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  1. F-15 Reference Thread

    Some good tips for the eagle builders here-
  2. Too late for entry into the group build as I'm making slow progress but here is the current situation on my own Eagle....Aires cockpit fitted and painted and fuselage built up
  3. F-15 STGB Chat

    F-15 Scab plates, do all late jets have them positioned the same or are the applied specific to the airframe?...
  4. That looks good,could it just be a fresh radome untarnished by the British pollution?...It does appear brighter though? The painting guides always show it the same colour as the upper surface on instruction sheets.
  5. The kits CFT are the wrong shape were they join ahead of the wing root but most people don't notice..
  6. Looking good, nice work...the dark gray radome is appearing to become the norm at the Heath..
  7. 1/48 GWH F-15C digital aggressor

    Looking sharp!, nice job....
  8. F-15 STGB Chat

    Did anyone have any?
  9. F-15 STGB Chat

    The F-15 was designed as fighter and the intakes droop to increase the angle of attack to the incoming airflow.
  10. 1/48 tornado gulf war

    Yes, Revel GR4 kit...you need to backdate the cockpit displays though as these are to the GR4 standard.The Kits work decals are nice but the shark mouth schemes do not fit the Revel kit nose area....Here my WIP in progress painted with Humbrol 250..
  11. Very nice pair, lovely work on both and a great finish...Not sure which one I like the best?,but I do like the green recon bird..
  12. F-35A Lightning II 1:48

    Looks a nice kit and worth adding to the stash as it's the future of a lot of Airforces so as time go's by maybe,maybe more schemes will emerge?..
  13. Harrier ZD379 Retirerment flight

    Overall med gray...with a few patchwork panels Shaun.
  14. Very nice Flanker, you've done a great job on the painting, very cool
  15. Very nice Tornado, I can see you've made good use of the wing seals... Shaun.