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  1. dude_gan_ainm

    Hawker Hunter T.8 - ++FINISHED++

    Wow, a very striking & beautiful model.Well done John,I love it. Jimbob. ..
  2. dude_gan_ainm

    Boeing X-32A (Italeri 1/72)

    Very nicely built & displayed model MRMLA!I love the extra touches of detail you put into it. Jimbob...
  3. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Just a quick update on the 125.Not good news I'm afraid.I injured my thumb again recently so this has come to a halt till it heals up.I promise this will be finished hopefully soon enough. Adios till then, Jimbob. ...
  4. dude_gan_ainm

    Sikorsky S-61N question.

    There's also a 1/200 Sea King in Shapeways if you fancy a bit of scratchbuilding to a S-61N? http://shpws.me/P13G http://shpws.me/Mlap It would work out pricey with the rotors separate as well. Jimbob. ..
  5. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Small update time, I got some black paint on the tail for the cheatline (just a little touch up to do).So the masking comes off the tailplane at last.A quick loose fit to get an idea of how things look.Pretty good I think.I also primed the front of the intake above the fuselage for a little Alclad. Next up will be masking & painting the fuselage cheatline. Adios, Jimbob. ...
  6. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Only got onto this yesterday & yet again it's one step forward one back.I painted more Alclad on the wing leading edge & around the landing lights.All went ok till I got some over spray on the port leading edge when using polished aluminium so that panel ended up too bright compared to the rest even after I tried toning it down later. I also started masking for the cheatline which I'll start painting later today. Here's a shot I took before my boo boo. TTFN, Jimbob. .. .
  7. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Hi there, just got the pics back in the build log,it took longer than expected as they hadn't saved in Postimage so they all had to be reuploaded there first & then reloaded here.Done now so happy days.Hope to get some bench time later. Adios, Jimbob......
  8. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks John,watch out for the tumbleweed - tis gone quiet here but thats down to being the straggler.I'll plug away at this but I notice that the pics are gone.It seems Postimge which I used are having some problems,we'll see how this pans out. I sprayed over the unwanted Alclad area on the fin with white,leaving a smaller bare metal panel.I noticed there's a little spot of metal colour under the masking.Maybe a gap or else something I didn't think of - the Alclad is a lacquer & possibly went through the thin plastic cling film? Anyway nothing major & it will be easily overpainted.I also started weathering the engines which turned out only so so,so far. I'll post up some progress shots around the weekend even if Postimge don't get sorted. Adios, Jimbob. ..
  9. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Small update as usual,I sprayed the Alclad & tis nice to work with but boy those it show up your flaws!Engines & tailplane leading edge. Fin & wing leading edge.Loose fit to get an idea of how this look at the moment. I later discovered after looking at photos that the fin strip shouldn't be as wide so I'll try painting white over what shouldn't be there.The wing edge looks too dark so I'll try to sort this out as well & the engines need some detail painting & weathering.My next go at Alclads will be better,you learn from your mistakes with experience. All the best, Jimbob. ...
  10. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks Kirk for the kind words.I'm just a Joe Soap modeller like most people here,nothing special,just trying out ideas which mostly succeed.Just like I'll be trying out spraying Alclad for the first time.Should be ok.Don't worry about your skills,we all improve over time but don't leave those 125's too long as the eyesight starts to go & makes modelling more difficult.I found my missing 125 kit which will become a 700,so a pair of new engines will be scratched for that.Your Royal Flight 125's will be worth seeing,fantastic scheme & I've seen photos of the research 125 which will be a very nice project! Cheers, Jimbob. ..
  11. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Just another small update on this 125 which is now slower than a snail.I got the modelling tools out & started painting black for the leading edge & engine bare metal colours. All the best, Jimbob . ....
  12. Count me in as well for the ABI Build,got a few resin,vacform and even paper models in the stash. Jimbob...
  13. Just did a quick search & came across this on www.airport-data.com Does Anyone know what the name or inscription is on this aircraft I think it might read 'Kings Cup Winner' as it won that race previously that year 1936, I have written C.W.A. Scott's wikipedia page en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._W._A._Scott as he was my great uncle but I can't seem to find this info from anywhere?? if anyone knows please comment!!Jim Scott. Hope this helps, Jimbob. .
  14. Hi Neil,

    Jimbob here in Ireland. I've been reading your build of the Merlin Fairey IIIF & just wondering if you made more progress with it.I've got the Contrail vacform in the stash to tackle some day.

    Take it easy Neil,


  15. dude_gan_ainm

    PK-110 HS.125-600

    Thanks again for the kind words guys.Slow progress on the 125 since the groupbuild ended I kinda lost momentum.Last weekend I got some modelling time in after getting the heating working again & preventing pipes freezing during storm Emma,I made three small aerials from brass sheet for under the fuselage & epoxied them in position.Also epoxied another sticky out thing on the starboard fuselage & the nose wheel doors. I also made up a pair of wipers for the cockpit windows from some brass sheet,tube & metal rod superglued together (to be glued in position later in the build).Just for you John (Nimrod54) I'll go into more detail.Using a photo I marked where the wiper arm is connected to the fuselage & drilled a 0.3mm hole,I then bent (90°ish) some 0.3mm Albion Alloys brass tube held in a pliers.This was then cut to a short length & was given a little white glue to temporarily fit in the hole. Again using the photo & the kit window width as a guide you can measure the wiper length & mark this on the kit to scale.I think the wiper worked out at say 3.5mm & the arm at say 4.5mm.The arm was Albion Alloys 0.2mm nickel silver rod cut & slips into the brass tube & superglued,then filed back to the 4.5mm length with a power tool at low revs. The wiper was marked out on thin brass sheet (I think it's 0.2mm thick) & cut out with scissors.Then filed down to size gradually with the power tool.This was then superglued onto the arm in front of the glazing to roughly get the angle right using a few strips of Tamiya tape built up 3 high as a guide/stopper. This turned out to be the hardest part as the parts are so small & kept moving,getting the rod into the tube was also painful.So all this was duplicated for the second wiper,removed the next morning & given a light coat of black primer.No photo taken of them yet.I hope this gives you some ideas for a future build John,it's worth a try but I can see they are not easy things to do.A good magnifier is definitely needed. I then primed the fuselage & elevators,put it away to dry & harden up in a box for a few days but the box fell.One nose wheel door fell off & bent,two of the small brass aerials bent, paint scratched on the nose & tail.Hopefully it's all fixable.I'll leave it for a few days & see what can be done.Another two steps forward one step back. Till next time, Jimbob . ...