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  1. Frankenstein tail finished & joined to the kit. Fuselage & tail blended in with wings,tailplanes loose for posing purposes. This is where it is at the moment,lots of small extras to make for the wings etc. before I join the wings & tailplanes.Slow stuff & not getting much model time so far. Cheers, Jimbob.. .. .
  2. Very nicely done George,lovely weathering as well. Jimbob..
  3. Excellent modeling & weathering Cellar Frog!A lot of work & enjoyment went into this model for sure.I did a run down Polish MIG15 years ago & learnt lots building it.A good point is paint /weather what you see.Thanks for sharing your model,beautiful. Jimbob.. .
  4. Converted 120mm figure heads on armature wire scratchbuilt bodies with Apoxie & Green Stuff putty.He also used decals for eyes. Fantastic model whoever built it! Jimbob.
  5. What a beautiful model,well done John. Jimbob..
  6. Best of luck Paul,always nice to see a Miles build.I wish I could build as quickly as you. Jimbob...
  7. Got another bit done.Shaped the tail a bit more,picked out the area below the rudder.Then measured to drill a hole for the tailplanes.All still loosely positioned but all ok.As you see below the canopy came loose again as I trimmed down the canopy frame where it meets the fuselage.This isn't so bad as bits of plastic dust got in there & was impossible to remove.So I get another chance to glue it back on,this time without melting anything. So next is make some fiddly bits around the tail,mark the position for the tail wheel,glue on the canopy again.Then glue on the
  8. Thanks guys for the kind comments.When things went south it was beyond the 25% point where you take aim for the bin with the whistling hand.Sorry to say it's another group build I wont get finished by the deadline.I'll keep going till its finished & keep ye updated.I didn't get much modelling done lately but shaped the rear fuselage,so next the area below the rudder & where the tailplane joins the fuselage.Then back on track more or less. Theres some beautiful models in the gallery,well done to everyone. Jimbob. . ..
  9. Cheers Col. I'll give the tail a bash,nothing to lose anyway.So the tail was cut off at the start of the fin & a replacement was started by a sandwich of 3mm plasticard roughly cut out to shape. The kit tailplane hole was closed with some plastic strips & sanded flat as the cut wasn't straight.Using the rudder for reference the new fin was sanded to shape. Two 2mm holes were drilled in the kit end & two int the new section to line up.2mm plastic rod inserted into the tail (not glued yet but a tight fit).
  10. Another few steps back with the Chipmunk this week.The canopy still didn't sit in position, the centre console kept pushing it up.Thats why I used Araldite for a strong bond & no fogging of the canopy.The epoxy wouldn't harden,maybe it needed more heat - room temperature was between 14° - 18° & I gave it a bit more heat to harden.This worked at hardening the epoxy & the canopy stays put ..... but I took my eye off the ball for a few seconds & things went a bit south.Don't ask.You live n learn by these mistakes. Ooopsy And with the tail fea
  11. Jeez Pat,this Hawker Henley is like a Marlin.She puts up a good fight but keep in there & you'll land the beauty. No problem using Klear on vacform canopies Pat,best of luck. Jimbob. ..
  12. Cheers for the comments guys. I glued on the canopy but it ended up too forward & I thought I could blend it in,so I left it. I got this far & wasn't happy so it had to come off & redo it.One step back. This is where I'm at with the wings.I'll finish the canopy section before the wings join the fuselage. Slow progress but I should get some time during the week. Adios, Jimbob... .
  13. A quick update on the Chipmunk,been doing small details after looking closely at photos of the aircraft after delivery.I started on detailing the wheels - I added break detail using some punched & cut plasticard,then masked off the tyre & brushed in some Mr. Surfacer. Photos showed they had ribbed tyres on delivery so after some thought I tried to add this.If it didn't work - no problem.First the centres were masked off,then three thin strips of Tamiya tape weee cut & placed around the circumference of the tyre followed by more strips across the tyre (bott
  14. It's great to see a Pegasus model being built.I was excited when this came out & bought one,it hasn't been touched since.Which turns out to be a good thing since my skills have improved & it will result in a better finished model if I get around to building it.I'm sure you will turn out another beauty Adrian,best of luck, Jimbob.. .
  15. Well done Bar Side on your beautiful Flamingo.A rare bird,I think I've only ever seen one fly & even rarer to see a model of one.Lovely choice & lovely finish. Jimbob..
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