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  1. What are you reading?

    Last week I interrupted my reading of "The German Genius" for a few days, in order to read http://www.migjimenez.com/en/twa-english-version/1410-twa-issue-8-english.html It's an excellent piece of inspiration for techniques to weather my on-going build of Italeri's Dornier Do-24. I've already returned to "The German Genius" and I'm now less than 200 pages from finishing it (yes, it's an 850 page read, plus index and references, and I've been reading just a few pages per day since mid-August). Cheers Jaime
  2. Thanks for the support and interest, Gents! Much appreciated! Jaime
  3. Christer, Benedikt, Tony, thanks very much for the kind words and interest! I still have to updated the thread with the work done earlier in the week, but it's just one or two pictures showing the results of the second phase of seam treatment after the primer application. I didn't manage to do any further work since Tuesday. Cheers Jaime
  4. Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    I also have one, the version with the extra machine gun turret on the top wing. It should be a challenging project! I must clear the shelf of doom first... Cheers Jaime
  5. Hi Giorgio, Just caught up with this thread. Excellent work as usual, with your trademark care and attention to detail! However, the work on the cockpit and HUD is simply superb! Cheers Jaime
  6. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 20 on Feb 14th

    Hi Patrice, I had signed for the P-38 STGB. Since you're combining the GBs, please sign me in to this one. Cheers Jaime
  7. Thank you, Ced! Very kind, as always! The black primer produces a surface finish that is a joy to look at but it is also ruthlessly revealing of all imperfections. I'll have to go over a few spots and joins and apply another layer of primer before proceeding with the painting. Cheers Jaime
  8. Hi again, This weekend I managed to make some major progress. I started by dry fitting the wing and central struts and placed them on top of the fuselage. There are no slots on the fuselage to fit the struts. The wing and struts just rest on the fuselage. Here's how it looks: IMAG5239 IMAG5240 IMAG5241 IMAG5242 I will definitely paint the wing and fuselage separately and glue them together in the end. I'll use slow drying Araldite, as suggested by Tony ( @TheBaron ), not only for the bonding strength but also because a lot of adjustments between the wing, struts and fuselage will be needed to fit everything together with proper alignment. Having cleared this decision, next I sanded the joins of the engine nacelles. I found some sink marks I haven't noticed before, so I applied PPP and let it dry for a few hours: IMAG5243 In the meanwhile, I carved the slots on the extremities of the outboard wing struts where the rigging cables will be inserted. Here's an example: IMAG5244 The only exception is the front top insertion of the rigging lines, which is done on the underside of the wing, as can be seen in this photo: (from www.seawings.co.uk) For these connections I drilled 0,5mm shallow holes on the underside of the wing. Here's a detail: IMAG5245 I also filled the slots for the central struts on the underside of the wing with blu-tak (the white variety), to avoid later problems with gluing: IMAG5246 Later on, I sanded the excess PPP on the sink marks of the engine nacelles and masked the engines: IMAG5247 Finally, I could start the painting phase, which I did by applying Alclad Black Primer. Here are all small parts primed: IMAG5248 And here is the wing and fuselage, both in a plastic box to protect them from dust: IMAG5249 That's all for now. Thanks for looking. Jaime
  9. Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Well, I've been working on my still to be finished Dornier Do-24 and managed to prime the fuselage, wing and all small parts with Alclad's Black Primer. I may need more time than expected to finish this build, as I want to use some seaplane weathering techniques I've been reading about (I bought several products for that). I also spent some time looking at period pictures of Luftwaffe Do-24s, to see how they weathered. When I have this build finished I'll resume my Harrier GR.3 entry. The good news is I already have the Freightdog correct tail fin and the CMK engine and nozzles set. This weekend I also ordered a few bits for my Typhoon and Tempest builds: - Master cannons for both builds - Correct tail plane for a late Typhoon - PE flap set for the Typhoon (it's for the Airfix kit but I hope it can be used with the Academy kit I'm building) - Resin exterior set for the Tempest, with flaps and other control surfaces, as well as wheel wells Cheers Jaime
  10. Wildcatfish

    Good progress! Good to see this one back on track Cheers Jaime
  11. Thank you very much, John! Very kind! Cheers Jaime
  12. I is really interesting and full of great techniques
  13. Flying Boats & Float Planes 2 GB

    As I'm still building my Do-24, which was my entry to the original Flying Boats and Float Planes GB, I bought this for inspiration on weathering techniques to apply: http://www.migjimenez.com/en/twa-english-version/1410-twa-issue-8-english.html Hopefully, this will bring a few more interested BMers to this new GB Cheers Jaime
  14. Thanks, Ian! I'm now using a second box of toothpicks Thanks, Johnny! I'm most inclined to painting the sub-assemblies separately and it's good to know your experience with the black Cat. Unfortunately this week's been extremely busy in the office and I've had no energy at night to even try and test fit the parts. I also still have to buy slow drying Araldite. Hopefully this coming weekend, which will be a long one for me, due to one day of holidays on Monday and Carnival on Tuesday, will allow me to progress further. In the meanwhile, I've been looking at pictures of the real thing, to see how they weathered and also bought this excellent piece of inspiration for techniques to apply: http://www.migjimenez.com/en/twa-english-version/1410-twa-issue-8-english.html Cheers Jaime