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  1. MERDc camo M-60, summer verdant & tropical verdant

    Yes it is. G
  2. Panzer II

    Stunning work. G
  3. Stunning! The fit and finish are a work to be proud of. G
  4. Ba-3 armored car

    Beautiful! G
  5. Then use a dark gray for a pin wash. The oil color "Payne's Gray" would be perfect for this. It's a dark gray/blue. It will convey a sense of cold. G
  6. Looking forward to this one. More please. G
  7. Abrams Deflector and Tow Bar

    Again, the tow bar is not part of the normal load on an Abrams. The exhaust deflector you have in the above photo is not used operationally as far as I know. It is quite essential in repair yard operations, not in the field as such. The USMC "deflector" is part of the wading kit as stated and would only appear on US Marine Corps tanks. Hanging anything over the exhaust outlet is never recommended, it is way too hot. As far as fitting a tow bar to a tank with the mine clearing roller, again, the tow bar is not part of the tanks load. Having a tow bar along is more of a "field expedient" modification as opposed to normal practise. It's your build, do as you wish. G
  8. The look on the little tykes face says it all. Good job young man. G
  9. German 8ton semi/track

    I like it. She really conveys the look of just plain "cold as hell". G
  10. A Welded Cromwell with Big Boots.

    Beautifully done sir! G