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  1. Thank you Ray! I'd like to see that!
  2. Haha I dont feel brave once I've had a session of work on it! I decided that it would be easier and more practical to glue on and sand down these "intakes" rather than build sand then glue.
  3. Evening folks. I haven't posted in a while, my apologies. So I introduce you all to my 1st of 2 1/72 Roden AN-12's, this is the Electronic Warfare BK-PPS variant. Last night I managed to sand down all the filler on the belly of the aircraft(there was alot on this model), I added all the electric warfare belly pods, nose bulge and installed the wings and horizontal stabilizers.
  4. Mav's 1/144 Space Program - I saw one of these at our local model show, Parabellum yesterday but did not look at the price. The £40-50 mark is around the full retail price for these kits

  5. So sorry for resurrecting a 7 year old thread but did the Royal Navy Buccaneer S.2C ever carry 2 WE177's in its bomb bay without a large insert? Were they ever loaded in the Bombay like the conventional 1000lb bombs?
  6. Beautiful aircraft. I sure wish I could get hold of these decals in 1/72!
  7. Hi Mike. Great job on the RA'AM bud! I have this kit at the front of the stash. I was interested to see the issue with the canopy. Thanks for the warning I'll watch out for this!
  8. I've always liked this aircraft. I got my built 1 out earlier as I'm building an F-35A then found this thread, what a coincidence! Fantastic work and I love the special scheme.
  9. I have this in the stash and plan on building it next year along with the Airfix Kate so il be watching this one bud!
  10. There are some fantastic support vehicles here! Heres 1 of mine: So I know what you are thinking, it's too dirty, the windows are scratched and have paint on. I work with Swissport UK's EBT's, they are like this, even with a new coat of paint they look old! The beacon was created with a conveniently shaped clear piece of sprue which happened to have a bobble in it. All I did was put some orange paint into the bubble and glue it on.
  11. Now this does make me wanna Whiff an F-15E into Aggressor markings! What's funny is I've just finished watching a 9ship launch from LN!
  12. I've read the whole article and I've had mine on order since Jadlam first listed them! Very inspiring mate fantastic job on a fantastic kit! I do plan on having mine with Wings folded, canopy open, airbrakes open and bomb bay open.
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