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  1. Superb build sir! You cannot have too many Shermans. G
  2. pages/starmer camo.htm I'm thinking "Light Mud" with a SCC 14 pattern is what you are after for that time period. G
  3. That is exactly what I remember. Marvelous work sir. G
  4. What? Wait, those were photos of a model? No way, took photos of a real truck, didn't you? Superb build sir. G
  5. Very, very nice. G
  6. Outstanding! G
  7. Thank you all. That was the goal, glad I was able to pull it off! G
  8. DML's excellent Pz III J Befehlswagen. Regimental command tank, Panzer Regiment 5, 15th Panzer Div. Tunisia, 1943. MMP paint RAL 8020 and RAL 7027. Green stuff sand bags with Italeri aftermarket track links as supplementary armor. I scratch built the Jerry can rack as well as the stowage box. I took the kits molded tow cable, cut off and trimmed the ends and added my own twisted wire cable. G
  9. M4, M4A2, M4A3, are all welded hull Sherman's. In this case the M4 is a gasoline radial engined tank, the A2 has twin GM diesels and the A3, a Ford gasoline V8. M4A1 is always used to designate a cast hull Sherman, regardless of engine. That said, the radial engine was, as far as I remember, the only engine used in the M4A1. All Shermans, whether cast or welded hull, had small hatch and large hatch versions. The large hatch, 47 degree glacis, is synonymous with wet ammo stowage, the small hatch, 56 degree glacis, dry stowage. Small hatch hulls were the first produced with the 56 degree glacis. Of course never say never with Sherman facts. There were diesel engined, 75mm gunned, large hatch M4A2's with dry stowage sent to Russia. Lots of photos exist and they show the applique armor plates clearly. Then, there were small hatch M4A3's, with gasoline engines, used by the USMC on Okinawa. These had dry stowage and applique plates on a 56 degree welded hull. Sherman's are a never ending source of entertainment and bewilderment. G
  10. Some paint progress. MMP acrylic with details painted in Vallejo. G
  11. Here are some pre-primer shots showing all the addons I scratch built. G