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  1. This is the area that will need a little reshaping.
  2. I'm not expected Tamiya to release a B or D Tomcat that quick so as an experiment I done a little bit of trials work with the Aires Resin GE exhausts for the Hasegawa kit.With a bit of removing resin/trimming and sanding they will fit just fine with only a small area to reshape to match the contours on the shrouds.
  3. The plan is for VF-84 Jolly rogers.
  4. Its not too hard to make late F-14A , The B it harder because of the engine change and NACA vents around the gun muzzle panel. I'll post up something later that may interest you. TBH, once you start researching you will be surprised how many of the TPS schemes are not late mod aircraft, the only thing to change is the reinforcing braces on the fins.Most jets pre 90's are lacking the ECM fairings.
  5. Its the same on the rear hub with the brake detail for slack fit, you can't sand the rear of the parts because of a locating lug for the hub to drop onto.Also have a look at this photo of the real wheel, the rim sits well proud of the tyre.
  6. This is another great vid if your looking for cockpit detail..
  7. I love the way this kit builds compared to the Hasegawa kit,the design is very clever and its hard to make mistakes with any of the construction.The undercarriage was a right pain on the Hasegawa kit, on this kit assembly is simple but very detailed. I've added the Eduard Resin wheels to my build, which have a slack fit between main hub and tyre? but it will be simple to fix. Shaun.
  8. Got the main rear fuselage together and added another feature of late A model Tomcats the ECM fittings, these were scratch built and added.
  9. Doing a later aircraft, so tail modified to the later type with the Furball PE Under primer Shaun.
  10. Nothing is stated in the instructions?. Would not hurt to add some, there is loads of room!
  11. Its brilliant, adding glue makes fit
  12. Made a start on this amazing kit,It just clicks together!....Here is my model dry fitted after cleaning up the parts. Shaun.
  13. Came across this video blog on You Tube, really interesting.Gives a great insight into flying single pilot charter flights....Well worth watching
  14. Have a look though this for references- 4m.30s+ and 9m.30s +
  15. It was a gun sight and projected a piper and aiming circle onto the angled glass.