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  1. this is great work! Enjoyed it so far, especially the cockpit. great job!
  2. Air China Olympics scheme 737-800 1/200

    Well, not a lot to report for me as I've been away on holidays. But...this and my P-8 and other 737 build have now all been sanded enough (well, to my satisfaction) and ready for spray painting. Not going to post a picture yet as there's not a lot to see. Next thing I guess is to build the engines and paint up the undercarriage ready for installation. It's still pretty cold here so I think I will hold off on the spray painting for a few weeks.
  3. That's a really cool model! I am half way through a P-3 in 1/72 and it's big enough for me - my P-8 is in 1/200, haha. Great work with the mix of resin and metal and vacuform, very impressive.
  4. Boeing 737 Reference Thread

    I really love the original 737 in those pics - something really cool about the engines. I just got back from Spring Festival vacation & saw a couple of nice 737s at Changsha airport on the way home. The Shanghai airlines one is taken through the bus window, the China Eastern one from the terminal. That fairly boring white scheme is the current one, compared to the older one with the red stripe in one of my earlier posts. Our own trip was entirely on Airbus narrowbodies...
  5. China Eastern Purple Peacock 737-800 1/200

    Yeah I much prefer the older China Eastern with the big red stripe than the totally white one with just the little bird logo. I got the email yesterday from Lufthansa about their new tail - gotta say I was both underwhelmed with the design and bewildered by the decision!
  6. China Eastern Purple Peacock 737-800 1/200

    Nothing to show in this or my other builds but I've been doing some sanding here and there. We're about to go away and it's my kid's third birthday tomorrow so needless to say modeling has taken a back seat the last few days!
  7. Apollo 10 (the other end of the mission)

    Cool to see this! Far out you have patience if you can finish that Airfix Sea King though. I ditched mine, I have to admit, as it was pretty rough around the edges. instead I recently bought the Sweet 1/144 Sea King which comes with 66 markings. Looking forward to your build and especially the 3D printed module. Cool idea!
  8. 1/200 AMT Man in Space

    Cool, thanks a lot!
  9. HMS Belfast 1/350

    incredible work - really amazing! I like the BW pics but I have to say honestly the colour ones are more "alive". Most WW2 pics of course are in BW and somehow something as realistic-looking as this it really deserves, and makes the absolute most of, colour. congratulations on three very fine builds. My parents quite like the Belfast so I sent them the link along with the email: "this is way beyond my skill level"!
  10. Camair-Co 737-700 - Revell conversion

    Amazing work. Love the super short little one, like a Hasegawa eggplane of a -600... I'm curious, is there not a single -700 kit in 1/144?
  11. Nice work! Glad I am not doing it though. The tracks! Good luck!
  12. Apollo 10

    Cool choice! I have that model too, from the "Man in Space" set. Haven't built it yet so I look forward to your reports!
  13. China Eastern Purple Peacock 737-800 1/200

    It's cool huh - the Chinese airlines do specialise in this type of scheme.
  14. Boeing P-8A Poseidon 1/200

    Such a great scale. I sometimes daydream that if I came into a lot of money, I'd start my own company making 1/200 kits of all the cool planes that even in 1/144 are too big for me. C-5, C-17, A-380, the list goes on!