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  1. Tu-114

    Amazing build! Cool aeroplane too, I've always liked that one. Must have been awesome to fly aboard it.
  2. I'll post the pic of the kit soon. Not sure about the decals. I might be able to find something in my decal stash - the markings are pretty simple. the bigger challenge is how to paint it. My grandfather rarely talked about any of this stuff but when he did, he always spoke of "Black Cats". I do know that the upper wings of RAAF Cats seemed to be done in a camouflage scheme including in the only photo we have of a plane when he (according to him) was at the controls. But in honour of his memory of the whole thing I think I will make the plane black all over. I hope to get started soon. Kid's first week of school, huge meetings next week, etc. Real life gets in the way, but it's quieter after that!
  3. Hi all I am going to join the GB with a 1/144 PBY-5 which I will do as my grandfather's plane from WW2. May not get started for a couple of weeks due to work. Looking forward to everyone else's builds too.
  4. Consolidated PB2B-2 Catalina, QANTAS

    Oh, my mistake. It was RB-L. Before he died he told me that was him flying it in this photo (which I believe he provided originally to the person who subsequently put it in Catalina Chronicle). I think I thought RB-P because P was the first initial of my grandmother.
  5. Consolidated PB2B-2 Catalina, QANTAS

    I look forward to watching this build unfold. As an aside I am 90 per cent certain my grandfather flew RB-P in WW2, though before it had that radar attached. I must check his log books when I get home at Christmas, but I am very sure. I'm going to do my own "Black Cat" for this build but in1/144.
  6. Fantastic build. Those 1/200 kits really are great.
  7. Airliner building projects

    This PDF on the last two pages lists -400s by airline and engine (not sure if it's totally right or not but it's easy to use at least). link
  8. Airliner building projects

    Haha no worries I am not at all offended! On reflection my Chinese sounding user name and my comment might have made me sound like I had a personal stake. Not at all! I do live and work in China in government affairs and certain officials are all over a slip of the tongue like that, I've probably just internalised it! Anyway I know kitshobby he's a great vendor. I found the engines on contrail though, I think that's the best way forward. I have also flown on a KLM -400, and decals are available from DRAW, but getting the right shade of blue is more daunting than switching the engines.
  9. Airliner building projects

    Contrail, I guess. But they're $16 too. Maybe I will just build this as a JASDF one after all!
  10. Airliner building projects

    Thanks very much! BTW Air China and China Airlines are two different things. Air China is the People's Republic of China, ie China, flag carrier; China Airlines is the Republic of China airline, ie Taiwan. But it looks like I need a new plan! Grrr! So I guess the next one is, anyone can recommend a place to get PW resin engines? Given that the 747 kit was only $16 and the decal sheet about $3, maybe my better bet is to just get a new kit!
  11. Airliner building projects

    I just bought a 1/200 747-400 (the Japanese air force one boxing) and some Air China decals. But then of course I realised I hadn't checked whether the engines are right. They look so, by pics. Does anyone know a readily accessible list of which airlines used which engines on their 747 400s? I just wasted/spent 2 hours googling that with no joy!
  12. Oh bummer I thought it went til the 24th. Here I am in GMT +8 thinking I had until tonight my time to wrap up my build. Turns out I'm a day ahead of myself. Or is that behind? Oh well.
  13. Getting closer...
  14. Airliner building projects

    Haha yes I have many kits of many types that I bought for many reasons and never did...