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  1. I then started on the camo scheme which was going to be the main focus of this build. I started by closing up the cowls and masking off the canopy. Then I sprayed the standard grey and green camo pattern over the upper surface.
  2. Sadly I never fixed the B.IV kit. It ended up getting binned during a bench clean up. I finally got around to finishing the Tamiya one though. One of the things that I wasn't happy with was the kit PE seat belts. I really hated the way they turned out. Between that and the crash of the HK kit, I didn't have much enthusiasm for getting back to finishing it. A friend finally convinced me to get back to it so i started by ripping out the belts and replacing them with some from HGW. Thankfully with the large canopy opening, it wasn't too hard to do.
  3. The Revell kits supposedly have better decals compared to the original Moebius releases. I've only got the Moebius versions as those are cheaper in Canada versus the Revell re-boxed ones. Carl
  4. There's been some decent deals on eBay lately for Zoids which means I'm sorry to kick you while you're down as this arrived today That and a second PG Millenium Falcon kit. I didn't cancel my pre-order in time and it shipped. Which means my model fund is pretty much depleted for the next six months. Or I find a better paying job. Carl
  5. Disney "Planes"

    Converting a Corsair into Skipper shouldn't be too difficult. You would need to add a mouth to the lower cowl, and paint the canopy solid. I started on one for my son using the Trumpeter 1/32 F4U-1 D kit. I did the mouth from epoxy putty, and it was mostly just a lower lip. The biggest challenge would ebe the markings. I never got that far before the kit was binned due to our moving homes. The Super Hornets would be slightly harder as you'd have to make a helmet to go over the canopy. Hope that helps,. Carl
  6. I read that on RPF so perhaps we can look forward to you working your magic and correcting that deficiency? Carl
  7. Probably the most expensive IM kit I've ever purchased. Haven't even opened it yet. Hopefully tonight after the boys are asleep I'll get a chance to go through it. Carl
  8. I picked up another Zoids kit to add to the stash. I've wanted one of these for a while and this one came up at a great price. Carl
  9. If you want large scale, Max Factory is working on an IM 1/20 Gerwalk and Valkyrie with Strike/Super packs. No release date had been announced yet so most likely next year. I hope. Carl
  10. My stash has been split between our house and my old work room in my parents' place which means my wife doesn't know how big my stash really is. Carl
  11. These arrived just in time for the long weekend: I was surprised how quickly they arrived from Japan as it took a week exactly. Carl
  12. These arrived late last week: I picked this up from the LHS today while getting the car serviced: Carl
  13. Gunze makes a product called Mr Metal Primer. I believe it has some etching properties to it. It's clear but when i use it, I can see a change in the finish of the metal. Maybe give that a try? Carl
  14. Spitfire Decals Needed 1/32 PCM Mk XIV

    If you want the stock PCM decals, I have a spare set as I won't be using them. They're yours for the postage. Carl
  15. Integra Type R DC-2 UK spec front end?

    Revell USA had a DC2 Integra with the round headlights. You might be able to kit bash the two together. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXERME&P=W Carl