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  1. AgentG

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Here's one of my older 3rd Tank Battalion builds. See the rail around the rear deck? That was a D Company modification. That's what I'm referring to.
  2. AgentG

    Sherman tanks in the PTO ...

    Looking good no matter what references indicate! 3rd tank Battalion used rebar extensively in some companies. D Company had a rebar rail completely surrounding the rear deck and rebar jerry can holders. Most, if not all, tanks on Iwo Jima left the lower half of the wading trunks in place. It protected the radiators which are in the hull overhang of M4A2 and A3's with liquid cooled engines. G
  3. First pattern, beginning of the campaign, March, 1941 to April, 1942 RAL 8000- 50/50 mix of Dark Yellow XF-60 and Flat Earth XF-52 with some drops of yellow green XF-4. You're looking for a golden brown with a twinge of green. Think Bovington Tiger. RAL 7008- I add a drop or two of both OD XF-62 and yellow green XF-4 to khaki XF-49. Remember RAL 8000 and 7008 are nearly identical in tone. Hard to tell apart in B/W photos. Again, see the Bovington Tiger. Second pattern, April 1941 to the end of the campaign May, 1943. RAL 8020- 50/50 mix of Buff XF-57 and Flat Flesh XF-15. I add drops of flat white until I'm happy. RAL 7027- To the above mixture I add a drop or two of Khaki XF-49 and medium gray XF-19. It's a slightly greenish gray version of the base color. These two colors have just a tad more contrast in tone compared to the 8000/7008 combo. Tigers from sPzAbt 501 and 504 were painted RAL 8000/7008. You see damage touchups and add on parts painted RAL 7027. The Pz III N's from sPzAbt 501 were painted RAL 8000. There is no reference or indication those had RAL 7008 camo added. G
  4. AgentG

    Rubber Tank Tracks breaking in the cold .

    Dragon's DS track will simply fall apart in some instances. I have two finished builds right now with broken tracks. Tamiya's current one piece tracks don't seem to have that problem. I have some old, and I mean 35 year, old, Tamiya tracks that still look good. Indy link and link and length tracks are subject to separation for the above mentioned reason. Solvents penetrate the glue joints. I live in the desert so cold is not an issue. Heat and extremely dry air though are an issue. I have discovered that individual link tracks "shrink" while they set. Dragon's Magic Tracks are my favorite but.... I have to use masking tape cut in thin strips around the road wheels, sprocket and idler. This gives just enough play to account for paint on the wheels and track. Otherwise I'll get everything painted and they will be too tight upon final assembly. G
  5. AgentG

    M-60A1 or M-60A3 here with summer verdant merdc camo?

    Ok, here goes. As far as the tracks, all M60A0 had the rubber chevron tracks, some were later fitted with the rubber pad style in reserve units. Early M60A1's had a mix, later production had the rubber block tracks. Early USMC A1's were retrofitted with rubber block tracks just prior to the first Gulf War. As far as I know all M60A3's wore rubber block tracks. Remember the A3 was just an A1 with mods to the gunnery system. US Marines did not use A3's at all. I am only aware of the USMC use of MERDC. Desert training tanks were painted mostly Gray Desert. Some Red Desert appears on SP artillery in the desert at 29 Palms California. West coast - 1st tank battalion were Summer Verdant. East coast - 2nd Tank Battalion, wore winter verdant. The remainder of the vehicles followed these guidelines. The thought was west coast Marines would deploy to the far east and the east coast Marines to Europe. G
  6. AgentG


    Looking good! G
  7. AgentG

    1/35 M26A1

    Spotlight. White portion inside the tank, OD outside. The ribbed cylinder cancels sideways glare. It snaps onto the small studs seen in the bezel. There were two major styles of track. Single pin steel in WWII and single pin steel and double pin steel as you have mounted in Korea. Some late M26 and M46 in Korea are seen with double pin rubber tracks. Single pin steel tracks. Double pin steel tracks. Double pin rubber faced tracks. Hope that helps! Good looking build you have there as well! G
  8. AgentG

    1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Cutting out and replacing the engine deck was correct for an M4A2 configuration. The kit appears to be lacking the proper M4A2 rear wall and exhaust. Rear mounted engine access doors are not on an M4A2, nor or the canister style air filters. G
  9. AgentG

    Gator - Part three of the trilogy

    Fair winds and following seas shipmate. Until we meet again. G
  10. AgentG

    Tamiya XF62

    I've used Tamiya XF-59, Desert Yellow in various amounts to take down the green. I've also used XF-60, Dark Yellow to lighten it up and make it less green as well. G