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  1. Fantastic build. Those 1/200 kits really are great.
  2. Airliner building projects

    This PDF on the last two pages lists -400s by airline and engine (not sure if it's totally right or not but it's easy to use at least). link
  3. Airliner building projects

    Haha no worries I am not at all offended! On reflection my Chinese sounding user name and my comment might have made me sound like I had a personal stake. Not at all! I do live and work in China in government affairs and certain officials are all over a slip of the tongue like that, I've probably just internalised it! Anyway I know kitshobby he's a great vendor. I found the engines on contrail though, I think that's the best way forward. I have also flown on a KLM -400, and decals are available from DRAW, but getting the right shade of blue is more daunting than switching the engines.
  4. Airliner building projects

    Contrail, I guess. But they're $16 too. Maybe I will just build this as a JASDF one after all!
  5. Airliner building projects

    Thanks very much! BTW Air China and China Airlines are two different things. Air China is the People's Republic of China, ie China, flag carrier; China Airlines is the Republic of China airline, ie Taiwan. But it looks like I need a new plan! Grrr! So I guess the next one is, anyone can recommend a place to get PW resin engines? Given that the 747 kit was only $16 and the decal sheet about $3, maybe my better bet is to just get a new kit!
  6. Airliner building projects

    I just bought a 1/200 747-400 (the Japanese air force one boxing) and some Air China decals. But then of course I realised I hadn't checked whether the engines are right. They look so, by pics. Does anyone know a readily accessible list of which airlines used which engines on their 747 400s? I just wasted/spent 2 hours googling that with no joy!
  7. Oh bummer I thought it went til the 24th. Here I am in GMT +8 thinking I had until tonight my time to wrap up my build. Turns out I'm a day ahead of myself. Or is that behind? Oh well.
  8. Getting closer...
  9. Airliner building projects

    Haha yes I have many kits of many types that I bought for many reasons and never did...
  10. I think I have a good chance of actually finishing this on time. I wasn't so sure even the last time I picked it up. So I have now got one coat of gloss blue on the wings. Another one or two (brushpainted) will do the job. Meanwhile, the foil - which is really more like tape - is pretty easy to work with. In order to simulate the panel construction seen on the plane, I've using thin strips. I just crimp them together at the centerline on the bottom, and slice the excess off with a really sharp knife. So far so good. It'll be harder towards the front. Sorry for the cellphone pics. The blue in real life is glossier than it looks here.
  11. Airliner building projects

    Cool, some nice themes there. I agree that 1/144 is probably a better scale but until just very recently I have always been living in tiny apartments. A 777 or 747 in 1/200 is already pretty big and if my collection ever happens I will have 3x 747 as well as at least one 777 and 787, before I even work out how to get an A380, 340, and 330! That said I've built the old Airfix BAC 1-11 and I do have both the Comet and Vanguard (or Viscount, which is it again?) too. And the Revell Concorde, already finished (and not part of my theme sadly for me) My collection of built 1/200 airliners includes a JAL 777-300ER, an old style ANA 737-200, and an old style SAS DC-9.
  12. Airliner building projects

    hi everyone, I am interested in others' approaches to building airliner models. Do you have a framework or concept, like all the variants of 737, or all the fleet of a particular airline, or something? Mine is to try to build a collection that has: . one of each type of airliner I've been on (including subvariants like 737-400, -500, -700 etc) . in the scheme of an airline I flew it on . without replicating any airlines . and ideally in 1/200 (which makes it a bit hard with anything non-Boeing bar the A320). I've had this in mind forever but am just beginning it now, with the 787-9 in ANA markings I recently bought and started, and the A320 I mentioned in another thread. I also have a Lufthansa 735 and an Air China 738 partly built. Over the years I've flown commercial quite a lot, so the only current types I am missing are the A318, A350 and 737-600. I am imagining I can build a 318, 319 and 321 by messing around with the A320 kit but I guess there is nothing else in Airbus in 1/200 (except maybe the A300, and I haven't flown on an A310). Anyone else have a crazy scheme like this? Or know of any boutique manufacturers of airliners in 1/200 other than Hasegawa? thanks!
  13. Airbus sharklets and 737 winglets - questions

    cool, thanks for that. He did a nice job. I will give it a go too. thanks!
  14. hi everyone, please forgive me if this has been asked, I have tried searching. I flew today on a china eastern A320 with the newish sharklets, or what I personally think of as 737 winglets. Do you think I could get away with using the winglets I don't need from my 1/200 737 kit and putting them on my A320 (because I have the Peach boxing not the Vanilla boxing). I am not a huge stickler for accuracy, I think to my eye in that scale they look close enough, but I wonder what you all think anyway. thanks a lot in advance.