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  1. hey thanks, yes I like Kit and have ordered from him before. I will take a look at the possibilities there. I'm flying on an CA A320 in two weeks. Maybe it'll be the one on the sheet. thanks a lot for the tips.
  2. I just sealed up the fuselage and as I did so, I discovered the trim wheel stuck to the spout of the little tube of superglue. No idea how it got there! Lucky break I guess.
  3. Made a little progress last night and tonight. Crappy photos, sorry. Cellphone. No time to do better. I lost the PE trim wheel, despite not having carpet. Clip, zoom! Flew off into oblivion right from the tweezers. Other than the instrument panel which is cool, and I didn't lose, there are also these seatbelts. I don't know about you but they seem way out of scale to me. Tomorrow I will seal the fuselage up. I've ordered some Hasegawa mirror finish adhesive foil.
  4. I have it too - I'll give it a try on the model itself as soon as I can find it (deep in the Shelf of Doom...).
  5. In Vallejo that is 70.991 which is "dark sea grey". Doesn't sound right?
  6. Thanks - I'd scanned through a few images including the one above and it is hard to really define which grey it is. As with all colours but apparently especially grey, so much depends on the lighting in the actual photo. I'll take a look at 36321, thanks again.
  7. Thanks - I was kind of hoping for an FS number or a paint brand # that didn't require mixing! thanks anyway though.
  8. fortunately my building space has wooden floors...but yes. I already dropped a few bits last night but was able to find them. for the high gloss finish I was thinking I might try to use bare metal foil. Never used it before. But then I've never done a resin kit with more than about five parts before either. It is, after all, the Experimental Group Build!
  9. Do you happen to know the proper colour to paint the Spanish eurofighter (assuming you do the standard air superiority grey one)? My build has bogged down at that point.
  10. I didn't quite realise this GB was already underway but now that I've finished up my builds for the NATO Warpac 70s GB I have started with my Hughes 1B experimental record breaking plane. It's a resin kit from CMR in 1/72 and comes with two full kits. One has the short wings the 1B had at first, for the airspeed record attempt, and the other, the one I have started tonight, depicts the longer wings the plane had when it was prepared for the subsequent cross country speed record attempt. Tonight I cleaned up some of the parts and made a start on painting the interior. It's a small kit but of course these ones take a bit more work so it'll probably be slow going.
  11. Yes, same from me too. I got both my builds done & enjoyed the motivation to keep the build moving along. Thank you and thanks to the other participants, whose builds I also enjoyed!
  12. Trumpeter T-55 bulldozer tank, 1/72.
  13. Well, I didn't get to finish the scene by the time of the GB but I'm calling the tank done.