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  1. Matchbox II GB Chat

    I wasn't modelling at the time that the last sprue came off the production line & the big Matchbox kicked the bucket.I have no idea what happened to Matchbox - I guess it was like any business - sales dried up due the market (mainly kids) having other interests like computers & the company ran out of money & had to be wound up.It was probably in the news in Britain at time but for anyone like myself who still don't know can some kind soul fill in some detail.Obviously there's a lot of fond memories of our young selves building these great kits & looking through the fantastic artwork in the catalogues & Matchbox was sadly missed. Is there even any stories of former Matchbox employees?What was it like working there?It's almost like a Willie Wonka factory where they decide what magical colour the next model will be.Or was it the total opposite with everyone colour-blind?Sorry my mind goin crazy. Help, Jimbob....
  2. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks Dave,alls well.Away from the bench at the moment as storm Brian rolls in so only have one photo on the phone from earlier today.I got the elevators done from 2mm sheet filed & sanded to shape.The photo shows the underside loosely fitted. I'll do something simular with the ailerons soon.The wings have a droop towards the tips & thinking back to my first Matchbox 125 - that also had the same droopy wings.I had a quick look at another 125 build on here & that also has the droop so I think it comes down to the sprue design.When the parts are cut from the sprue the wing parts will bend into this curve.I'm thinking of putting some brass rod into the wing to help straighten it out.If it works great,if not it's a waste of time. Didn't do much else,just marked out where some details will go.Thanks for calling in, Jimbob...
  3. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks Arniec,we got away lightly but 3 people died in the storm.We have power & water back now,still no power at work so got a little modelling time now. Here's where the 125 is at the moment. Got a little done during & after Ophelia but you can't see much by torch & candle. I glued in the fillet at the wing train edge/fuselage join (still needs tidying up),drilled for a light before the wing,cut out the wings & filled in panel lines & sink marks,main undercarriage doors,glazing (will need to thin remove the framing on the cockpit) & finally I removed the elevators.I'll scratch new elevators from card since I thought it would be easier than cutting into the Matchbox tailplanes.Cheers for looking, Jimbob. ... .
  4. PK-110 HS.125-600

    The 125 build has stalled for a while.No power & no water since 11.30 yesterday due to Storm Ophelia passing by.I had another bit done but no photos taken so I'll update when we're back to something resembling normality.Enjoying seeing the other Matchbox builds going on. Adios, Jimbob. ...
  5. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Sorry my post mistake Anon...
  6. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Quick decal test done.Just warm water used & their fragile.You can see the bottom of the decal started to crumble as I pressed it on the kit to remove some water.I'm no decal expert but the glue has done it's job. Jimbob...
  7. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Cheers lads,tis a rare kit to get hold of now like most Matchbox kits I'd say. I'll do a little test on the decals later,I won't be using them so if you need them just ask - unless their past their use by date of course.I'll build it as an Irish Air Corps machine,if those decals are still ok,doesn't time just fly. Jimbob. ...
  8. T-2C/E BUCKEYE - 1/72 Revell ex Matchbox PK42

    Also looking forward to this,the Buckeye is a classy looking jet.Best of luck Nimrod. Jimbob.
  9. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Cheers Arniec & John,also all the hearts - I feel the kove,the red plastic can be a problem alright.A friend told me to spray a black basecolour over it as it will show through years later,I passed on the tip to a guy building a 125 on here recently & it worked a treat. I made a start on this,I'm a pretty slow modeller so will be tipping away at it now & again.I filled in the panel lines on the fuselage with Mr. Surfacer,glued the poor fitting door,then used green stuff to fill it out a bit & finally a coat of Mr. Surfacer.The red colour plastic is still showing in the filler.I carved into the front of the rudder to give it a more realistic shape & done a little scribing on the rudder as well (more to do there).The trailing edge of the rudder & engine pylons were thinned down.I'll have to do a bit of scratchbuilding for the cockpit but won't go mad as not much will be seen.Added some liquid gravity in the radome with watered down white glue. Here's where I am so far, Adios till next time, Jimbob. ..
  10. PK-110 HS.125-600

    I'll be building the Hawker Siddeley 125-600 which I also built as a kid,that one I subsequently threw out the top window at home.Hopefully this one won't meet the same fate. Jimbob. ..
  11. Nice one.Bring on the 1/72 scale Death Star next Jimbob....
  12. Fokker Dr.I Stripdown, Eduard 1/72

    Beautiful model Bughunter, another masterpiece. Jimbob..
  13. Airco D.H.2 Stripdown

    Fantastic model Frank,a pure masterpiece.Well done, Jimbob. ..
  14. 1/72 Matchbox DH/HS 125 - # FINISHED #

    No problem Nimrod.I've got a Matchbox 125 in the stash & that was my plan after getting the tip from a more experienced modeller than myself who no doubt experienced the bright plastic colour seeping through the paint through the years.Looking good now your back on track. Jimbob. ..
  15. Very nicely done Dermot.Tis a tricky kit in parts & pity the yellow decals acted up on you.One to be proud of there boy. Jimbob...