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  1. Lightnings and Sidewinders

    with regards to cooling of Lightning missiles Firestreak had an ammonia bottle in the launcher as well as Stanag (that's what it called on the line) Air that was contained within the weapons pack and was recharged during servicing's 1500psi sticks I'm my mind. The Redtop that had a 3000+psi pure air bottle that was dropped out when it got to its lower value 1000psiish. when I say dropped out I mean it had a hook on a cable and a pin on the bottle it was winched down and out. when fully home it sat at an angle. Nothing replaced in the redtop launcher. As for the what if its a photoshopped mess, the side intakes are after the no1 (lower) engine. F18 super hornet intakes I do believe.
  2. Italeri Chinook HC.2 ,1/48th

    BN Falklands Veteran
  3. The Radar Bullet was yellowy green made of a fibre glass type material they were several shades dependant on age also in certain light you could see the scanner running
  4. The Sharks teeth were applied whilst on APC in Cyprus. The markings were still on the jets on their return to the Uk and for a few months afterwards.
  5. BBC tv programme on RAF at 100

    Ewan's brother was a Tornado pilot.
  6. Catherham Super Seven

  7. Ferrari 'breadvan'

    Awesome machine Seen her race a few times will be watching with interest. Here's her at Goodwood 2009
  8. airfix 1/48 ee lightning f.1 kit

    The main gear fairings are attached to the U/C leg and are set up during retractions but only if they've been disturbed or replaced. Also the upper real portion of the fairing is hinged slightly and the top portion sits at 90Deg to the leg when down (looks like its missing on the photos. I have a few photos at home I`ll try to dig them out tomorrow and post them. The D-door that covers the wheel well the retraction jack is buried in the wing you can see it in the photo and the panel at the opposite end of the jack..
  9. Advice for EE Lightning reference books.

    What period are we talking ? I was on 5 Sqn from 1980-81 if I can help I will. Are you on facebook 5sqn have a page with lots of photos of their Lightning's they were the first RAF unit to operate the F6 and I think the longest too.
  10. airfix 1/48 ee lightning f.1 kit

    When I was on 5 Sqn at Binbrook the F3 (we had x3 F3's one T5 and 10 F6's) mainly carried the Firestreek weapons pack as did the T5. it was a a complete weapons pack swap to change the type of missile...there was different methods of cooling the seeker head the Firestreek was via liquid Ammonia and the RedTop was pure air from a 3000+psi bottle that was swapped out during the day to day flying.
  11. 56 sqdn checkertail Lightning question

    Just about to start a 12 hour night shift will check my 1:48 F1-F3 kit I'm doing the F3 (or conv to T5) I'm sure there's a 56 Sqn option if it does its yours.
  12. airfix 1/48 ee lightning f.1 kit

    Early Lightning's cockpits were black up to the T4 The F3.F6 and T5 cockpits are light grey.
  13. Nuremberg Toy Show 2018

    just wait till they re-release the Cycle wing special and the JPE. BDR is £385 at Hannants.
  14. 56 sqdn checkertail Lightning question

    The one at Bruntingthorpe has different markings and serial No's on each side the 56 Sqn side being a vinyl wrap. It should have under wing serials.
  15. http://i1167.photobucket.com/albums/q623/tweeky687/Lightning/Shark Mouth stdb_zpsbdebmrmd.jpg If you notice your original pic there is a colour change on AM. There was several Schemes that was trailed, XR770 was the first and have various issues with the markings/stencils As can be seen above. Fresh back from St Athens. AM XS901 looks like its was a two or three different greys. What does your decal sheet say. I think the fin were different to undersides, and obviously the upper surfaces too. Don't forget the stress panel (area under the wing root) was polished bare metal.