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  1. Actually there isn't anything I've seen in 1/48 in the aftermarket , but there is a set for 1/72 from Andy at Thunderbird Models..... I will continue to hunt for a 1/48 set.......
  2. I'm sure interested in 'Race 80" , the Canadian one.... I'd love to get a set of decals for that one, she is currently for sale in Canada......
  3. Biggu

    Mosquito markings

    WOW, I'd say that response was a little harsh......... with that, I would guess you may have lit a fire or two, and may not get the information you are 'demanding'.......... I do understand and get that you would like to obtain accurate information, and I agree that there is a mountain of garbage on the internet, but I for one have found the guys and gals here MOST helpful and very friendly, but blasting back because someone gave you an educated guess, may not be the best road traveled..... for what it's worth, and I guess it won't be worth much, but I would say the markings are yellow as well, if one takes the photo and compares the 'color' to other B&W photos of a known color, like a roundel, maybe it could be compared for a fairly accurate guess, and as Jordi mentions, he is right about the a/c being in service 75 years ago...... most if not all of us know some of the information is a best guess at best.... even IF some of the guys who flew the aforementioned a/c they may not even remember themselves, my 97 year old dad is sharp, but is fuzzy on his RCAF squadron aircraft from back in the day.................... so maybe a little honey instead of vinegar, might garner you more information and a good positive dialog........................ just a random thought to ponder...................
  4. He is doing ok, thanks for the kind thoughts, let us know what you get and how they look, that would be great.....
  5. Sorry for the long delay in answering wife's dad had a stroke and was kind of busy there for a bit, yes, the side vents for photo etch, and they are really nicely done, I really should snag another set.... if I can find them now..
  6. You're right Michael, and I have used them on my Tamiya Mossie, and they are AWESOME !, They fit perfectly and look the part, IMHO, they are the best on the market....
  7. Exquisite builds as always Randy, and Mike's decals are always awesome..... I had a buddy just order the C130 set.... BUT they are held up in the post........................ go figure eh?? Are you going to have these in the next R/T ? Hope so...... cheers Jeff
  8. Whats the latest on the 1-N ?/ Anyone know if and or when it will be out for us to get our hands on?? Seems to have gone kind of quiet...... I have plans for this one.....
  9. Terry, grab those decals sooner than later, as Dave sometimes doesn't print them on a regular basis, and when he has them advertised, it is well worth jumping on them asap..... to avoid missing out.... Jeff http://lemdecal.com
  10. http://lemdecal.com/F-86 Sabre RCAF Europe 72nd scale.html A little inspiration for your NEXT Sabre build....... this is a great thread, I'm late to the party but enjoyed this a lot.....
  11. TBC, go get them, you won't be disappointed
  12. I have set of the Sovereign Hobbies Merlins and they are EXCELLENT !!! I should actually grab another set before I can't get them any more....... buy with confidence as well, I'm in Canada, and got them very well packed and sent in great time....
  13. Johnny, my wife's late uncle RCAF WWII Lancaster/ Halifax navigator ( DFC ) would be proud of the well done job you did, that is awesome and a wonderful tutorial, I have 2 of those first release kits in my stash, I should get on it, but seriously , this was a very enjoyable build for us all to watch, top drawer, and take a bow....... thanks for sharing Jeff
  14. Hey Rob, many thanks....yes the Dak is coming along well, but has slowed a little of late as the father in law had a stroke and we are dealing with hospitals etc... I look at her every day, I will get her done soon, and send you a pic.... not much left to do, just the tail wheel well, and the engine nacelles...., then the final run to the finish.... thanks for the tag, yeah, always interested in your talents... Jeff
  15. No worries, John, like a buddy says to me, I have no problem spending someone else's money !
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