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  1. This is looking great. Will be following this with interest.
  2. I can third Galleria, both matt and gloss.
  3. Right. That wasn't the most fun job in the world, masking up for the stripes took a good hour or two and ultimately didn't prove adequate as will be seen In the above not the leaking of the black into the white bands, especially bad around the fuselage. My guess is that the paint has travelled along the panel lines which means I need to me more careful to make sure I get the tape into the panel lines or I'm mixing too thin or laying down too much, or a combination of all three. I decided to touch up the white with a brush using some thinned Tamiya white, forgetting how poorly Tamiya paints with a brush. Not ideal but I'm fairly pleased with the results. Next up - another gloss coat Ben
  4. Small update. Got her taped up and laid some Tamiya Flat White down for the invasion stripes over the weekend. Hopefully will at least get the masking done for the black this week Ben
  5. Ah, I have been following this, read the whole thread at the weekend and very much enjoyed it Ben
  6. Thanks, CC. Really enjoying this kit now I've got back into it. I haven't seen much at all in the way of sink marks, needed a little fighting putting the larger pieces together but overall I'm pleased with how it's turning out and the detail is brilliant. Thanks for the heads up on the D-9, I'm planning on doing it open so that's good to hear. Thanks for the comments. Is your first gen IX on here at all? Would be interested to see how it is coming along. Ben
  7. Hi All, After a clear coat at the weekend I taped her up to do the yellow leading edges and sky band on the tail Again all Tamiya, yellow and sky colours. I didn't bother masking where the invasion stripes will go as no need. Fairly pleased with the results Will hopefully get at least the white of the stripes done at the weekend. Thanks for following Ben
  8. Looking great so far. I have one of these in the stash and thinking about doing it as RAF D-day build
  9. I am currently building an ICM Mk IX. Very detailed and nice soft plastic but there were some fit issues. Looking forward to seeing how yours comes along
  10. I didn't know you could thin Tamiya with Mr Levelling Thinner, I've only ever used Tamiya thinners. What ratio do you mix at?
  11. Looking great! Love the stripes. Which brand paint do you use?
  12. Hi All, After losing my mojo for this build a bit and in intense few months at work I decided to pick it up again and get some paint on it. I've given up on the panel lines that I scribed a little too deep and hope that various layers of paint and varnish and weathering will hide them a bit. I'm pretty pleased with how the underside came out with the tonal variation with the white marbling on top of the black (I didn't get a picture of this). For the green I only sprayed where there won't be invasion stripes so that's why there seems to be gaps or ropey edges. Colours used (all 1 paint/3 thinners): underside - Tamiya XF-83; topside - Tamiya XF-82 and XF-81. Next steps are to do the sky blue band, the yellow strip where there guns are on the leading edge and then the invasion stripes. Didn't do a WIP for this but in the downtime I picked up an old Airfix 1/72 Mk V to practice invasion stripes and and pretty pleased with how it is coming along. Just some weathering and a matt coat to go on this one
  13. Thanks @clive_t. I'm going to give them a little sand to try andake them a little shallower but not much after that. One or two glue marks and some poor first time Miliput work means I will be puttying, sanding and filling tomorrow so apologies for the lack of any camouflage tomorrow! Ben
  14. Hi All, After leaving the PPP to cure for a day I gave the wing surfaces a sanding and reapplied PPP where I had missed. After leaving again to cure overnight and after procuring some Dymo tape I went back to work on re-scribing the panel lines. Much happier with the straightness of the lines although I have probably gone a bit deep. Will hopefully reduce the depth with a bit of sanding. Definitely not a perfect or even a probably good job but it will have to do for now to avoid this becoming a Sisyphean task. Next on with some black Ultimate Primer. Sprayed at 20psi straight out of the bottle. First time using it and I have to say that I am quite impressed. And now for drying, will probably leave it overnight to cure on my bespoke drying rack. Camouflage tomorrow. Definitely got my mojo back for this build. Thank you for all the tips and encouragement. Ben
  15. Excellent work so far. Keeping a keen eye on this as I would like to add one to the stash. Will you be re-scribing the filled in panel lines? Ben
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