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  1. I'd be interested to know aswell as I have a Revell 1/72 Lanc intended as a Coastal Command Lanc!
  2. If you are UK based then the Amodel 1/72 72370 Adam A700 Date: 00's £15.00 and the Amodel 1/72 7231 Beechcraft 1900D - Air Labrador Date: 00's is £18.00 at Models for Sale. Both are Secondhand and postage is free above £35.00

  3. Impressive looking detail but man I wanted an option for Folded Wings!
  4. Found these 2 beauties in a charity shop for a grand total of £6 the pair.(£2 Dambuster & £4 Yellow Tail) And I bought this on Amazon as it wasn't too expensive and I had a fiver off so win win!
  5. I'd love to see more Raspberry Ripple aircraft decals in 1/72
  6. If this one does get the go ahead I'd like to cast my name into the hat please. I have the following ready: F-100 Super Sabre - PM Models F-101 Voodoo - Revell F-102 Delta Dagger - Meng F-104 Starfighter - Revell F-105 Thunderchief- Trumpeter F-106 Delta Dart - Meng YF-107 Ultra Sabre - Trumpeter
  7. Great display! Reminds me of my time airside. I have done all 3 ground jobs in this diorama. I must say though if I had been in the position the road man is in I wouldn't have lasted long in the job haha!
  8. Here are a few more things I plan on including into the diorama and Layout. 3 busses: A Stobart Rail low loader carrying the preserved wreckage of a Hampden. A forklift. I have about 10 cars for the car park and stuff to give it more of an atmosphere. And this is the closest I could get to having my own real car on the layout.
  9. I think it's time we built an Aircraft for the diorama/Layout! I started with the wings, gluing the seat supports to the cabin floor and tidying up the fuselage halves. I put the nose weight in and painted the cabin floor. The rest of the interior is finished and installed. Fuselage has been buttoned up, sanded and reriveted. The wings are only dry fitted at this stage. Windows are masked and PVA'd in place. I put the doors in the temporarily closed position to mask the interior. And the Yellow is now gone! A splash of colour. And she's done! I enjoyed building the Islander so much I immediately bought another one, ironically this time it'll wear the Yellow Aurigny livery. Now that there's an aircraft ready I can get a better prospective on the planning part of the diorama and layout.
  10. I found some Russian Metal wheel chocks in a Zvezda MiG-29SMT kit I have. Built and painted in about 10 minutes. These are for the larger aircraft. I've created some rubber chocks for smaller aircraft. My wife bought me the Atlas Editions De-icing Rig, unfortunately this is one vehicle I didn't get the chance to drive. I've painted 2 of the figures! This one is "Grandad" And this guy is called "Ky" I painted them in the original uniform I had when I first started at the airport. "Ky" on the belt loader again that my wife bought me, and "Grandad guiding him onto the hold door. Thanks for looking!
  11. The next 2 pieces of equipment will be a Hasegawa Ford Tractor and a Revell towbar which looks to be almost a perfect representation of a B737 tow bar. Overview of the Tractor Sprue. And just like that it's all built! The kit didn't come with any axles so I used this 0.81mm Metal rod. I used the spare two bar from the Electric Tug. And drilled out the attachment hole on the front of the Tractor as it will be pictured pushing back aircraft at some point. Onto the aircraft tow bar. Primed and painted Yellow. Both now very much finished. I'm really pleased with the detail on both but the engine detail in the Tractor is quite pleasing! The Towbar doesn't look too bad either! More to come.
  12. Those lights do look very nice, thanks bar side!
  13. The modelling mojo was dwindling tonight so I took the opportunity to give the GPU some extra detail. I scratch built a beacon from some clear sprue, drilled out in the middle and added some Tamiya Clear Orange to give it a little glow. I also used the oxygen tanks from an Airfix Spitfire as fire extinguishers. And I painted all the handles and roof grates Silver. I plan on weathering the grates once the paint is fully dried.
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