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  1. Model Master makes/made a color called "Jet Exhaust". It is a brown gold color with a tinge of gray. Perfect for drybrushing tracks. G
  2. Here's my depiction of the hunter/killer team as used in Tunisia. Meng's Tiger and Pz III modified for service in North Africa. The Tiger The Pz III N G
  3. As it so often happens, my mother in law's health took a turn downward just before the new year. She passed away Tuesday here in Las Vegas. This then requires that I fly to Chicago with my lovely wife. I'll begin my build upon my return. My apologies for my absence. G
  4. References I will be using for an up armored Pz IV E. This is what I want to replicate, a Pz IV E from Panzer Regiment 8. G
  5. I have to work until Sunday morning, I'll get started then! G
  6. Late G's and H's had a one piece commander's hatch. Neither of those made it to North Africa. To be accurate you will need the two piece hatch. Idler wheels changed between the H and G as well, G
  7. Well, references are fine, but I was there.
  8. Just a note, MERDC was not in use at the time of desert storm. Any tank not painted sand would be in three color NATO camouflage. RISE panels would be NATO green or sand color. The vehicles were painted in Saudi Arabia with locally sourced sand colored paint. Looking for ward to the build. G
  9. Masterclub MTL 35161 or Fruil ATL27 and Spade Ace 35039 are the types to use. Fruil ATL05 and Fruil ATL117 as well as Masterclub 35008 and Masterclub 35011 are good alternates. G
  10. Shame on me, but I started my DML Pz IV D DAK kit. I did however, pick up another DML Pz IV for the GB. I bought the DML Pz IV D with the long barreled 50mm gun. It has all the right parts for a D or E model in the box. This one is to be built as an up armored Pz IV D/E variant from Panzer Regiment 8. Between the kits, I have plenty of parts to pull this off. I also ordered Fruils and Master Club tracks. Looking forward to the GB! G
  11. SEALS, being US Navy land forces, would most likely be wearing what ever US Marines were using at the time. Desert MARPAT is a good choice for anytime after 2002. Currently, Multicam would be an option, but that depends on locating a source for the clothing as it's not used by the Marines. Prior to that, 3 color desert. These guys do what they want, when they want. and are given a lot of lee way in choosing the gear appropriate for the job at hand. That said they are military and adhere to the rules. G
  12. US tanks were sprayed in an olive drab enamel then moved to a room full of heat lamps. Think "baked enamel" finish. Very durable. My understanding is that the primer was red. G
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