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  1. For once I guessed right - the Mason book has F.2 drawings, fairly small, but well detailed. Labelled as Batch 4 early, so there may some differences to 254, but probably in details only.
  2. Yes, MPM supplied the WK Models He 70, Bü 181 and Mi-1, and possibly one more. There was also an announcement around 1990/91 or so that Minicraft would introduce a new line called CheckMaster (their spelling, IIRC) including inter alia the Curtiss Ascender. Don't think that came to fruition. Usk also got its plastic from there. Not quite sure if my mind makes this up, but there may have been a Ju 87A released in Flugzeug boxing, which likely would have been MPM, too. For Karo As, see also here.
  3. Book of Brian, Psalm 29, Verse 15...
  4. Silbergrau would be a pale Grey without metallic Content, according to Wiki. Possibly similar to/identical with RAL 7001 ?
  5. In the "possibly " category, the book by Frank Mason (Ian Allan ) has "proper" drawings by the man himself, at least of the IDS /1 - too far away from my library to check, but it also *may* have F drawings, and if it does, chances Are they are for a 2 as the book came out relatively early. Should be available cheaply via Abe, and a good read anyway.
  6. Thanks Dave!
  7. Straying a bit o/t, but did the ones in DFS have A roundels on the fuselage too, as repainted?
  8. IIRC Airfix's colour indication for stuff like this was M14 Buff. Some pale yellow -green/brown may be in the ballpark.
  9. While they are not as refined, what speaks against the Airfix legacy 48th kits ? While the Hurricane has some definite fit issues, as far as I can see the Spit, 109 and Mossie are quite detailed, acceptably accurate, cheap and quite easy to assemble.
  10. Thank you - I consider myself quite good at aircraft identification, and I've even heard of the Cloud, but wouldn't have recognised her without your assistance. Makes me interested. ..
  11. Sorry, I didn't want to sound patronising - I hope I didn't?
  12. ...and with the Spit I, if you are generous and consider her (edit: BT-K) as a Mk I. That's why I wrote "preceding " and not "original ,as the original barely looked like a Mustang. Though a bit more so than Revell's "interpretation ". The intermediate tooling used to be around aplenty, I 'd expect them to be cheap as chips.
  13. Have you checked the pdf I mentioned? It's part 4, so logic suggests there are at least 3 other instalments. I am in the middle of the Atlantic on vacation and posting from the mobile, otherwise I 'd have given you the link. (No idea how to do this. ..)
  14. That looks gorgeous, but what is it? The Supermarine Ugly, or the Vickers Villneverfly ?
  15. The preceding tooling included the Aeroproducts prop, but you are probably aware of this. Also, its boxings up to at least 1979 , probably all before the Aces one, had decals for an RAAF squadron included, and I have a feeling that a slightly different version of the markings reappeared in the "Swedish" boxing.