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  1. T2 hangar . . anybody

    Thats a pretty cool end result mate! Really enjoyed watching this!
  2. Airfix 2018

    I would if it was in 1/72nd :).
  3. Airfix 2018

    A 1/72 F-16XL maybe? XD
  4. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    That is an exquisite example of an aircraft I am very familiar with due to my many trips to LN! Fantastic job mate! You've really done a good job of recreating the atmosphere of a visit to RAF Lakenheath!
  5. Zvezda Mig-21bis (1/72)

    Fantastic panel work mate!
  6. Fozzy you cease to amaze me mate! I've been reading from the start and this thread just gets better and better! My mind wonders after the completed B-17 what's going to come next?
  7. Nice 15 mate! I'm in the process of getting one of these!
  8. Well done mate.fantastic result! I paticularly like the movable door and removable gear! Thanks for giving us the.opportunity to view your build!
  9. Airfix Defiant (1/72)

    Lovely finish on the Defiant's mate! I have this kit and I'm very much looking forward to having a go at it!
  10. Well after over 2 years of on and off work on her and 3 house moves she's finally finished!
  11. 1/72 Welsh Models B737 BBJ

    Wow this is impressive! Coming along very nicely! I wish Airfix or some other big kit manufacturer would make some airliners like this. I get the point of space issues but danm it would be cool!
  12. Hey folks! Rather than starting a new thread I decided to revive my old thread. After nearly a year of laying dormant the TU-16 makes a move! After observations and alot of working out I've decided to put all except one of the doors in the closed position so alot of filler was needed, more filler was needed for the wing and gear lumps, all the moving surfaces have been put on, the 2 wing mounted weapon pilons have been drilled and glues and now after a little more sanding she will finally be ready for paint after this pic was taken: Last night I spent some time in the paintshop. Masking off the open holes with tissue and bits of tape really does the job! Low tech with max results! When the TU-16 Badger is complete she will be the first big build I've ever completed next I line to the MiG-31! Here is a shot of her paintwork nicely finished and stored in a dust free cabinet:
  13. The world according to Charlie

    I prefer the top one. Fantastic back story, I also live the Hawk!
  14. I've just been looking back through the year and I have managed to finish weather it be full builds or restorations 10 models! More than I've ever done before! Here they are: Airfix Shorts Sunderland Airfix Spitfire "Tiger Meet" - Part of the Whiff GB. Airfix Boeing Sea Knight - Part of the Blitzbau GB PZW72 SWD-22 Glider - Part of the Blitzbau GB Italeri Boeing X-32 Joint Strike Fighter - Part of the Blitzbau GB Revell Hawk T.1 "Red Arrows 2000" Airfix Spitfire Night Fighter Matchbox Sea Harrier FRS.1 "Test Bird" Tskuda Mikoyan MiG-31 Foxhound - Finished for SMW16 Matchbox Harrier GR.3 Royal Navy More are on the bench but I really doubt I'll manage to finish anymore before 2017 is here. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and may 2017 bring you all good fortune and plenty of modelling!
  15. Airbus Maritime Patrol Aircraft

    Fantastic work mate well done! She looks a real beast with all that ordinance! Judging past situations with the Nimrod If the RAF start considering these now they might just order them before the Posidon gets retired!