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  1. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Hi lads, unfortunately there's no miracles tonight in Ireland & the 125 will not make it to the gallery.Not unexpected I guess.The Matchbox groupbuild has been the best one I've been involved in,fantastic builds all round with wonderful people.My respect for Matchbox kits has risen immensely after seeing the results in the gallery.A big thankyou to the host Arniec & vppelt68,Enzo Matrix for the extension which was much appreciated & Dave Rabbit Leader who enhanced the groupbuild with the amazing list.Thankyou to everyone for the encouragement & helpful tips & likes,it's dissapointing not to finish on time but I'm still delighted to have taken part & proud of what I have achieved so far. If it wasn't for the groupbuild this kit would still be buried in the stash. So have far have I got?Well I think another few days to finish,I found the MIG one shot takes abut two days to cure - it's pretty thin so good for retaining detail but it also highlights your boo boos.I overpainted the black with white primer which didn't go on as well as black but it could be down to spraying in a colder temperasure.Elevators got epoxies to the tailplanes & wings onto fuselage.All masked for more primer. I constructed the engines after painting the outside straw with acrylic,I used a little epoxy on the outside of the straw near the intake lip area & at the centre pod join,the rest of the kit engine was glued with Revell Contacta as normal.The nosecone was slipped on & the epoxy outside the straw secures a good fit (well one was better than the other). Seams required filler & the port engine fit to the fuselage wasn't great but Milliput to the rescue. So this is where the build is at the moment.The engine pods needed white Milliput at the join of the nosecone to the main pod section (this might be down to not using the kit jet blade section),they will get a coat of Mr.Surfacer to get a smoother finish later.The wing join also got some white Milliput & shaped.Nose gear doors to be glued on before paint & the engines will be painted & attached after the fuselage has been painted.All that's left are the small bits to be painted & attached plus I'll make a pair of wipers as well. I'll keep at it & I'll post it on this groupbuild. Thanks again to everyone for your support & inspiration,well done to everyone on your brilliant builds & hope to see you guys again on another (hopefully a completed one by myself) groupbuild in the future. Jimbob.... .
  2. PK-606 Consolidated P4BY-2 Privateer

    Hi Ray,sorry to see this one stumble.Are you having trouble with the plastic showing through the white paint?If so then use a black primer.I've done this with the red plastic on the 125 & then used a white primer over the black,it should solve the problem. Jimbob. ..
  3. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks for the compliment Smudge & I hope you give one or two things a bash when you build your 125.Good question on the reference material.Nothing special really.I got a photocopy from a library book back in the 80's or 90's when I bought the kit.Then when I got back into modelling the Internet has made a hugh difference & I've used images from the net as reference for the build.There's not a lot of great pics of 125-600's but I came accross some good ones of the particular 125 I'm doing both before and after its time In Ireland. If you are going to scratch the ailerons make them a little larger than what I did.I didn't have a photo of that area & figured out too late what Matchbox did.In the photo below they should be up to the Matchbox panel line with the arrow.I can live with my mistake. Another quick update,fashion crisis kits New York - black is the new red.I painted the red plastic,exhaust nozzles & wheels with black primer.I used MIG One Shot primer,never used it before so I hope it works out. The wings & tail were given a wash with lemon juice & a clean soft brush to clean off the dirt & grease built up over the build.This was then given another wash with water & a drop of washing liquid.It seems to have helped with getting a good finish so far. Cheers for looking, Jimbob. ...
  4. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks John,no harm done - I actually needed a kick in the rear!That's what I find great about group builds,no get encouragement to do things & helpful advice.Well done on the Buckeye,never in a million years would I have guessed it was a Matchbox kit.You done a fantastic job on it. Jimbob...
  5. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Small update - wing construction finished at last.90% happy with the lights,the cellotape is slightly raised in one area but hey ho.We will see how it turns out after paint.The larger flap fairings under the wings were drilled to take 0.3mm brass tube for a stronger bond.The protruding strip between the upper aileron & flap is shaped from brass strip,all the other lumps n bumps are from plastic strip or rod. I hoped to be further ahead at this stage but tis still progress Jimbob. ..
  6. I'd say that's a very good result with the masks Giorgio.Looks like it should be crossing the finish line soon. Jimbob. ..
  7. It's looking fab John,well done man. Jimbob. ..
  8. PK-110 HS.125-600

