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  1. Don't forget the Coloured bands weren't just yellow, Blue denotes inert yellow live munition. Missiles have different coloured too
  2. no underwing serials Nos on the grey jets
  3. Firestick were Green whilst I was at Binbrook the Redtops had green wings and fins too.
  4. Scarlet, we're having a reunion at Bruntingthorpe if your interested ? Mally "why me" is organising it its the weekend of 8th Sept.


  5. Neat job from a ex 5 sqn member.
  6. I thought they merged in to support command, strike command being fighters and bombers.
  7. Redtops were (80-85) very light grey/sliver body with green rear fins and the area (tail cone) around the rear (steering) fins. Drill missiles had a black solid section instead if the Seeker head this style of missile was fitted to the port side, Acquisition missile was the same colouring but with a functioning seeker head. Both these types of missiles flew (attached to the jet) without wings the big forward ones. Live missiles were the same colours just had green wings like the link attached Redtop
  8. They have three MK6's one in NMF (ex warton jets I think) and a two tone grey jet too.
  9. Paint it in the Saudi colours as she was originally or like XS903 with black fin and spine.
  10. looks like the hooks snapped !! you can tell she's been repainted the area under the wing (stress panel) was left natural metal.
  11. Main planes (wings natural metal polished tho) D door and u/c fairing HHS from memory. The stress panel is the area of the fuselage was bare metal. the same as the intake ring and the area around the reheat pipes.
  12. The Small probe you removed was the Stand by pitot. Don't know if the F2a had that system.
  13. There was a few RA Gnat's at Halton in 1980 remember pushing a few out.
  14. Spent 5 years at Binbrook on 5Sqn if I can help with your builds please just ask.
  15. Only the F6 (would imagine the F2a too) needed reheat for take off at Binbrook. The 3s and 5's could do it dry.