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  1. Seeing these and everyone's build threads reminds me how many MB kits I built as a kid. On my shelf now there are just two, both built in recent years. I really wish I had some of the great ones still - i had the large scale Tiger Moth, the 1/48 Skyraider, the 1/72 He-115 and a couple of the great armoured vehicle models I see here. Anyway, I have this: Which I built as part of a once-regular bday, xmas and Fathers Day gift for Dad - a warbird each time. By the time I got here I was kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel, having done all the Spitfires, Mustangs, 109s, 190s, Zeros etc. and this was my first, and not quite finished, effort at rigging a biplane. I used fuse wire. Believe it or not this survived being shipped internationally twice without breaking at all.
  2. that cockpit is incredible! I'm not saying it looks easy, but it is definitely inspiring to think you can whip that up out of a bunch of plastic card. I will try next time I have a sparse cockpit on a kit. Looking forward to seeing your finished model!
  3. Thanks! On looking at it now after a while of leaving it aside I am quite pleased with it. One of the better ones I've done!
  4. This is just waiting on its tail markings now. thanks for looking!
  5. Nice work! Those wooden stands - is that balsa wood? These early British destroyers are so interesting compared to later war ones because they seem to have basically zero AA weapons?
  6. Haha this could be the solution - I'd looked on there for the Mig Ammo one which was on pre-order. By the time I pay postage though I might as well get the two vallejos at the local shop (there's a games shop nearby that recently opened selling D&D type things but it has a huge and very full range of Vallejo acrylics and the Mecha ones). That way I'll score two bottles of a different shade for future flexibility. Thanks for all this info!
  7. Hey Jeff, thanks! The kits I have are the Fletcher, Hammann and Cushing. One of them has what looks like a really hard dazzle scheme so I'll probably leave that to last!
  8. Thanks and that's great background! I always wondered about those Bae-146s - the few times I've flown in them I found them to be so small and uncomfortable. One of my side projects is indeed an Ansett NZ 737-100. I got the decals from Oldmodels Decals and I am figuring out how to convert the Revell 1/200 737-200 to the 100. I never flew on that one but seeing as I am making so many 737s I thought I should have a -100. Looking around to see who else had them but the standard LH one was how I discovered your one! But I've done all the easy builds now. To get the -100 I need to modify a -200; for a -300 I need to cut back the -400 kit (which I don't have yet). And for the -600 and -900 I have two extra -800s. One will get cut back and the other will be lengthened with the parts from the first. Hopefully that will work! My -800s are the China Eastern one above, an AA one, and an Air China special scheme with the Olympics characters on it. The -700 was easiest of all, because I actually went on the Air Do one that came in the Hasegawa kit. My -900 will be Korean and the -600 will be Janet, the Area 51 airline (which I obviously have not flown). thanks for your interest and I hope you keep flying!
  9. Thank you! I feel like a prototype would be basically brand new in appearance so the clean look seemed right for this one.
  10. Thanks - so I wasn't imagining it! Yes I don't know why the decal curled. I only noticed it while I was taking the pics. I will fix that somehow. I should one day try the black lines on the wings but I really dislike doing that kind of marking. I can never get the lines straight!
  11. Yes - it was fun! When I first got it as a gift, as I said I was very grateful but also I was like, what the...? Then for a while I thought I'd just use the ISS EVA part for my "serious" space models collection but as I was finishing it up I kinda thought, it would be really cool to take your dog for an EVA and there is just something fun about it in the end!
  12. i got them from this website where you can download them free and print out yourself. Lots to choose from.
  13. Well, this is a weird one which I am really just posting in case some people are interested. This is the Bandai ISS EVA suit in 1/10 but in a manga/anime boxing that includes a dog and a spacesuit for him (it's from a series called "Space Brothers"). I received it as a gift some years ago from some friends who knew I liked models and space and though I was very grateful I didn't know what to make of it at all. That would have been in 2012. In about 2017 over the Christmas break I cracked it out as a project to do with my then three year old daughter. She was heavily into space then (I may or may not have force-fed her space stuff from birth - imagine my pride when we walked into a museum once and she yelled out at age five DADDY THAT'S A SATURN FIVE AND THERE'S NEIL ARMSTRONG BUZZ ALDRIN AND MIKE COLLINS). Anyway, this was great because it is snap fit. We made most of the astronaut over a few days and then she got at it with some grey paint and put the stickers all over everything. It went into storage after that for a long while as we moved countries. Recently I figured out that this kit (the original ISS one anyway) is pretty good and pretty hard to find. So I had a look to see what I could salvage. Luckily most of the paint was easily scraped off. Now older, my kid made a good suggestion when I discussed with her whether I should sand off the last remnants of the grey. "Well Dad, there's no need because it's just moon dust". This made me smile too because we were lucky enough to be living in DC in 2019 during the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and I'd showed her the remnant moon dust on Neil Armstrong's space suit at the Smithsonian. I know this ISS suit didn't go anywhere near the moon, but it was a cool thought she had and I was happy she remembered our trips to the Smithsonian. I wondered about going to town on this model but in the end I think it has more utility to me as a fully poseable model she can play with. All the joints work really smoothly, and the human's visor slides up and down. I will probably get around to painting the astronaut and dog faces and doing a little bit of detail painting. If you can find this kit or the ISS boxing I heartily recommend it. I don't know whether it's hyper accurate (I mean, leaving aside the spacewalking dog) but it is certainly a good addition to my small cabinet of space models. This old link from a Japanese website has a lot of photos of the kit and what comes with it. A quick online search seems to have it priced between $45 and $90 at various places.
