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  1. Some paint progress. MMP acrylic with details painted in Vallejo. G
  2. Here are some pre-primer shots showing all the addons I scratch built. G
  3. Very very nice! Well built subjects and a simple composition which shows off the models. I build desert warriors because making the base is easy for me. I live in the Mojave Desert! G
  4. Beautiful work. G
  5. Very nice! G
  6. This will ultimately be a Regimental command tank of Pz Rgt 8 in Tunisia. Sandbags are "Green Stuff" putty which I used for the first time. I like the results. Track link armor is from my spares box. I formed these on the kit using plastic sandwich wrap to prevent sticking. They will be painted separately, then mounted permanently. I also scratch built a stowage box from sheet plastic. It will be mounted on the engine deck similar to earlier command tanks. G
  7. Looking good so far! AFV Club tracks 35005 are a good replacement set. They are a bit tedious to assemble, but look great on the model. These tanks were limited in their use due to terrain issues in VietNam. Lots of times they sat partially dug in, as makeshift CP's and direct fire infantry support. All the gear piled on had a purpose. The turret itself was particularly vulnerable to RPG rounds. That's why you see track links and sandbags all over the period photos, Another oft overlooked detail is a roll of chain link fencing and poles. This was erected around or in front of the tank at night. It was a crude "stand off" armor system for RPG fire as well. All the food cans, coolers, ration boxes and gear was actually strategically placed in and around the turret bustle rack for the same reason. Watching this closely! G
  8. Superb! G
  9. Thank you. It has the beginnings of an interior, no seats, no controls, nothing like that. None of the sparse interior detail is near the hatches on top. A figure blocking the hatch is a must. All the hatches are easily built as functioning. You can leave the rear troop door open and see some interior detail inside. I understand the "Late" version has a full interior. I wish this one had it. G
  10. Thank you sir! Even in person the color changes with the light. I challenge anyone to say what's correct when painting IDF armor. G
  11. I built this while recuperating at home during the month of November. She's straight out of the box with the exception of Trumpeter T-55 indy link tracks. Tamiya mixes provided that oh so elusive IDF color. I used some "Value Gear" resin bundles for the stowage. I found a resin figure that I will add to the vehicle at a later date. G
  12. Thank you all! PlaStix I';m taking it day by day. Doctors thought I was having a heart attack. It was a pulmonary embolism, not the ticker thank goodness. I've lost 37 pounds by choice and am eating healthy again. Hasn't kept me from the bench, although I just haven't been online that much. G
  13. Some serious health issues have kept me off the net for a bit, though I have been building. This is the Rye Fields Model "Tunisian Tiger". I built this to replicate Tiger #142 from sPzAbt 501. Mostly straight from the box using Mission Models paint for the first time. I like the paint. Tamiya tank commander with a modified arm to better fit the RFM hatch. I used medical gauze as a camo net. I believe I got pretty close. #142 met her end at the hand of US Army engineers who blew her to smithereens with copious amounts of TNT. This was documented in color by Life Magazine photographers. Here you can see the Dk Gray Feifels and the RAL 8020 tool box. The end. G