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  1. Piper Enforcer

    Thanks mate really appreciate it! Id just be happy to find a Monogram XL but I've found their as rare as hens teeth! Looking forward to seeing your XL progress mate!
  2. Piper Enforcer

    Fantastic pics and a really great story mate! The Enforcer and F-16XL are 2 kits I'm crying out for! I have got a Mustang in 72nd that I plan to modify but at the moment I have no were near the skill required for the job! I hope you don't mind me saving theses pics for the build?
  3. AV-8B Harrier II FSD #3 Safety Chase

    Thanks for posting this! I've been toying with schemes to put my AC-8B that I bought at Telford into and with a little scratch building of the device on the tail boom this is what Im gonna go with, the later one with white on the wings.
  4. Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Loving the progress on the Beluga! One of my Favourite Civil aircraft!
  5. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Oh ok mate haha sorry I ask as its my favourite aircraft. I was looking for a Royal Navy T.2 in 72nd but didn't find anything in my scale so ended up with an AV-8B and another GR.7/9!
  6. My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Nice haul from Telford mate and a lovely start to the Walrus! One question though, where's the trainer Harrier you mentioned?
  7. 1:72 Hobby Boss A-7K

    Lovely looking model Boldwin8! As it happens I've just received one of these in a trade deal and will be watching with close interest!
  8. Looking good! I like the Avro 707 and would very much like to do exactly what your doing here.
  9. Hasegawa 1/72 Boeing B-47E Stratojet

    By all means mate I just hope I don't put you off as I'm not that skillful so please bare that in mind when watching.
  10. I had this one bought for me from SMW16 as a Christmas present from my Daughter. After a long think and a lot of planning I decided to build her as part of a comparison display between the TU-16, B-47 and Valiant. Ok so after a mornings work on her the B-47E fuselage has been closed up and the gear bays have been glued in. I'll update with photos in due course.
  11. T2 hangar . . anybody

    Thats a pretty cool end result mate! Really enjoyed watching this!
  12. Airfix 2018

    I would if it was in 1/72nd :).
  13. Airfix 2018

    A 1/72 F-16XL maybe? XD
  14. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    That is an exquisite example of an aircraft I am very familiar with due to my many trips to LN! Fantastic job mate! You've really done a good job of recreating the atmosphere of a visit to RAF Lakenheath!
  15. Zvezda Mig-21bis (1/72)

    Fantastic panel work mate!