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  1. If you want large scale, Max Factory is working on an IM 1/20 Gerwalk and Valkyrie with Strike/Super packs. No release date had been announced yet so most likely next year. I hope. Carl
  2. My stash has been split between our house and my old work room in my parents' place which means my wife doesn't know how big my stash really is. Carl
  3. These arrived just in time for the long weekend: I was surprised how quickly they arrived from Japan as it took a week exactly. Carl
  4. These arrived late last week: I picked this up from the LHS today while getting the car serviced: Carl
  5. Gunze makes a product called Mr Metal Primer. I believe it has some etching properties to it. It's clear but when i use it, I can see a change in the finish of the metal. Maybe give that a try? Carl
  6. Spitfire Decals Needed 1/32 PCM Mk XIV

    If you want the stock PCM decals, I have a spare set as I won't be using them. They're yours for the postage. Carl
  7. Integra Type R DC-2 UK spec front end?

    Revell USA had a DC2 Integra with the round headlights. You might be able to kit bash the two together. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXERME&P=W Carl
  8. RUF CTR Yellowbird

    The Ruf Yellowbird was built from a non-turbo Carrera 911. You can see in your pic that it doesn't have the large rear fender flares that any of the Turbos have. The 964 was the 911 replacement and had a different chassis, bumpers, mirrors and interior. I would start with any of the Fujimi Enthusiast Model (EM series) kits. They're a bit fiddly to build. The kit you linked to is based off that series so if you can find the narrowbody Carrera, that would be a great starting point too. It's been a while since I've looked at one of those but it should also have the correct Carrera rear spoiler for the Yellowbird. Hope that helps Carl
  9. I got this in the mail at the end of last month. I'm now just starting to collect all the paint colours needed for it. Carl
  10. What Sherman tank kit?

    I would recommend any of the Asuka/Tasca Shermans. They have great detail, go together well and from my understanding are the most accurate ones out there. Carl
  11. The 917... couch!

    I've been to their store which is near where my in-laws live. They have a great collection of memorabilia, art, and models. The guys there are great to just chat with as well. Carl
  12. Looking for an 1/32 Spit XVI decal sheet, any idea?

    Lifelike have the following decal sheet available: I'm currently in the process of building TD248. Hope that helps. Carl
  13. What stand do I need for 1/32 plane?

    Tamiya includes stands with all their recent 1/32 single seat fighters. I have several spares if you want one. There's also this one which I have from HLJ: http://hlj.com/product/LFTFP-600 The nice thing about it is it's adjustable and your model isn't permanently attached to it. Carl
  14. There was a limited release of DVD and Blu-ray copies under Star Blazers 2199. Although not dubbed, they were subtitled and region free. For some reason, they didn't finish releasing the entire series. As for the Cosmo Pulsar fighter sketches, they're from Yamato 2220 and not the upcoming second season which is called SBY 2202. If you can find a copy of Hyperweapon 2009, there's a multipage article on the Cosmo Pulsar as well as the Cosmo Zero 2220. Carl
  15. WNW Sopwith Snipe

    Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the comments. I primarily build in 32nd scale so that was the easy part. The rigging didn't go as bad as I thought but it was definitely hit and miss initally in getting them to stay anchored. Part of the learning process I guess. I've picked up another WNW my so I guess this won't be my last biplane. But first I need to clear the bench of a couple Spitfires. Carl