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  1. Some great footage in this count down......
  2. Now in stock at Hannants, £100!!! It better be good for that price tag? I hope the new Tornado is not priced the same? Shaun.
  3. Another great Navy bird, love the worn/faded look.....very nice...
  4. Wow, that looks great...Nice faded weathering....
  5. Very nice, love the weathering and dirty streaks, great job
  6. If I can remember?, for the 5 point HIDAS I cast a couple more from the Heritage set to make up the numbers.
  7. It should be 25 deg but its more like 35...
  8. I agree, one of the best kits I've ever assembled....
  9. After a long time in limbo,got a base of green paint on the Apache last night... Shaun
  10. I'm still amazed how this got though unnoticed during design, the sweep angle is well published?? Easy to fix but noticed too late on my first build...
  11. I've got to join the party and say what a great build, amazing detail! Shaun.
  12. Very nice, very colourfull.... Shaun.
  13. Got a wash on the model now and its getting closer to the end.....
  14. The Gulf war book has been read many times and its my first point of reference for Desert storm info..