    So time for another update,I didn't get as much done as expected but still plugging away.OK I assembled the engine inerds which consist of 6mm plastic rod trimmed down to fit into a 5mm clear plastic straw,the rod has Milliput shaped to immitate the fan blades,in the centre of which a plastic rod was shaped into the cone.This was painted grey with a dulls silver tip.The three supports/splitters were 0.6mm brass tubes & their positions marked on the cone which was later painted a dull metallic colour.The straw was slipped over the handle of an old paintbrush with a strip of Tamiya tape wrapped around the handle.The straw was marked for the three tube positions & drilled.The handle prevents the straw circular shape from deforming while drilling & the tape helps to show your marking/drill point as you drill into the tape inside the straw. After cleaning up the holes you slide the brass tubes (tip dipped in ca) through to fit into their little hole in the cone, The kit engine pods innerds were grinder out to take these straw pizza jets,the outer sraw will be painted grey & blended into the kit intake when the time comes. Another thing tackled was the wing lights,one of which fogged a little while I glued it in so a plan B came into play.While earlier constructing the wings I protected the open light area from bits n pieces by covering with cellotape.So the tape was placed over the other light opening & trimmed.In the image below the earlier fogged plastic was sanded down & will remain to give the cellotape more area to grip. This was ground out to the clear light shape & later cellotaped. Both were trimmed & the edges given a little ca which was later sanded smooth when dry.Lumps n bumps for the wings were also finished. So wings on late hopefully,times ticking away. Jimbob....
  9. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Cheers Nimrod,I felt the kick in the rear to get movin when I read your comment. Just a quick update, I finished shaping the second nose wheel & heres a look of the dry it nose gear. Also I got stuck into doing the lumps n bumps on the wings,there almost done but no photos.Still got the light glazing to fix & detail the engines & the majority of the building will be done & I can cracked on with paint.Cheers for looking in, Jimbob. ....
  10. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks for the kind words Dave,I'll try my best now with the extra week.Not a good week 125 wise & work wise (stress) again.With family commitments & shift pattern I wouldn't have it finished by the 11th.So I was putting off fitting the wing light glazing & bit the bullet but it didn't go to plan.It roughly worked but I used Revell cement & it fogged a little & I somehow got a bit of fingerprint on the inside. So plan B is in my head & will be worked out in the next few days,hopefully successfully. I also added some white Milliput to the nose wheels to attempt the shape on the outer part of the tyres.When it was hard I shaped it using a file & then a fine scalpel blade while the tyre rotated in a power tool.One worked & the other one the Milliput disintegrated so it's wating for a second go.Here's a before shot but I don't have an after & away from home tonight. Last of the update is this. My first attempt at soldering.I found it a bit frustrating but it's down to lack of knowledge so I'm sure things will improve.Anyway I'm impressed with what I ended up making.At the top are two pitot tubes,below centre are where the HF aerial connects to the fuselage roof & on the left is an antenna under the fuselage. All were made using brass tubes & brass strip with the bottom HF part also has a strip of plastic.They all have a length of tube so they fit into holes drilled in position on the fuselage.I've since given the parts a coat of Mr.Surfacer & also Milliput on some to fill/shape a little better.I stuck them on loosely earlier today & it looks mental. So till next time,cheerio Jimbob. . ..
  11. Beautiful looking Buckeye John & great progress,your almost there. Jimbob. ...
  12. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Thank god for that.Thankyou guys. Jimbob...
  13. PK-13 N.A. P-51D Mustang 'Dooleybird' ~~Finished~~

    Classy looking Mustang Black Knight,very well done. Jimbob. ..
  14. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Just a quick update after a little cleaning up of the nose area.It starting to look like a 125 now.It needs another coat of Clear on the cockpit glazing,some seems to have been removed after the first clean up. Adios, Jimbob. ...
  15. Shine bright like a diamond,stunningly beautiful model Rabbit Leader!Well done!All your work paid off big time,that would look great in any display.Happy Australia day as well Dave,I had a chat with my brother in law in Sydney early this morning after you mentioned it. Jimbob. ...