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  1. Moa, I have been lurking along here in the back watching this build, it is awesome, I was hoping you would do one with floats in a Canadian scheme, but this is spectacular, love the color and attention to detail, looking forward to the next update.... excellent stuff here... Jeff
  2. YES, fire season will be here before we know it ! Except not today, we are in the midst of one of the biggest rain storms of the year................. I digress..... your engineering is most interesting, and the spar idea is great..... nice fit, and will be most interested in the tail wheel tub.... pres on my friend... J
  3. And, I just ordered the Civilian D7 Dozer and fuel drum kits.................I just LOVE their subject matter...
  4. "sticky labels"?? Who needs fancy masks? That turned out perfectly , I am most impressed with that trick ! The build is looking great.... Jeff
  5. I was late to this party too, Gary, and I agree, Miniart will be around a LONG time with the dedication they have, also I love their product lines, some nice civvie stuff, for a change... Jeff
  6. THIS is a feast for the eyes, absolutely stunningly spectacular ! Jeff
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Encore-48108-1-48-UC-78-JRC-1-T-50-Bamboo-Bomber-Prem-Ed/392741528567?hash=item5b713823f7:g:ZCEAAOSwLRpefrMp A little bit rich for my blood..... and check the shipping, we only want to RENT a little space in the truck NOT BUY the truck...... and with the U.S. Can exchange..................... ah no thanks...
  8. Not too shabby eh?? LOL!! I'd also like to get the Encore Crane, that may be a hunt, but I bet they are out there, just not keen on spending MORE than is required.... I shall follow along here from B.C. Jeff
  9. As a fellow Canuck I'd say the answer to your question is......................... a Cessna Crane........................ I will be following this build as it looks like I am in the front row....
  10. I am VERY late to THIS party, but I had the same issues with my D7 Dozer as well, , it was a first issue and nearly un-buildable due to the brittle plastic, I have had the kit a long while now, but with a suggestion from another B/M member I gave it a shot and emailed MiniArt, asking politely if I could purchase a couple of the sprues as a replacement, and their customer service is second to none, I got an answer back from Ben within a few hours, and he said they would send out replacement sprues right away.....to say I was shocked is an understatement..... with customer service like that and great product subjects, they have cemented me as a more loyal customer than I already was........ so hats off to the good folks at MiniArt , other companies could take a page out of their book ! And this thread is awesome, it is so cool to see where and how these kits are made, and the faces behind them........... well done !
  11. Gorgeous Pics ,Chris, sadly they won't make southern B.C. now Jeff
  12. Agreed Jeroen................ BUT INSANELY Incredibly Fantastic !!! Absolutely mind blowing................. Jeff
  13. I have to say, you encourage me, to go well beyond my skill set, and I can only 'TRY' do emulate your skills, but it is builds like this, and your willingness to share that makes this hobby and forum what it is.... THIS is what scale modelling is all about ... Jeff
  14. Your work is impeccable, and in such a small scale, makes it even more exacting ! This is a MASTER class !
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