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  1. An EXTREMELY sad day, yesterday, and very hard to watch....... to the crews..... Blue Skies, fellows....
  2. Excellent............ the 206 is my favorite machine... I sure wish Italeri would re do theirs or like I saw years ago release a new one, it 1/48.................. masterful job on yours, beautiful workmanship
  3. I can't wait for this..... I loved the Airfix 1/72 kit, and built a few of them and have some still in the stash, but this at 1/48 is AWESOMELY good, and like mentioned earlier, maybe one day the Otter.... but I don't want to get ahead of the game, this is so cool, and a real and true bush plane ..... FINALLY !! Thank you Dora Wings ! Jeff
  4. Any progress? My tongue is hanging out for this one, I have the same kit and conversion, was hoping to follow along and take notes... Jeff
  5. Noelh, has the right thoughts, my dad was with 435 (T) sqdn RCAF in India / Burma, and they flew C-47's and for all their drops the 'para' door was removed on the ground and left there, it was easier for them not to have to mess with the door in flight, and the extra weight that was taken off with the door, let them carry another sack of food for the folks on the ground, and also gave them some cool air to breathe, as it was a very hot environment to fly ops in... so with this particular squadron, the para doors were rarely on the aircraft.... FWIW Jeff
  6. This may work... https://www.drawdecal.com/product/1115-aero-union-p-3-orion-tankers
  7. Fantastic engineering and build, one to watch for sure, most interesting, looking forward to more ! Jeff
  8. You are a MASTER on the 185's just awesome
  9. I am sure late to this part, but holy, I'm glad I finally showed up, this is excellent !!! Jeff
  10. Outstanding builds, yes Lars' kits are excellent, and he is a GREAT guy to deal with , and a good friend.... love what you did with these kits Harry..... the float plane is perfect Jeff
  11. THIS is an ABSOLUTE Fantastic thread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for telling what figures and accessories you are using, by a quick search, I now have 3 new websites to check out for my future projects, I love this , keep them coming ! Jeff
  12. This is cool... if you are looking to do a 437 bird, you may want to try and see if IPMS Canada or some of it's members have the older IPMS Canada decal sheet available... it has the 437 bird on the sheet
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