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  1. MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Watching with interest as I've just ordered a 1:12 Dan Gurney Eagle.
  2. RAF Hercules C.1, mid-80s colours

    The RAF Herc's I flew in were all Grey/Green Camo some were light aircraft grey undersides and some had wrap a around camo too. I Joined in 1980. I think the two tone brow had a white area above the cockpit too.
  3. Airfix 1:72 Lightning F6

    Looks like mk 3 or mkT5 brake units to me. The F6 had more of a square casting to them. just a note I spotted today that Tamiya magazine has a feature on a 1:48 scale F6 build with the No2 engine exposed.
  4. Airfix 1:72 Lightning F6

    The NMF area under the wing root was known as the "stress panel" it was also the area where the "centre section" (where the wings were Joined) drains were, there was a acceptable leak rate for this area. The stress panel was seen on the Grey/green and grey schemes.
  5. Airfix 1:72 Lightning F6

    Don't like to be the bearer of bad news but the F3,F6 and T5 Lightning's had grey cockpits the other marks were black. There was a large area on the fuselage (under the wing root) that was left NMF. We had to inspect that area for cracks on a before and after flight servicing's.
  6. Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    I'm surprised no body's mentioned the Jag Killer?
  7. SNEB rocket pods

    Didn't (1F Sqn) Harrier's use the in the Falklands in 82.?
  8. Lighting T.5 Observation

    The last two photos show a T4 Our T5 on 5Sqn never wore any yellow bands just the Sqn's markings.
  9. Airfix Lightning F.3, 1/72

    I've a soft spot for them and a few scars from working on them for 5 years also got a 50 min T5 flight. I've also got this kit stashed away.
  10. Tamiya F-14A Tomcat Advice

    If it follows Tamiya's pattern they be a late version out soon.
  11. In 88-89 we had a couple of uk jets with LMRTS farings fitted No guns tho. I think these were the GR1A's the Recci version. B54 didn't she crash in Cumbria early 88? no it was B52. No pylons or IFR probes fitted to TTTE Jets. A note of interest if the tail number ie I40, G28 or B02 is below 50 its a trainer above 51 then it was a strike aircraft pilot nav config.
  12. Lightning F6 (classing this one as finished for now)

    is it for sale or are prints being made available?
  13. Tornado book

    you could try this https://haynes.com/en-gb/raf-tornado-manual written by Ian Black former Phantom Navigator. then a Lightning and tornado F3 Pilot.
  14. Falkland skyhawk underside colour

    Sidewinder orange/red/yellow
  15. Lightning help English Electric type

    Well they we're in service from the 60's through to the late 80's so take your pick. What colour/markings are you going for. When I Was on type 80-85 they were various pilots that used the old cloth inner hard outer shell two part flying helmet and one used the type with the yellow bar across the visor. Also in summer they wore flying suite with the external anti g trousers. winter it was a immersion suite with the anti g trousers internal.