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  1. tasty
  2. What do you mean, 'just in case its fatal', its manthrax, he's probably dead already. My dad went cold turkey after about 30 years on Capstan full strength and Players number 10 (I may have made that last one up but they were definitely Players.), a fact made even more amazing by the fact that my mum & sister carried on smoking in the same house
  3. Aren't all tomatoes vine tomatoes?
  4. None.
  5. Does anyone think we have any actors capable of doing a remake of this (or any other classic) justice?
  6. Tasty Marty, tasty build, tasty scheme, tasty finish, overall I've got to say it's tasty.
  7. thank you for this, very interesting
  8. Dogs names, not enough Lancasters, whatever, minor considerations in comparison to the problem of replacing all British & Commonwealth aircrew & inventors with good ol' US boys.
  9. Hi Marty, just going through my old threads & came across your reply so just thought I'd check to see if you'd blown yourself up yet?
  10. Do you already have something to put in the plastic container or is it a speculative purchase in anticipation of acquiring something in the future which would be a good fit for said container?