  14. thanks - and yes it's massive - nearly as big as the 1/72 Victor I built recently. It's so big it won't fit on my usual display shelf, which easily accommodates a 707 in the same scale among other pretty decent-sized models.
  15. I'm not a big builder of ships but I do like to have a change of pace from time to time and over the last couple of years - since lockdowns - I've turned out a bit of a shelf-top navy. This pair is my effort at the Z37 (in dazzle) and Z39 (plain grey) twinpack set by Tamiya. I still need to attach the life rafts to Z37. I made the Z39 back in about 2018 I think, but I punched out Z37 in just a few days over the weekend. The paint scheme was mostly freehanded in the end - my masking tape very unusually ripped up the base coat of grey. The whole thing turned out to be a bit of an unholy mess so I was a bit disappointed but this was my first try at this kind of complicated scheme. The left side looks considerably worse than the right side, especially towards the bow. I liked the twin pack kit because apart from the two different paint schemes, the two ships are also slightly different. The plain grey one is a later fit out after these ships were upgunned on the AA side. One of the three single rear turret guns was deleted and a new platform was added with extra AA guns. Around the bridge, also, extra guns were added. You can see the main differences in the picture above. Behind the funnel on the rear ship you can also see a radar unit in place of the searchlight on the camouflaged ship. The differences at the front are visible, too: Some of the parts were pretty finicky and I swear Z37 had a rear flagpole when I took these outside for the photos. It doesn't now! Fun kits, built I know to a standard fairly low by comparison to some builds I see in this forum, but good fun for a quick turnaround. Moving on to the thee US destroyers I have in the stash... thanks for looking!
  16. You may have heard the bizarre story about the Mexican Government's efforts - futile thus far - to offload the presidential 787 Dreamliner. When the new President took office, he wanted to sell the luxurious plane in line with his austere image. There was even a proposed lottery to sell it (see the CNN story). So far no luck. It's an amazing plane, but no airline wants to buy it because of the huge cost of turning it back to a normal airliner. No-one else is really in need of a plane so awesome that "even Obama didn't have one", as was said at the time. What's maybe even less widely known than this funny story is that the Mexican VIP jet was previously one of the 787 development prototypes - N787ZA. One of the early words my daughter could say was "Dreamliner" At some point when she was 2 or 3 she volunteered to my wife that I should get a Dreamliner model for Fathers Day. I duly received the 1/144 Revell kit with this livery of the second prototype aircraft. In this creative commons wikipedia image you can see the scheme - much less vibrant than the one worn by the original development aircraft. The Revell kit is pretty nice but I have to admit I did a fairly basic job. The best part of the kit, I thought, was the engines. I see in the photos I have forgotten to paint in the windscreen frames. I painted the window with Tamiya "smoke" to give it a tint, mainly because I later regretted not doing anything about a cockpit. It kind of looks better IRL than in these photos. It's a nice kit, if basic, and to me it looks like a Dreamliner. That aircraft has great lines, I think, and having flown long haul on them a few times (China to the US a few times among other routes) I am happy to say I will always take a Dreamliner over other types if I can. The larger windows are especially cool and I do believe the hype about reduced cabin noise and better quality cabin air. Thanks for looking!
