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  1. Is there something that can be done about wheel wells that are really too shallow.
  2. There are two side windows for the radio compartment thay you overpainted with silver. Just paint them black and put some shine on them.
  3. Josip

    1/48 Eduard P-39N Aircobra

    Looking pretty good and colorful. The problem with this kit is that it Is half short run and has some needless quirks. Check up how mine turned up.
  4. Josip

    1/48 Eduard P-39N Aircobra

    You certainly know what you're doing. Still, having recently completed one I'd really rather see that quality of work on the Hasegawa kit.
  5. I don't recall an overall white Ju-52. Anyway, I 'd better check up my references before doing mine.
  6. Truly a mix of excellent and missed work. Unfortunately Revell B-17s require much more work in order to look good. OOB it just isn't on the same level as the rest.
  7. Dear Sir, you should seek an employment in the film industry!!!
  8. Josip

    1/48 Hawker Tempest

    I really don't get this latest fashion of painting RAF aircraft with olive drab. Otherwise a cracking build.
  9. Josip

    Yak-9P 1/48 Special Bureau

    It just goes to show that JAK-3 was the ultimate perfection of that family.
  10. Now that is just gorgeous! The only thing it lacks are the subtle lines of rivets, like with Eduard kits nowadays. That is one big disadvantage of Tamiya wunderkits from the 90s and even newest ones like Spitfire. Iranian F-84Gs were also splendid looking.
  11. Josip


    Very interesting. Zeros had a similar pattern
  12. I'm definitely buying this one! The gun barrels OOB are way too thick and the fabric covered surfaces could use a different tone and weathering. Otherwise it looks great.
  13. Greetings! Well, here it is, finally. The famous Eduard »best in scale« F-6F-5 Hellcat in FAA guise that is by the way more »what if« than a depiction of a real aircraft, thanks to some bogus scheme and decals provided by Hobby Boss. I don't like Eduard Weekend packages as I find them to be just depleted packages and with boring markings, but this one cost me just mere 13EUR and I couldn't resist it. The kit itself has started to show its age and some parts aren't really up to it and need to be dressed up or replaced. That goes for the propeller, engine, rockets, machine gun barrels/blast tubes, drop tank, wheels and wheel wells. Some I tackled with and some I just left out. As this was a weekend package without PE parts I hid the lacking details in the cockpit by putting in the pilot that I stole from ICM P-51B kit. The engine and cowling were enhanced by adding scratch items and legs were shortened. The only aftermarket part was a pair of Brassin wheels. The model was painted with Revell, AK and Vallejo acrylics and weathered with dry pastels, filters and what not. It has a working engine The Hellcat looks immense in posture and height and is also beefier than a bit longer but slender P-47 Thunderbolt. Here are some of my models next to it for a better appreciation of its size. Josip
  14. Thank you for showing us your model. We don't get to see many finished models of a B-17. But to me its a shame that you have finished and painted it as an obscure RAF bird. I like gleaming metal and colorful markings.
  15. Greetings! I had an Eduard 1:48 P-400 Weekend kit in my stash for several years and never really got around to build it untill now. The kit is a bit long in the tooth nowadays and I definitely won't be building another P-39 in 1:48 unless its from Hasegawa. Eduard has been making big cheese since this kit was first issued. I made several homemade or scratch improvements on the kit that will probably go unnoticed. The kit was painted with a mix of Vallejo and Revell acrylics. It was based on some profiles that I found on www.wingspalette.com. Unfortunately it recieved several bruises and broken parts when it fell from my hands and I somehow ain't happy with it anymore. Enjoy it! Josip
  16. The one and only Hasegawa 1:72 Avenger! My first model that came out right and "real". I still have it.
  17. Josip

    Desert Wulf

    I have nothing bad to say about your model. However I just don't get it why you don't buy yourself an airbrush? They're quite common and cheap these days.
  18. Josip

    The Blue Max

    I have abandoned tiny single engined aeroplanes in 1:72 long ago, because I found them not to be worthy of my time and effort. But every now and then I stumble on an exceptional model that proves me wrong.
  19. Josip

    Airfix 1:48 (Sea?) Hurricane

    A lovely model and I love the pilot too. Perhaps it could do with a bit less shading on panel lines.
  20. I've never seen this type of aerodynamic rear view mirror. I wonder why wasn't it adopted on later marks?
  21. Josip

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Lovely model from a HQ kit. But please retouch that windshield frame with a fine paintbrush.
  22. Josip

    XP-84A Thunderjet

    My all time favourite jet! Good to see it in prototype form.
  23. Do all of us a favour and do another one from new Tamiya kit.
  24. Josip

    1/48 Hawker Tempest

    I'm just curious if those new cutting edge fighter airplanes really got so used up and dirty?
  25. Thank you for the pic of that lovely box art. I still remember it from their 1992 catalogue. That white I-16 diving in frozen lake.