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  1. Vintage Airfix Kits

    Well, I would not be doing this, building a vintage Airfix model. As I remember, vintage Airfix kits has been surpassed a long time ago and trying to fight one into submission would be a worthless case. The only resonable excuse would be to build one to prove the point, namely that it's not worth the time and effort. Just my 5 cents.
  2. P-51 landing gear

    Going through a couple of Mustang books show a lot of different combinations of gear door droop, flaps up or mostly down. I can see no connection to the radiator position; mostly down but not always.
  3. P-51 landing gear

    Gear doors should be down as pressure bleeds off, however I believe that the flaps were deliberately lowered to prevent damage from people climbing that way up. That way I can argue that my Mustangs has the flap up, as that was what the pilot/crew selected.
  4. P51b Question

    Not a contender; If it weren't for the missing wing pylons, my recommendations would be the KP, and then still, if you could source them from another kit. Hasegawa has the best nose and canopy section, but is way off on the wing kink and the UC bay, but now it's getting complicated with kit bash and stuff.
  5. WW2 pilot figures

    Whatever pilot you choose, make sure that they have seat straps going over the shoulders; I've seen enough flying models with pilots sans straps.
  6. Want to give a AlcladII coated model a clear coat, recommendations?

    Thanks, wasn't aware of this place, but grateful for the help /Finn
  7. Having done the CA-15 Prototype in high gloss aluminium, I find that I'd like to give it a gloss coat to protect the Alclad paint, which I find to be not as durable as wished. /Finn
  8. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    IMHO, disregard the Italeri, it's no good at all.
  9. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    RE Colins drawings above: A spinner 25", B spinner 29" across, but fuselage depth aft of cockpit unchanged at 66". Interesting...
  10. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    I rest my case Clearly there are a lot of knowledgeable members here to correct me when I'm guessing wrong, and thank you for that. What I could use now was a nice little drawing superimposing the Allison and Merlin highbacked fuselages... /Finn
  11. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    You may be right, but the angle of the engine does not necessarily prove that the position of the propeller was changed. Digressing, the Griffon Spitfires trustline were canted downwards; I'm not that much into aerodynamics to explain why, but believe me, there was a reason.
  12. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    I did look at what I had of pictures of Allison and B/C Mustangs with the canopy down yesterday and there is a difference. With the canopy closed, you need very good eyesight to spot the difference on photos. Question now, is how you can modify, say the Brengun, to move the wing up that 1 mm. (and if it's worth the trouble) Running for cover... Edit: Changing the position of the propeller from the Allison to the Merlin would be a major modification and would dramatically change aerodynamics. I don't belive NA did that. /Finn
  13. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    The Brengun, IMHO, is not based on the KP kit. Buy one, build it and lets us hear how it turns out. /Finn
  14. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    Having both the Brengun and the Academy kits, I yesterday toyed around with this. The engineering of the kits are quite different and I'm not sure if it can be done in a neat way. The Academy wing has a curious profile that does not match the Brengun wing. An alternative, as you suggest, will be to cut the wing fillet out of the Brengun fuselage and move the wing up. That way you are automatically helped to produce the elusive downward kink where the leading edge of the wing meets the fuselage. Either way, it will be a massive effort and will need well developed modelling skills to pull off. /Finn
  15. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    No, you are mistaken there. Apart from the deep fuselage, its a little gem of a kit, very well moulded. /Finn