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  1. Don't mind me. Looking forward to the Victors
  2. After about 24 hours of curing I am very impressed with the gloss finish from the airbrushed W&N Galeria. If it takes the decals well this will definitely be my go to gloss. Hopefully I will get some stickers on the old girl at lunchtime.
  3. BP85

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I really must stop going on eBay in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. Or maybe it doesn't count if it is 1950s FAA. And Supermarine.
  4. Morning all, Following the disaster that was the Humbrol Clear gloss (which is now in the bin) and re-blackbasing and re-camouflaging my W&N Gloss Varnish arrived (about £12 for 500ml so should last a while): After a bit of fiddling around I decided to spray this un-thinned, primarily because I can't find anything conclusive on a suitable thinning agent, at 30psi as it is a bit more viscous than what I am used to. It seems to go down quite nice and even and for now at least, it looks shiny. I will give it a day on the drying window sill and see how she looks in the morning, hopefully no clouding and no frosting!! Hopefully I will get a chance to get the transfers on tomorrow and then think about weathering. Feels like the end is close with this what was meant to be a single weekend stash-reduction build.
  5. BP85

    Gloster meteor f.4

    Hi Matt, this looks a cracking build. I have just bought some of this primer, do you thin it with anything before airbrushing or do you use it neat? Ben
  6. Update to the previous post. The re-scribing isn't actually a disaster after all. After sanding them down a bit they don't actually look too bad. I think I will very carefully do this all over as the out of box panel lines are pretty insignificant. Ben Thanks for the tip, Clive. I'll be sure to give that a go going forwards. Ben.
  7. BP85

    Not another one .. !

    Hi, Rob. This looks fun. I'll be along for the ride.
  8. Had a bit of a go in my lunch break since I'm working from home again. Wasn't at all happy with the wing root joins in the previous post so I have tried to sand them down further. The port wing root doesn't so much have a gap as a step so I tried to file and sand this away. After re-priming one side (can ran out before I could do everywhere I noticed that the panel lines had started to fill in, not that they were deep anyway. Next, a moment of madness ensued. I thought I would attempt to rescribe the panel lines with my newly arrived Tamiya scriber. However, this didn't go too well. None of the lines I have done have come out straight and they look like they have pretty much wrecked it: Is there a good way to get straight panel lines on a curved surface? Not entirely sure how to go on from here. I could sand them down and have no panel lines or I could attempt to smarten them up and risk making them worse or deeper. Or I guess I could leave them as is. Not sure really. Would like to rescue it one way or another after all the work on the engine and the cockpit. On a positive note I have painted the wheels (Tamiya Rubber Black and Humbrol Aluminium). The other sets are for my 1/72 Hunter and Spitfires: Ben.
  9. Thanks Mikey! Really enjoying this build, nice little kit.
  10. Hi All, another lunch hour spray job. Camouflage back on for the second time and fairly pleased with it. Just waiting for her to dry before trying out the W&N Galeria as a gloss coat. Still wish I had taken more time to get a better sanded finish on the wing roots. Hopefully it will be sticker time tomorrow.
  11. BP85

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Look like the eBay Fairy has been again
  12. Thanks, Plasto. I think I'm just going to play it safe and avoid anything that has a liquid form from Humbrol. Thanks, Mikey. Appreciated!
  13. Don't even get me started on their Decalfix
  14. Nice work. What paint are you using? They look great on the shelf. Ben
  15. Just sprayed over. Wouldn't know how to strip it back without damaging it.