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  1. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    As no other has a direct answer to the question, I'll venture with the little I know of. There has been a myriad of Allison mustangs in 1/72 since Frog produced their first, but the Academy is considered the most recent and best bid for this particular model, even though it really builds as a F-6A. If you are serious about this, you'll need the book "Airframe and Miniature No. 6" P-51 Early Mustangs. This has kit-ology and drawings. The NA-73 has some subtle variations that you need to be aware of. HTH Finn
  2. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    Interesting. Looking more closely at the runner pictures, I could see your concern. I rather hope that someone who buys the kit will tell us if the kit has this fault or not.
  3. Brengun 1/72 A36 Apache USAF (Brengun Model Accessories BRP72025)

    Thank you Procopius and Chuck1945. Seems a must-have. Not too worried about the main gear bay, if the rest looks like a A-36.
  4. Is this a new kit or something repacked? TIA Finn
  5. 1/72 Eduard Spitfire IXc "610. Squadron"

    A pity that the high speed silver came out so grainy, 'cause the rest looks very nice.
  6. 94 Squadron RAF Spitfire IX in high altitude scheme

    Another 451 Spitfire in the high altitude scheme; this is fairly wellknown and used by several decal producers
  7. Propeller and Stand Diorama Help

    The easy way is just to leave off propeller blades. Go and have a look at a general aviation airfield at small planes starting up and taxiing, you just can't see any prop blur, it's something only visible in photos.
  8. 1/72 Scale FW 190A - best option?

    I've only made this 1/72 Tamiya FW190A3 It was the easiest build I made in years.
  9. !/72 Hasegawa Hurricane Mk I

    Yes, exactly. The trick is to leave a trace of the depression to suggest the stringer behind the fabric. I'm not sure that this can be seen in the photos, but I know it's there. At rest the Hurricane rear fuselage is more bevelled (right term?), the stringers forming a multitude of flat surfaces with the fabric strung tightly over the stringers. Its almost impossible to recreate that without a 3D computer assisted cutter. HTH Finn
  10. Finished last year. BoB hurricane in the markings of Australian born Howard Mayers of 601 Sqn (Osprey Hurricane Aces p.88). Out of the box except for aftermarket Rotol propeller. Rear fuselage "trenches" filled in with Mr. Surfacer. Painted with Xtra enamels. Since the photos were taken, the main wheels has been replaced with more correct 5-spoke items.
  11. Hasegawa Spitfire IX 1/72

    The roundels and fin flash is from the kit. The squadron codes are from a Japanese sheet and are individual letters without carrier film, VERY carefully applied. The model was painted in Xtra Color Enamels and given a semi matt clear coat after decaling and weathering and then I added flat black exhaust stain. The panel lines are artists oil paint liberally applied with a fine brush, with the excess wiped clear across the line when dry. I use Microsol to get the decals to conform to panel lines and such, helping it with a fine wooden toothpick to go all the way down. HTH Finn
  12. Hasegawa Spitfire IX 1/72

    Yes. What is perhaps more problematic is the camouflage scheme. I'm not sure whether the pattern I painted is reversed or not.
  13. 1/72 Spitfire Vb Danish pilot

    Niels Ebbesen could not have been a WWII pilot, as he lived in Denmark 1308 to 1340. He is indeed a Danish hero and I believe that one of the other presentation Spitfires were named after him. Enough history lesson, you did a fine job on the Mk Vb. Not every day one sees a Danish connection. /Finn
  14. Newly finished Spitfire of 451 Sqn in Africa. Propellor and spinner from Quickboost, otherwise just what was in the box except markings which was cobbled together from various sources. Camera Nikon D750, lens 28-300mm. inspiration came from this image:
  15. Spitfire mk XII

    I work in 1/72 where I have had good results in mating a Griffon front to a IX kit. You will of course also need a mk V oild cooler, but it's much easier by having a 'C' wing that trying to modify a 'B' wing.