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  1. (looking for) Some opinions on Special Hobby WWII Kits

    Don't want to sound split-hairy, but it should read WWII
  2. (looking for) Some opinions on Special Hobby WWII Kits

    N3-PB, IIRC. I have the Barra, Fulmar and Firefly, all look nice in the box. The only alternative I could think of for the Firefly would be the Grand Phoenix kit from ca. 20 years ago, which certainly would be much harder to build. Beware that there's some problem with (early issues of) the Firefly 4/5 in that it has something like four identical drop tanks halfs (four prt sides, or four stbd.), or similar.
  3. Who among you has ever seen such camouflage in a Harvard?

    „One night in Bangkok“ from the musical „CHESS“ ?! I know Bangkok is in Thailand not Burma... Now who’s the first to produce lozenge-style decals for this most interesting scheme? Thanks for finding it!
  4. Lightning F.6 landing gear

    There was a thread just the other day on Saudi Lightning’s in which @CanberraKid posted a couple of pics you may find helpful, though not directly addressing your questions.
  5. Mirage F.1 kits in 1/48

    Whiskey- or Whisky?
  6. Ju-88

    I think Revell so far issued A and C versions, but no Gs or 801 powered ones. Sorry for the abbreviation, BTW 😉
  7. Ju-88

    „Best“ is probably subjective - Revell gives a good affordable overall package AFAIK, Zvezda probably too, Hase is more expensive. All other kits may be happily ignored.
  8. Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    A beer can with jet in it instead of beer. Never heard of the Bristol Stella which became the Olympus?
  9. Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    That may well be, but using a much better detailed kit of someone else‘s kit for the main box photo is way over the top- OK, it was 40 years ago almost, and Revell US. I have enough Airfix Vulcans not to need any more by anyone.😉
  10. Trumpeter new tool Avro Vulcan

    Revell even used competitors' products for boxtop photos, back in the 80s... And Trumpeter could do worse than use the Airfix as a basis, that ***may*** at least prevent silly shape errors
  11. Revell Under New Management after Hobbico Bankruptcy

    Yes, I think much of the Monogram aircraft tooling is in Europe; not sure when it actually happened, but it may indicate ownership was transferred to Revell GmbH, as apparently they thought the aircraft being the most useful tools for them.
  12. No, at least not the versions I have; they have the pure tanks. You may be thinking of the Airfix Mirage IIIC, which has the combined tanks/launchers, but only in a slightly less impressive single setup... Well, Giorgio beat me to it... I think the Airfix JL100 body is OK, the sharp end perhaps could be...sharper.
  13. French Cross of Lorraine, red or blue?

    If you can make that out you have better eyes than me - I hardly see any tonal difference between the roundel ring and centre, and wouldn't trust myself a comparison of roundel to rudder, due to the distance involved. This is no criticism, it merely emphasises that artists/decal producers may have to make a judgement call at times. The first picyou showed is luckily much easier
  14. Blackhawks!

    I mean this one - in fashionable 1/55 scale. Being the XP-50, they should've chosen 1/50 scale...
  15. Blackhawks!

    If Peter Jackson provides a squadron of replicas... There was a Japanese kit- original company escapes me - which once was sold by Midori IIRC and last seen in Entex boxes...