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  1. The Small probe you removed was the Stand by pitot. Don't know if the F2a had that system.
  2. There was a few RA Gnat's at Halton in 1980 remember pushing a few out.
  3. Spent 5 years at Binbrook on 5Sqn if I can help with your builds please just ask.
  4. Only the F6 (would imagine the F2a too) needed reheat for take off at Binbrook. The 3s and 5's could do it dry.
  5. Cracking build but LTF's Mk6 always flew with a ferry ventral tank fitted as opposed to the Aden cannon gun pack.
  6. That will be a Strikemaster then.
  7. Airfix sale has started and the is reduced.
  8. Ground running Guard and aux intake guards to give them there official title
  9. No screens in Lightning's all gauges oh so retro
  10. when I was at Binbrook (80-85) F3 were used for 1v1 air combat they started up, taxied, took off carried out the sortie, landed taxied back in. they pilot the did a "crewed in" OTR then when serviced out again to do the same all over again. You'd hardly get chance to get a brew. Wheels roll to wheels stop was 15 mins 10 min OTR then back up for 15 mins. So glad we only had 3 F3s. It was impressive watching them rolling round the sky trying to get an advantage.
  11. in five years service on the Lightning I've seen is happen on two or three occasions both on operational sqn's too. we onc3e sent our Tbird up with out a ventral. So not that common. In fact after major maintenance the Mk3 and T5 air test schedule was split in to two test flights part A was handling and systems checks inc inverted flight and part B was high speed run the reason for the split airtest was fuel.
  12. No explosive bolts just a cable to dump the tank on the F3 T5 the F6 tank was in three non jettisonable sections.
  13. Noddy caps were pointed for easy of fitting to both types of missiles usually only used for ferrying live missiles to MPC at RAF Valley. I've seen them use to cover a damaged seeker head. on a ferry flight back to Binbrook. In the 80's Redtops only flew with wings fritted on live missiles at all other times they were flown with them removed. The day to day protective covers were a flexible red rubbery/plastic that pushed on. Node caps were made from sheet steel made locally in STN workshops and were secured by a jubilee clip.
  14. Good chance the Sidewinder will be a acquisition unit basically a working seeker head to allow intercepts. in guessing the Skyflash/sparrow would be the same too.