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  1. Thanks @clive_t. I'm going to give them a little sand to try andake them a little shallower but not much after that. One or two glue marks and some poor first time Miliput work means I will be puttying, sanding and filling tomorrow so apologies for the lack of any camouflage tomorrow! Ben
  2. Hi All, After leaving the PPP to cure for a day I gave the wing surfaces a sanding and reapplied PPP where I had missed. After leaving again to cure overnight and after procuring some Dymo tape I went back to work on re-scribing the panel lines. Much happier with the straightness of the lines although I have probably gone a bit deep. Will hopefully reduce the depth with a bit of sanding. Definitely not a perfect or even a probably good job but it will have to do for now to avoid this becoming a Sisyphean task. Next on with some black Ultimate Primer. Sprayed at 20psi straight out of the bottle. First time using it and I have to say that I am quite impressed. And now for drying, will probably leave it overnight to cure on my bespoke drying rack. Camouflage tomorrow. Definitely got my mojo back for this build. Thank you for all the tips and encouragement. Ben
  3. Excellent work so far. Keeping a keen eye on this as I would like to add one to the stash. Will you be re-scribing the filled in panel lines? Ben
  4. Sorry to see that you are also a victim of Humbrol. I had a similar problem with my Hunter As @keith in the uksaid, prime and go again as I did on the Hunter. No need to waste a good model. I bought a bottle of W&N Galeria gloss and it has worked beautifully for me.
  5. Hi All, Some new weapons for my fight against this kit arrived today. Seen a lot about PPP and I can't say that I am disappointed. Far easier to apply than the Humbrol stuff and easier than Miliput for the small gaps. I also got some Ultimate Primer as I'm not too keen on using the rattle cans and would like to prime from my airbrush. I have given the problematic wing roots a filling and smoothed it over to ease the sanding process. I have also filled in the starboard Wing panel lines that I butchered last week with the scriber. These will have to be rescribed at some point and I'm really not looking forward to that. I'm going to leave the PPP a good day or so to cure so that it hopefully doesn't all fall out when it comes to sanding and re-scribing. Hopefully then I will be able to get the primer on her this weekend. Thanks for dropping in. Ben
  6. Sorry to hear about the setback. Still looking great as am sure will the final result. Ben
  7. Thank you, Dave. I only bought this kit by accident as it was very cheap, this was before I realised that the Hunter is a bit of a 'thing' in the hobby. I can see myself building a few more of these over the coming years. Ben
  8. Yes, very much appreciate you recommending them. The do conform very nicely to what little surface detail their is. I used a little Micro Set in the process but didn't really have much need for the Micro Sol. I'm probably going to chicken out on the big underwing registration numbers as ideally these would have been cut to shape before I assembled the landing gear, but hey ho. As it is gear down anyway the underside won't be too visible when on display. But yes, we'll all know they're missing! Ben
  9. Hello again, after no progress this weekend due to a few days off in Jersey I couldn't resist getting some stickers on her during my lunch break (working from home again). Firstly the Galeria seems to be pretty magical as a gloss coat. Seems to have cured rock hard and the decals were sliding around all over the place making them very easy to position. Not all way plain sailing though, I managed to destroy the port fuselage serial number so had to take one from another scheme (still an Aden one and the right colour). The second screw up was the topside wing roundels; for these I was looking at the wrong instructions and put the just red and blue ones on. Realising my mistake and once they were dry I placed the correct ones over the top. This was a mistake as the blue and white from the underneath roundels are showing through the white parts. Not ideal. Aside from the mistakes they have really helped to bring her alive. Just a few more of the fiddly ones to go and then I will add either the matt coat and call her done or add some weathering. I'm not really sure about weathering a cold War jet as all I have built before are WWII props. As a side note the postman, for a reason I shall not be explaining to my dear other half, dropped this off today. A quick look in the box and it looks pretty decent quality. Thank you for dropping in. This Hunter is coming awfully close to my first ever finish since resuming the hobby (or is lifestyle more accurate?) last year. Ben
  10. Thanks, Rob. I will be cracking on with it, hopefully will have an update post by this weekend depending on work. I do remember raised panel lines, I have a few older kits in my stash with them but they're stories for another day!
  11. After about 24 hours of curing I am very impressed with the gloss finish from the airbrushed W&N Galeria. If it takes the decals well this will definitely be my go to gloss. Hopefully I will get some stickers on the old girl at lunchtime.
  12. Morning all, Following the disaster that was the Humbrol Clear gloss (which is now in the bin) and re-blackbasing and re-camouflaging my W&N Gloss Varnish arrived (about £12 for 500ml so should last a while): After a bit of fiddling around I decided to spray this un-thinned, primarily because I can't find anything conclusive on a suitable thinning agent, at 30psi as it is a bit more viscous than what I am used to. It seems to go down quite nice and even and for now at least, it looks shiny. I will give it a day on the drying window sill and see how she looks in the morning, hopefully no clouding and no frosting!! Hopefully I will get a chance to get the transfers on tomorrow and then think about weathering. Feels like the end is close with this what was meant to be a single weekend stash-reduction build.
  13. Hi Matt, this looks a cracking build. I have just bought some of this primer, do you thin it with anything before airbrushing or do you use it neat? Ben
  14. Update to the previous post. The re-scribing isn't actually a disaster after all. After sanding them down a bit they don't actually look too bad. I think I will very carefully do this all over as the out of box panel lines are pretty insignificant. Ben Thanks for the tip, Clive. I'll be sure to give that a go going forwards. Ben.
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