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  1. One more thing. It looks like Revell and Academy kits aren't really the same. But I'd go for Revell any time because their decals are far superior.
  2. Flight of the Phoenix

    This is superb! Who would have thought to see it done in plastic!?! But...change that board with real sand. It'll change the whole thing for the better. Josip
  3. My favourite Japanese bomber. I like it a lot. Especially the demarcation between camouflage colours.
  4. Thank you all. I'm glad that you like it. As for the other builds I rate the B-25 and MiG 21 far superior models. And they've been posted here before, but the ammount of daily quality models here is such that one gets inevitably forgotten in a few days. Josip
  5. Tu-114

    You should definitely not be ashamed of it!!! Josip
  6. Revell's 1/32 Typhoon MkIb

    Could you please explain the unpainted/white paneling on the fuselage? Josip
  7. USAF must have been thoroughly impressed by sporadic successes of Luftwaffe jets using unguided rockets against US heavy bombers in closing days of WW2. Otherwise they would have never developed this monstrosity! Luckily for us the Cold war never turned to Nuclear one and Scorpions never had to engage Soviet TU-95s over the Arctic, where the majority of F-89s spent their careers. I’ve never considered Soviet leadership to be so dumb to send unescorted fleets of heavy bombers with nuclear bombloads across the Artic only to be shot down with unguided, guided and nuclear air to air rockets by radar guided F-89s, but apparently the USAF brass thought differently. Anyhoo, the Revell/Academy kit rates about 3/5 in my book and I definitely won’t be building another one in this life. It looks OK in the box, but if one really wants it to shine, one should invest in Pavla’s cockpit and canopy upgrade set. This one was done mostly OOB with some minor additional work. Its quite a survivor this one as it nearly ended in trash not once, but twice! Luckily for us Revell’s customer service is great and I got additional parts mailed pretty soon. And here it stands! Red was airbrushed with Revell acrylics and metal was dry brushed with Model Master metalizers of various shades. Just for the sake of comparison I’ve placed some of my other models in order to easily comprehend the size difference between them. And they called it a fighter!?! Josip
  8. A sincere thank you for the model and an explanation about Toucan differences.
  9. What a nice model! Those Hasegawa 1:72 WW2 kits really make wonderful models. There's a lot that I like and some things that I'd do different. I'd put a gun in the nose - it looks more interesting. I wouldn't fade the Olive drab so much and I wouldn't go so far on chipping effect. I'd leave the upper turret unpainted as they were i reality. Otherwise its wonderful and more detailed than 1:48 Monogram kit.
  10. This isn't a comment about your model but a critic to Revell. A kit that needs so much resin parts to improve its deficiences is a BAD kit in my book! That's why I'll avoid their line of 1:32 109s. Cheers, Josip
  11. My problem with Eduard kit was that I have intended from the start to build it in closed form. The Eduard kit however is ment to be displayed open and some care and hard work is involved to saw off the top of the engine block and get pieces of cowling to blend in. The aft part of the canopy wouldn't fit without sanding and both wing radiators needed puttying and I have botched it. To put it short, I 'd be more happy with Tamiya kit. Josip
  12. I don't think so as their performances differed and they were also in different units. The 109s were the best machines and as such were stationed mostly in the vicinity of Belgrade, while Hurricanes covered other sectors. Most of them saw very limited action ast they were deliberately sent to patrol the areas without enemy activity. The only surviving Hurricane was later repainted in Regia Aeronautica markings and flown to Italy.
  13. Thank you. Yes it was. Especially for Luftwaffe bomber crews. German 109s were otherwise very vividly painted and marked with yellow noses but still, a 109 is a 109. German ones were also more modern versions with explosive shells and tracers as well as drop tanks and head armour plates. Ofc. their pilots were all veterans and that was a tremendous advantage.
  14. B6N2 Tenzan

    The only (yes, the only) criticism I have is that you didn't go all the way and displayed the bottom fuselage machine gun nest. That way it'd be even more eye catching.
  15. This humble and plain model represents one of the more "gaudily" marked Royal Yugoslav AF Bf-109E-3s. They were so plain and modestly marked that its no small wonder that they're not often seen in model form. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia expensively bought cca. 70 machines from 1939-1940 in order to mantain good relations with Nazi Germany that was starting to surround its borders. And since Yugoslavia also rellied on Western allies from the WW1 they bought some Hurricanes mk.Is from UK as well as a licence to produce them. The domestic Ikarus company also managed to produce about 12 IK-3 fighters. All 3 types of fighters were involved in brief and tragic April war, when Germany, Italy and Hungary attacked and in 12 days overpowered the isolated and internaly divided Kingdom and its armed forces which were full of traitors (mostly comanding officers). The only units that were able and did provide an organized and somewhat succesful armed resistance were fighter and bomber groups and a lonely river Monitor Drava. JKRV Messerschmits prooved their worth when trying to defend the capital city Belgrade against the overwhelming might of experienced Luftwaffe and the sheer courage of their pilots became a legend that is still remembered and was the sole motivation for this model. Surviving machines were mostly prematurely burned on the ground during hasty retreats and overall panic that was spread by traitors and Nazi symphatizers. Eduard Weekend kit was used and I was not particulary happy with it. AirVallejo and Revell acrylics were used and LiftHere decals. Its mostly OOB. Josip