider one that I used for masking a cockpit: Carl
  14. Volks do a couple of tanks, one's called the edelweiss: There's also Industria Mechanika and they make some different AFVs with a sci-fi theme. There was a strategy game years ago called Renegade Legion that had some cool designs in it. The semovente is definitely a big tank. It's getting a re-release too so might not be so much. Carl
  15. If you need the ones included in the Tamiya Spitfire kit, let me know. I have a bunch of them I'll never use. Carl