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  1. Biggu

    Fishbone Inc decals

    Hey guys, THANKS, what I eventually did ( trying to take one for the team ;-) ) is as I am not a Facebook guy either, I found an email contact for them on the facebook page. I sent one in the hope they will answer back, and maybe I can access some sets through that.....if not I will have to get the Mrs. on the job..... glad to hear he is reliable and makes a good product... IF he gets back via email, I will et you guys know how it goes.....I wonder how many lost sales a not done over a Facebook posting thing... some of us are not Facebookers ( is that a word??) so I would think there might be some lost sales... oh well, I'm hot on the trail now, many thanks guys, I knew someone would know what to do......I will keep you posted... thanks Jeff
  2. Biggu

    Fishbone Inc decals

    Well, I guess as over 70 views here, no one has any ideas about these guys, I was hopeful.... as I saw some of their decals on a model photo that was sent to me from the Seattle IPMS show...... well , thanks anyway guys, but if someone can point me in their direction, that sure would be a help.... again, I'm still hopeful..... Jeff
  3. Biggu

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    Thanks Dennis, they look really good....I am definitely going to have to give this a go....
  4. Biggu

    Douglas DC3 Air France

    You are making this really good Rob, the decal thing is a frustrating issue, but you certainly seem to be banging into it in fine fashion..... I have the same trouble when I want decals that don't exist, but having to make kit decals accurate is a tough job , paint matching etc..... looks like you have a real good handle on this one....... BTW, how does the 'foil' take decals? From way over here in Canada, i looks like no problem... am I right? looking forward to the next installment.. Jeff
  5. Russ, I know a lot of guys don't like this kit for various reasons, but I do, and you NAILED it ! Just the right amount of weathering, it looks really good, the engine looks like it is just cooling down... awesome job !! take a bow Jeff
  6. Biggu

    Fishbone Inc decals

    Hey guys, I have stumbled upon a 'new' decal company, at least new to me , called Fishbone Inc. decals.... they appear to only be on "Facebook" , and I'm not a Facebook guy, and there doesn't seem to be any other contact information...... they have made some VERY cool Canadian F18 Demo 'color birds' decal sets....... IF the decals are any good, and IF they can be contacted, I would like to have a look, I am just wondering IF by any remote chance anyone has had any contact with this company or have used their decal sets, could you or would you mind passing the info along to me please? We, here in Canada, have always had really cool color birds for the CF 18 airshow seasons...... I would love to check this out further..... anyone have any god ideas?? Jeff
  7. Biggu

    Beech C45 Expeditor

    Thanks for your mini review Rob, I may have to invest in this one....
  8. Johnnie, the window reset is spectacular ! Looks like a factory job.......I'm lovin this ....can't wait for the next update, and a belated happy birthday..... Cheers Jeff
  9. Biggu

    Beech C45 Expeditor

    Rob, that turned out beautiful......in your mind, is the kit itself worth the build? I would love to do one in RCAF livery..... I have to say , your end result is spectacular ! Looks every bit the real deal..... take a bow ! Jeff
  10. Beautiful job on the re-scribing...., what plans or drawings are you using? They look very interesting.......your work on the , what appears to be very delicate P/E looks perfect... I will be following along with interest for sure... cheers from very soggy British Columbia Jeff
  11. Johnnie, I'm still lurking here way in the back of the crowed,looking over the shoulders of the other guys here just watching your masterful talents in action..................... I think I will go down stairs, take my kit and toss it in the bin, as there is no way I could ever make mine look as good as yours..... this is quickly becoming Museum Quality...... Still lurking in the back Jeff
  12. Biggu

    Beech C45 Expeditor

    This just gets better and better.....I love the bare metal look..... this is spot on Rob ! Jeff
  13. I hear you on the price, BUT a guy has to reward himself once in a while
  14. What do you think of the new release from Eduard??
  15. Beautiful job Tony, the weathering is PERFECT, just the right amount........ look s really good............ I always thought the Liberator looked a bit clumsy on the ground, but has beautiful lines when clean and in the air.... again awesome job..... I like it a lot.. Jeff