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  1. Nice progress there. I did the same plane but using the Tamiya 1/32 IX kit a fee years ago. Carl
  2. Fantastic looking Viggen. Yours is the first I've seen completed. I've got a couple broken bits in mine that I need to contact Jetmads about. Carl
  3. Just found this and wanted to say that your work looks great. The 1/13 Tamiya Caterham has a deDion rear end. Maybe that would be a good source for details? I can scan the instructions from mine if you can't find them online. Carl
  4. Mech9 has the colour callouts from the Bandai kit in English if that helps give you a starting point. https://www.mech9.com/2016/07/112-boba-fett-construction-manual-color.html?m=1 If you scroll down there's a colour equivalents chart as well but I can't say how accurate that is. Carl
  5. Thanks James! Yes, it's an unassembled version of the Yamato figure. There's a few extra bits they included to further differentiate it. In addition to the engine nozzles, there's optional resin main cannon pieces after the ship is blasted by the Meltran ship on Earth. There's also a large sheet of PE details and some glow in the dark stickers. Carl
  6. Maketar masks might do them. They have several different styles of roundels in either Kabuki or vinyl. Just need to know the diameter. https://shop.maketar.com/?product=british-raf-insignia I've ordered from them many times in the past. Carl
  7. Thanks Thom! It definitely is not one you see too often. I picked this up on clear out from HLJ close to 20 years ago. Out of curiosity I checked what they go for these days and it was a bit eye watering. That being said, I think the more recent Hasegawa kit may be better detailed. Carl
  8. I decided to try painting the engine nozzles. Instead of my usual Tamiya or Gunze paints, I decided to use a primer coat of Tru-Color gloss black. This is a lacquer based model paint I've recently picked up which is a bit hotter compared to either of the other two. I then sprayed the parts with H61 Burnt Iron. Assembling the engines.
  9. I've been continuing to work on the SDF-1 in my spare time. I started on the legs,/engine sections. One of them has a city located inside it. I gave the city a basic paint job as it won't really be seen once assembled. Installed inside the leg. There are a couple observation windows including one that rotates open from the close position. Next up was the engine nozzles themselves. There's two different versions in my kit. The stock ones and another set in resin. After checking things including the smaller Hasegawa kit, it looks likes the ones on the right are correct.
  10. Try Maketar masks for the roundels and codes. They will do custom sizes ones for a decent price. I've used them numerous times for many of my Spitfire builds in 1/32. Although it's not a Spitfire this is my most recent paint job using paint masks. Carl
  11. Here's as far I got initially. This is part of the central hull of the ship. Following the instructions, which aren't the most clear, I've started work on the hips and inner part of the upper legs. Some parts are diecast to aid in durability but I doubt I'll ever do the transformation into the Storm Attacker mode and just leave it in its ship form. Here's the central frame of the ship with the inner legs attached. Shoulders are now assembled and attached. Finishing up the central vertical thrusters. So far it's gone better than I expected. Some parts are a bit loose though so may need some sort of glue to hold them in place. I'll have to see what will work. Carl
  12. This has been sitting in the stash for far too long so I finally decided to put it together. It's mostly a screw together kit that came with a number of extras that the assembled version didn't: a sheet of PE details, decals and optional resin parts to depict the SDF-1 after it had been blasted by the Meltrans on Earth. I'll be building it with the intact cannon when I get to that step. I had initially started the kit when I first got it but couldn't get paint to stick to the plastic. It turns out much of the kit is moulded from POM which is a type of nylon. As a result, I've decided to forego painting and will probably just do a panel line wash to bring out the details.
  13. I tried to convince Paul to do one and he really considered it. I told him he could probably sell enough of them in Canada alone to make it viable. We almost had Glen from Kitty Hawk take a shot at one too.
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll have to consider the detail set. A friend spoke to Jetmads and they're considering doing a CF-100 in 1/32. It would a few years off if it happens but they didn't rule it out.
  15. Would you happen to know if the Flightline set would work in an Astra vac kit? I've got one of those in the stash along with the Canuck decal sheet. Thanks, Carl
  16. Culttvmanshop in the US has a couple listed on their website in stock and for sale. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/trek-kits.html Not sure if the prices are any better than what you found on eBay though. Carl
  17. FM104. I played underneath that plane as a kid when it was still mounted on a pylon by Lakeshore Blvd in Toronto. Belcher Bits does them. They came out fairly recently so should be readily available. I have them in 1/32 and they are nicely done. http://www.belcherbits.com/lines/decals/bd32.htm Carl
  18. I believe Bandai may be coming out with one but in 1/35. There's no pics or details listed yet. They're re-issuing the Burton Batmobile and the Tumbler at the same time. Carl
  19. Interesting. I just checked my pre-order and it's at $599USD so the change list have just happened. Hobbyeasy has changed their price on the kit as well. They've lowered theirs a bit. I think this is the second reduction I've seen from them. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/dqnsmkhtxe8uo2rhbfnh.html?t=1635249478?t=1635249535
  20. I believe Border are China based. My Chinese is very rusty and I've forgotten how to read most of it sadly. Their kits aren't re-pops but all original tooling. I've got their Panzer IV and Tiger 1 kits in the stash and they're both nice.
  21. As others have posted, yes you can use it on preorders. I've done it in the past with several orders from them. Also surprisingly, the air mail option is 1/3 less to Canada than the US for some reason. It's $78 US to Canada but $118 to the States.
  22. Lucky Models' has just announced their holiday sale. Use code Holiday22 and get 22% off the price. They're still offering the $20 surface shipping special too. Carl
  23. Modelcollect does some paper panzers in 1/72 that could possibly be a good base for conversions. They've also got some kits with kegs instead of tracks.
  24. It may be worth checking out Fundekals' website as their instructions are downloadable and have photos of several land based Corsairs. https://fundekals.net/1-32-scale/ They're a great read if you're Corsair fan. Carl
  25. Thanks for the peak in the box. Can't wait to see you start on it. I'm still waiting for mine but sadly Jetmads says they can't ship it as Turkish Post currently isn't shipping to Canada. So I'm in a holding pattern at the moment. It does give me time to finish my CF-18 I guess. Carl
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