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  1. Thrust reverse could be preselected prior to landing, to do this you had to rock the throttles outboard (this would also select lift dump both wing spoilers deployed) Lift dump and thrust reverse (TR) was triggered but the Weight on wheels (WOW switch) so I doubt the TR would deploy inflight with the WOW switched un-made. There was a lever in the cockpit for "taxi Nozzle" this opened the nozzle up. I think the Tr could be deployed with the nozzles in Taxi. As part on the service routine on Tornado the buckets had to be inspected every X amount of hours. The buckets deployed via a screw jacks these jacks were air driven, But there was a small panel on the air motor you could take off and drive the buckets out via a ratchet drive once you'd unlocked the buckets for inspection/replacement.
  2. Lick of paint and a preflight isn't a refurbishment. I remember Air Clues the RAF's flight safety magazine and one of the F4j were in the Hangar for some rectification work on removing a panel they found a petrified lizard.
  3. It was an exercise. the fire appliance missed a turning on to an under construction taxiway and turned on to active runway. RIP to all involved and their loved ones.
  4. P-63 hit the B17 around the waist gunner's position severing the tail off. RIP to all involved
  5. the yellow back pad was dark green on the ones I had dealings with. The seat cushion was brown.
  6. One of my RTU instructors flew the Lightning on an exchange tour. He talked about one airfield defense mission where he took off, fought directly over the base, and landed running "on fumes". Total flight time was 18 minutes. Thats a long sortie, During the summer months at Binbrook, we'd sent 2 Lightning FMk3's up against each other (7600 lbs of fuel or full for the FMK3) from take off to landing was 10-12 mins or in ground crew speak a "brew" Many time I've sat and watched them tail chase on the slot I'd seen them out from because you knew you'd be back out again. The Sqn would fly a bucket load of trips and accumulate very little in Sqn flying hours.
  7. The only F6 to carry a permanently was the sole F6 operated by LTF, All the remaining Binbrook had gun tanks.
  8. The fuel only front ventral tank was a different shape to the gun tank.
  9. Or has it was known in the RAF "stick to seat interface"
  10. I was at Hollywood (between Craner and the exit of the first corner) at least we saw Andretti race !!! for half a lap.
  11. No its Not, the RAF call them what they call them, it drummed into you on basic trade training chocks, locks, bungs and blanks when ever a jet is on the ground.
  12. But its a UK jet operated by HM armed forces. USAF has their own jargon plus their own systems.
  13. Looks like the early F1's used the 8 hole too.
  14. I think I answered that in the question Why do people call Intake and Exhaust Blanks...... FOD covers. In my time on Lightning, Jaguars and Tornado's they were always know as blanks. The only covers were the Pitot, and covers that when over things like Canopy's Main wheels, theses were only used for storage or if a jet was left outside. Bungs went it little holes (static vents and the likes). Locks when in movable things like undercarriage, arrestor hook and canopy some times things like airbrakes when you was working on the system and didn't want them closing on you.
  15. Why do people call Intake and exhaust blanks..... FOD covers ? after all FOD is actually Foreign Object Damage
  16. Glad you mentioned this just checked mine bought direct from Airfix when it first released and its the same as yours. On to Airfix's website to order another.
  17. RBF pennants you've use are the American style. The RAF style are different UK style.
  18. in the walk round section Here
  19. Is this the same Kev Gregory that was on 431MU 87-88ish?
  20. 36 Sqn err not an RAF Tornado Sqn. As for the engines they've included the wrong spec of oil tank on the engines the kit version is from the Mk 101 and early engines uk based Tornados had mk101s RAFG sqns had Mk103s. The big give away is the shape mk 103s (and the F3s Mk104's) had a round oil tank.
  21. The reason the F2A's didn't use Redtops was down to the Early variant of the radar fitted to the F2A. Redtop's came in on the F3 onwards when the upgraded radar was availably.
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