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  1. PK-128 BAe Jaguar T Mk2 ETPS

    Well done Dermot,some tidy scratchbuilding there & a big improvement over the originals.Tis coming along nicely, Jimbob. ..
  2. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Hi guys, home after work & -1°C outside but I've a warm glow because the wings are straighter.Maybe not 100% straight but pretty good. Jimbob....
  3. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Ok,here's my attempt at straightening the wings.I already cut a grouve on the inside of the wing and cut some brass tube & taped this onto the top wing section. Then added a little araldite epoxy glue. Covered that with a little cling film so it doesn't glue to the other half of the wing. Placed the other half of the wing on & pressed onto a steel ruler so it sets flat.I earlier removed a strake from the bottom of the wing which wasn't on this 125-600.Its left overnight while I work & we'll see if it works in the morning. Adios, Jimbob. ....
  4. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks for the replies lads.Their like hens teeth now Dave,I picked one up from a buddy a year or so ago so I'll use it to build a 125-700 one day. Here's a photo of the ailerons as they are at the moment marked out for a little more detailing.I forgot I also thinned down the trailing edge of the flaps & took a skim off the top.The navigation lights have been blended into the tips with a file & a fine sanding stick.The lights in the side of the fuselage were also sanded flat with sanding sticks. Adios amigos, Jimbob. ...
  5. Wellesley x 2- FINISHED

    Stunningly beautiful model Tony,well done. Jimbob
  6. PK-23 Hawker Tempest Mk.VI (F.6)

    It looks great in the photos Dave,no worries there man.Drive on. Jimbob
  7. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Hi guys, not much done during the last few weeks with work,life & Telford.Not much to show so I added a little plastic sheet in two positions to make the aileron the correct size,then shaped (I'll get a finished photo tommorow). The landing lights in the wings were just a panel line so I tried to improve them. So I cut out the panel & thinnew the surrounding plastic inside the wing.Then cut some lengths of plastic strip & glued them to the inside protruding into the opened area.The idea is this will give a lip of plastic strip onto which the clear plastic light cover will be attached.If it works out - great. Then the internal walls of the light fittings were built up & glued onto one half of each wing along with a scratched taxi light from clear sprue & a landing light from Little Cars 2mm clear lens. It looks a little rough but it will work out fine,painted with Vallejo white & a little beige where the white chipped off. Little Cars 1mm clear lenses were glued into the holes drilled in the fuselage sides ahead of the wings & the hole was then filled with superglue (to be sanded back flat) to make the lights glass cover.Also the kit wingtip lights were cut off & clear plastic glued in their place to be sanded to shape.I used a clear plastic knife as the donor. Finally the tailplane bullet fairing got a bit of Milliput to extend & shape it & then a coat of Mr. Surfacer (still a bit to do).The hinge areas were built up a little & shaped with Mr. Surfacer as well. Hopefully it won't be as long for the next update,loving all the other builds going on. Jimbob. .. ..
  8. Spitfire Mk22/24.***Finished*****

    Smashing looking Spitfire Steve,you should be very proud of it! Jimbob. .. .
  9. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    Luvly Jubly Dave.Smashing looking model,well done. Jimbob
  10. Matchbox II GB Chat

    Very impressive list Dave,you don't hang about man. Jimbob. ..
  11. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Quick update.I cut out the ailerons & began making new ones from 2mm plastic sheet. I cut out a little too tight on the bottom one - no worries.Both will be sanded to shape.Cheers for looking in, Jimbob. ...
  12. 1/72 Matchbox Lancaster... with Extras

    Thats looking fantastic Thom.Great progress. Jimbob. .
  13. PK-110 HS.125-600

    Just a quick update.I tried dipping the wings in warm water to help straighten them but was only a little successful so I tried fitting some brass rod in the wing.Not so good when I almost went through the wing with the power tool, but saved in time & the wing was sanded down smooth again. A little more detail on the tailplane. Also on the tail & rudder. I've got a little more done on the tailplane area but no photos yet & still have to straighten the wings. Thanks for looking, Jimbob. ... .
  14. 1/76 Jagdpanther Revell Re-Box

    That looks class Dave,love the base!Almost there,well done. Jimbob. .
  15. Matchbox II GB Chat

    You've got plastic pumping round those veins of yours man,I'm sure the Modelling God's have heard it all before.Your cleansed V-P. for your honesty. Jimbob. ..