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  1. 2, probably ? It may (may !) be possible to rob the squadron insignia from a Tornado sheet. Or handpaint it...
  2. There was this great thread with lots of info on AIM-9 Versions.
  3. For me, the Strikemaster, YA-10, A-20 and the utterly terrible Ju 188. Let's face it, I'd rather have Revell do new Long run Tools for many of those on the list above or of the unique kits not mentioned (the Y-Gina is terrible), but that won't happen, or at least only for a tiny part - the Y has, as far as I can see, no potential for a reasonably different second boxing (not sure if they could make a Y with a new fuselage to their R), and many others above haven't, either. Besides, it appears they cut Corners on the smaller kits, like the new -4B Corsair, which uses the same Basic wing as the -1...
  4. I recommend the Aeroguide #2 if you stick with the early 80s bird, it is one of the most easily obtainable titles in the series, and it will give you lots of Detail shots, including a couple of the recce pod.
  5. I don't see much Point in the P-51D, though it's lightyears better than Revell's own fossil. The Tempest II/VI is still without Long-run alternative and IMHO one of Matchbox's best kits anyway. Not sure if Revell has re-released the Siskin, it's another great kit. The ones I'd consider (regardless of what Revell has already re-released over the years: Fury P-12E Lysander Gladiator AH-1G (Revell could think about if there's enough space to provide an alternative tailrotor Pylon; I do not know the Monogram kit that Revell also owns) F-5A Me 109E Mirage IIIC Tempest Buffalo Siskin A-4M (it has been dscribed as utterly inaccurate, but it fits the Huntley drawings like a glove - which is the make or break, though probably irrelevant for a pocket Money target market anyway, if that still exists...) Provost SBC-4 Dauphin Buckeye BK-117 Mystère IV OH-58 Walrus Do 28 Me 410 HS 125 (though the tool is possibly lost) Viggen Wellesley Norseman Twin Otter Meteor NF Skyknight
  6. Fascinating Giorgio, thanks for buying that kit in the name of science 😉 Am I right in that the "e" after modelli on the box is "and", so that it was not intended as a conversion proper? What donour kit did they intend the dynamic parts to come from? One last question, as I am completely unfamiliar with the Revell kit : Didn't they design it modular to enable at least another significantly different version, as usually they only kit subjects facilitating this?
  7. Interesting Piece. I wonder if his mindset may have been caused by his education - as a son of an Admiral, he will probably have been told to follow orders, and apparently having made the mistake to think once before and gotten an enema for it...
  8. Your kit must've been incomplete - without looking up the instructions, it should have 26 parts without the stand, from memory. Besides, its shape and outline is rather good. And not a rivet in sight...
  9. Mille grazie, Giorgio ! (But not from my bank account ). Perhaps I should have been more precise, as there are in fact two apparently different series', namely Monografie IBN and Aviolibri Records - a lot of which are authored by Nicola Malizia. I gather you primarily referred to the Monografie's ? Anyway, I think I'll take the dive and place a big order with a certain Torino book store, where I'll be even able to get a couple of Ali's. But don't hold your breath for me starting a model of an RA or AMI subject...I just love good books
  10. I came across this series somewhat by Chance, and I can't remember whether I've seen them before, or read something about them. They cover subjects in Italian Service - many that were also done by Ali d'Italia but have become Unobtainium - and are rather attractively priced. My abilities speaking Italian do not go beyond "Iouuu sounouuu Italienouuu douuu Milanouuu" (but I intend to Change this somewhat), so - assuming they are not bilingual - are they useful for modelling purposes even if one cannot really read/embrace the text ? I hope Giorgio reads this...
  11. Closer to 50 years...
  12. This kit actually IS 03029 -you swopped the numbers. The A-4 is Airfix's new tool and a better deal than the 88.
  13. No new tool or re boxing that I'm aware of - if there had been one, it wouldn't have been priced in Series 3. Kit number for the 1964 88 which is more of an A-5 should be 03007.
  14. Jep, that sheet on Scalemates prompted my post. I see if I manage to look up the listing in D&S, to see what was available. 30 years ago 😉
  15. A possible source may also be Micro/Superscale, I'm quite certain they had a number of Aggressor/Adversary Sheets, so possibly also covering your Squadron.