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  1. Hi , Looking for suggestions for 60s/70s German armour colours for the likes of early Leopards and Jagpanzer 90s etc. please, cheers spad.
  2. OK, this is me back on topic. So Jan, what about this cryptic mention of jets, in 1/48th scale? What will they be? Come on you can tell us, you know you want to.
  3. First apologies for dragging the thread off topic, I hope you don't mind too much Jan, and thanks for the suggestions. I'll be going to Telford next year so I'll definitely look you up! Secondly thanks to all you other guys,plenty of research info there, rest assured will be studying the subjects in much greater detail but maybe we should get back on topic now, thanks again chaps, spad
  4. Tamiya Doh! should have read whole thread before posting, when will I learn, it's not like it's the first time. I'll get me coat.
  5. Thanks for your input, most helpful. Agree wholeheartedly about subjectivity, I should have asked for favourite or some similar term but hate typing & best is a nice small word.
  6. MiGs? Hunters ? G-91s? 262s? ?????? Also you say you like good beer, which is the best Czech beer & do you know if it is available in Britain?
  7. give that man a point!
  8. In the Edward Woodward drama Callan the title character painted and collected model soldiers when he wasn't sleuthing or beating up or otherwise mistreating his degenerate non sidekick. (1 point if you can name him). There used to be a wargames show which fought tabletop battles with wargames miniatures and of course the same featured in a James Bond film.
  9. Damn, quoted instead of edited, I'll get my coat.