  17. This is my Lufthansa 737-500 in 1/200 using Draw Decals. I have a project to build a model of each type of airliner I've flown (as a passenger) in the airline livery I flew it in. I picked 1/200 mainly because this project entails three 747s, three 777s, a couple of Dreamliners, an A340 or two and an A380 plus a long list of 737s, A320 family and random others. Good luck fitting those on the shelf even in this small scale! I flew on the -500 just once, an LH flight from (I think) Frankfurt to Hamburg in very early 1994. This is why I left off the Star Alliance logo on the nose, as SA didn't exist then. As far as the wing colour goes, I'm not sure it's right. When I started this in about 2017, I feel sure I looked hard for images of a LH -500 dated around that time and must have painted the wings white for a reason. Now it seems odd but I decided to get this off the Shelf of Doom the other day and just push on with the decals (which was all it needed). The 737-500 is an interesting creature. As many readers will know, the 737 is one of the most successful airliners of all time. Across all versions it has attracted more than 15,000 orders - not far behind its main competitor the Airbus A320 family. The crashes of the latest Max models a few years ago really hit orders, too, otherwise the 737 would probably be out in front. The family is broken into several groups: the original Boeing 737-100 and the "advanced" -200 (these are the old school ones with the loud engines) The next generation of -300, -400, and -500 - the "classics" The generation after that, the ones you mostly see today, the -600, -700, -800, -900 - the "NG or third generation". Usually these have the big winglets. The newest Max family, presently on hold due to those crashes. The -500 was brought into that second main generation when airlines realized they liked the technological advances of the -300 and slightly longer -400, but still wanted the original passenger capacity of the original -200. So the -500, despite having a higher number than the -300 and -400 was actually the shortest of the the three. By the next generation, the -500 was replaced by the -600, so that the progressively higher numbers again lined up with the progressively higher capacity. Here's a -500 lined up next to my China Eastern Purple Peacock -800 so you can see the size difference: I flew at least once on that Purple Peacock 737 amongst my uncountable flights with China Eastern when I used to work in China. The -500 was not really a successful model. Of the nearly 11,000 737s delivered, nearly half (just under 5,000) have been the -800 model. By comparison, only 389 of the -500 were made (out of nearly 2,000 in the "classic" sub family of -300, -400, -500). Even less successful was the -600, which directly replaced the -500 as the shortest 737 when the "next generation" models came in. Just 69 of those were built out of that generation's total of almost 7,000). Much to my regret, I'd booked a -600 with SAS but a -800 showed up on the day. That was in 2018 and since Covid, SAS has pensioned off its -600s, as did Westjet, the last other main operator of them in Canada. So unless I get a job at Area 51 and have to fly Janet out of Vegas each day to get to work, I will never get on a -600. This is a shame because the -100 and the -600 are the only ones I've not flown on. The kit is also of an older generation. Modern 737 kits from Hasegawa have left/right fuselage halves, while this one had top/bottom. I feel like the -500 kit has slightly less, or softer, detail than the -700s and -800s I have built. I've never got my hands on the -400 kit Hasegawa released, but I guess it's similar to this one. I won't say "toylike" because it's not, but it's just not quite as good. The Draw Decals were pretty good. I see from the photos that one of the wing decals has peeled - I don't know why but it's most likely operator error. Draw Decals are little more finicky than regular ones. The main tip I have, which I got from a fellow BritModeller a while back, is that the longer decals are unwieldy and it's safer to cut them in to smaller parts than to try to wrangle a long one into the right spot without it curling up. Sound advice which I followed. Other than the 737-800 in a few of those photos, the only other model I have completed as part of this project is the A319 I made recently out of the A320 kit - a chop-shop special I did within the latest Nordic Group Build: Anyway, it was a fun project and one I'm glad to have on the shelf at last. Now to move on to the 20+ other builds in this crazy project!
  18. Thanks for this info! I've done a bit of googling and it's a case of information overload, i think. But your post has been helpful. Because I prefer, and can only readily find, Vallejo acrylics, I had to do some more googling to figure out how to get to SCC15. This modeller made a Churchill and luckily for me used a combo of vallejo paint. What do you think of the colour he/she ended up with? https://leicestermodellers.weebly.com/churchill-mk-iv-wmk5-l50-6pdr-gun.html I have no idea, but I now know enough that I can't just use my bottle of US Army olive drab...
  19. Excellent model! About a billion times better than the Plasticart one I made! Super impressed by your stripe work.
  20. Good luck! I had this as a teenager and from memory did a pretty good job - even put some wet sand on it as "weathering". I wish I still had them. Looking forward to seeing your build!
  21. Wow your Mum makes better biplanes in her first year than most of us will in a lifetime of modeling!
  22. Yes I think a ton of weight would be needed - or maybe screw it down onto the base (just to be sure). I have lost the instructions and decals, but the former I downloaded from the internet and the latter are probably easy enough to freehand anyway (or find in the spares box).
  23. I opened this up today to discover I'd actually made a start on it - very small start. I'd glued a few pieces together back in the who-knows-when. Looking forward to the 8th!
  24. Cool thanks for the guidance. If I get through my other two builds then I will add this one to the list!
  25. I have a question about markings and conversions. I already have two kits to build which I will do more or less OOB with no change. But I see from the kits list that no-one yet has put their hand up for the HMS Tiger helicopter cruiser kit. I have that - I built it as a teen and for a while now I've been wanting to re-do it as a minor "what-if it got an upgrade in the mid-80s". I don't mind either way but if this doesn't go too far from the spirit of the GB I will add it to the list (assuming I get that far anyway). Basically my idea is just to rebuild it, paint it properly, and using some of the weapons fit parts from my uncountable 1/700 Skywave modern ship kits, replace the guns with alternative armament and upgrade some of the radar and antennae. Nothing outlandish.
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