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  1. I'm wondering about the decals too. Mine are pretty yellow like yours seem to be in that earlier pic. Any ideas? That's one of the main reasons my build ground to a halt in....2009! Nice work so far!
  2. Getting a bit closer to the finish line on this. I decided against too much more work on the front deck where those missiles go. They seem a bit large for the area and the little platforms I built for them don't look right. So I just put the blast shields in place and added the missiles. Then I moved on to the PE railings. They were not as difficult as I expected though of course they're not easy. This is the first time I've ever done PE railings on a ship and actually only my second ever go at PE at all. Still remaining to do is the other side of ship with PE, and then a fair bit of tidying up, touching up, and adding lifeboats. But otherwise most of the parts in the box are now on the ship.
  3. Well that's a bummer... Thanks for the tip!
  4. On that does anyone happen to know what colour their clothes should be? From what i could discover online, it should be a single shade of green for the 1970s, as the woodland multicam kind of suits only came in during the 80s? Without spending ages researching it does anyone know? thanks!
  5. Getting a little further along with this one, too. I haven't progressed the front area because the Exocet launchers and their associated decks and blast shields are a bit tricky but I added a few more parts like the smaller guns by the bridge cabin there, cranes, torpedo tubes, some of the radars and sensors.
  6. Well tonight I made some solid progress. Finished building the tank, and touched up all the bits that needed it. One piece is missing, a big clunky box from the front sloped face of the tank. It flew off when I tried to clamp the hull together and I can't find it. The soldiers in one of the photos are the guys I'm contemplating using in some kind of diorama/scene. I checked and they are about right for the 70s, based on their weapons. They are ESCI/Italeri "modern" US soldiers but the set came out in the 80s apparently. Next steps are more touching up and then try to do some kind of weathering. As always sorry for the cell phone pics but it's all I have time for - emailing them to myself & uploading them then posting them here is the fastest system I can think of. The idea I think I have is that there is this squad who are trying to take out tanks with that rocket launcher (it's a Dragon) and then they're kind of surprised when this tank comes barging past right by their position, too close to launch. I just need to work out how I can do the scene. I might even do it outside in the garden, with a careful photo angle it could work without me having to build a whole scene.
  7. haha!
  8. Further progress last night. Lots of touching up to do. Those rubber tracks really suck, hey? One of them snapped. So they are just superglued in place and that'll have to be that.
  9. Hasegawa also did a -500 as just noted, but there's also a -700 (which you can use to make a Wedgetail, along with Draw Decals in 1/200). Having just seen this group, I think I will join with that! Love the 737 though as a fairly frequent flyer I am kind of getting sick of being in them!
  10. Before I sign on to this cool GB can I check that 1/72 figures are ok? They don't require much assembly just painting but I guess they count as models right? If so, please sign me on. I have some cool Gladiators and also some cool Chinese cavalry (Han or Ming Dynasty I can't recall right now) which I would like to do. I'm on a "no new purchases" bender and I don't have any dinosaurs in my stash..
  11. I'll join in this one too!
  12. I'll sign up for this one too. In accordance with my personal commitment to buy no more kits until I get my stash back into one cupboard, I'm going to have rustle through it to see what I can build. But I know for sure there is an Airfix HMS Victorious there...and a Leander...and I also have a monster 1/48 Sea Vixen taking up a lot of space. In reality once built it will still take up a lot of space, but at least it will be built!
  13. Oh cool! I've had that kit for ages - wondering if it will ever be built. I hope it fits in the 70s NATO-v-Warpac timeframe, surely it does huh?
  14. This is really cool and well executed. I actually had the idea to put my T-55 on a base with some figures too - beaten to it! I hope you don't mind if I do so?