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  1. dude_gan_ainm


    Well done Bar Side on your beautiful Flamingo.A rare bird,I think I've only ever seen one fly & even rarer to see a model of one.Lovely choice & lovely finish. Jimbob..
  2. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Another little bit done.The rear instrument panel & coaming were glued in position but the fit was keeping the canopy a mm or so high.So I scraped a little from inside the canopy at that position & also sanded a little from a section of the coaming.It now fits but will need a strong bond to keep it down. I used black Miliput for the coaming edge & used up more on a few bits around the tail & a cup shaped intake on the nose.Also some plastic rod shaped & a little strip glued to the rudder for a tab. After a light coat of Mr. Surfacer to blend them in.It looks a bit messy in places but it will clean up ok. Adios, Jimbob.. . .
  3. Yup,still up for this,bring it on. Jimbob...
  4. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Fuselage closed & filler allied to the seams.No location marks but I never get a good finish with them anyway.A little ascribing done & some detail added with more to do. I'm starting to enjoy this build now as you see details from photos & try out ways to achieve them on the model. Till next time, Jimbob....
  5. dude_gan_ainm

    Pacific Aerospace (Victa) CT-4A Airtrainer (Plastic Parrot)

    Lovely work Ray,she's looking fabulous. Jimbob... .
  6. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Slow progress on the Chippie but got a bit done.From the top the elevator/tailplane was cut near the tip & scribed along the join to bend down the elevators.Rudder detail added,spinner,prop & main wheels cleaned up.A small air intake for the top of the cowling made from evergreen strip. Canopy was dipped in Klear & the base marked with a black Sharpie,Tamiya tape painted black was fitted inside to represent the front & rear internal brace.The pit details are finished off again with Tamiya tape painted dark blue for the seat belts. The rear internal canopy framework was made from 1mm plasticard,painted black . It had to be trimmed down a bit & the fuselage behind the cockpit sanded a little to fit.White glue used to secure,it looks wonky here peering back & up into the glazing.Hopefully all will look ok once finished. Adios, Jimbob...
  7. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Finally got a little progress on the Chipmunk.I used some Mr. Surfacer to make slightly raised walkways,right side with masking removed. To get motivated I started painting the cockpit area,black is the colour so not much will be seen I guess & not much point in detailing it too much which is a bonus.I usually dont paint the parts while still connected to the spruce but what the heck let's give it a bash.I also carved out a NACA intake under the wing centreline which will be difficult to see unless you turn over the model when its finished. The Irish Chipmunks had the early narrow chord rodders so I marked out roughly what had to go.Then cut off with a scalpel & sanded to shape. Before. After. I glued the engine front into the cowling,assembled most of the cockpit (replaced the joysticks with plastic spruce & added two compasses).I used brass tubes to help strengthen the tailplane joints but messed up one by breaking a drill bit into one tailplane. I also Kleared the canopy.More later in the week hopefully. Adios, Jimbob....
  8. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Thanks for the nudge Pat,very little progress done so far.I managed to find most of my tools,the rest must be in a very safe place!I managed to remove the incorrectly moulded frames on the canopy but on close inspection I need to do a little more to remove it 100%.No photos but not much to look at either.Off in West Cork for the weekend now so I'll get stuck tomorrow night again. Adios, Jimbob.. .
  9. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Yup,I've been thinking my tools are in that elusive safe place as well.I got out for an hours walk up the mountain earlier,the snow wasn't as heavy as up the country.Its coasting in on the North East of England & Scotland at the moment. Hittin the bench soon Pat.
  10. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Unfortunately not Pat,I model on the kitchen table so I went searching for tools that were put away & no joy in finding what I need so far.Tis snowing here now so will probably be at home most of today & get some Chippie time.
  11. dude_gan_ainm

    Pilatus PC-21

    A beautifully designed aircraft, it looks fast even parked in a dark hangar.Looking forward to seeing you building this beauty John. Jimbob..
  12. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    I totally agree,tis a very good looking kit which can be improved upon by a little scratching n tweaking.Had some model time after the pub last night so did a little bit. After looking at pics of my chosen victim,the elevator horns look more extended on the kit version so I marked out a more realistic shape.The plastic is very soft & a few cuts with a scalpel & blending with a file & sandpaper later all was well. I thinned down the trailing edge of the cowling width by highlighting the area with a black Sharpie & filing it down,finishing with the scalpel blade scrape.In the photo looking forward - left side done,right side untouched. Also drilled a few more small holes,the ejector pins marked inside the lower wing needed sanding down. I'll do this as an Irish Air Corps Chipmunk in the delivery colour scheme. More later guys, Jimbob.. .
  13. dude_gan_ainm

    AZ Model 1/72 Chipmunk

    Hi guys, I cracked this kit open last weekend & hope it's small enough & easy enough to finish by the end of the groupbuild.I know theres a mistake with the canopy molding but it'll be fine.I had a break from modelling for about a year & I'm enjoying this kit so far,even if it's only cleaning up steam marks & marking out details to be added or cut off. Spruce shot.Not much to it but it is nice & hopefully will end up a good looking model. Drilled a few small holes & drilled out the two engine cowling intakes More later when I tackle a few more little details. Adios, Jimbob...
  14. dude_gan_ainm

    Out of the Box Models 1/72 Boeing 737-100 (Crowdfunding)

    I got a confirmation from Dan from Out of the Box that it is 1/72 scale & free postage worldwide for crowd funding. Jimbob...
  15. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks for the support guys,it's much appreciated! You wouldn't realise how much you rely on your thumbs so much,back at work now & getting back to normal.I did a little on the 125 - masked & painted the national flag on the tail & also masked both doors & gave them a shot of aluminium. Then masked off the cheatline on the fuselage & sprayed it black. I might get some more done over the weekend after letting the hair down for a Frank & Walters gig Saturday night. Yeeehaaay . Ahem, Jimbob. ......