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  1. Tornado book

    you could try this https://haynes.com/en-gb/raf-tornado-manual written by Ian Black former Phantom Navigator. then a Lightning and tornado F3 Pilot.
  2. Falkland skyhawk underside colour

    Sidewinder orange/red/yellow
  3. Lightning help English Electric type

    Well they we're in service from the 60's through to the late 80's so take your pick. What colour/markings are you going for. When I Was on type 80-85 they were various pilots that used the old cloth inner hard outer shell two part flying helmet and one used the type with the yellow bar across the visor. Also in summer they wore flying suite with the external anti g trousers. winter it was a immersion suite with the anti g trousers internal.
  4. Airfix 1\72 Chipmunk T.10

    nice in grey too as the two Chippy's that were out in Berlin.
  5. Lightning cockpit colours

    For daily use we used to use AC and DC from a Houchin at Binbrook but we could do a DC start (just like the trolley Acc's the LGP use) but the pilots did like the AC on as it was used to run up all the other bits and bobs.
  6. Lightning colour scheme order

    They were bare metal and polished regular too.
  7. VC-10

    The biggest difference over the civy version was REAR facing seats !!!
  8. Lotus/Caterham Super 7

    The flared wing on a Caterham/Lotus 7 do nothing as regards strength as their bolted to the side skins not the chassis . As regards originality my series three chassis was made at Arch motor the same place the Lotus 7's had there chassis from the same jigs. As to your original question "tatty ton" the kit come with options for road or race
  9. Lightning bits

    The photos are from the guy I mentioned, but when I was on 5 Sqn we used to do a wheel and brake unit run once a day may be twice if it was a cross wind... I can still smell the place heavy rubber smell with a hint of OM15 (hyd oil)
  10. Lightning bits

    Here you go
  11. Lightning bits

    I'll ask a friend on FB that used to run the tyre bay at Binbrook.
  12. Lightning bits

    From my time on Lightning's I'm guessing your looking as new verses worn tyres. As for XP 753 F3 the Aero's jet it was a one off paint job for that season unfortunately it wasn't a lucky paint job as she crashed in Scarborough north bay carry out a unauthorised display Flt LT Mike Thompson perished in the crash too. I was on Gate guard that day watched her leave Binbrook. There was talk of a court marshal if he'd had lived. accident report.
  13. Painting stripes on bombs

    Don't forget the Coloured bands weren't just yellow, Blue denotes inert yellow live munition. Missiles have different coloured too
  14. English Electric Lightning serial size

    no underwing serials Nos on the grey jets
  15. Lightning F6 XS928

    Firestick were Green whilst I was at Binbrook the Redtops had green wings and fins too.