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  1. And ofc. there is also that horrible soft plastic that leads to pebbly surface and soft detail. Let's just say that, since the original airplane was a bit crude affair, Airfix managed to make this one quite nice., but it really failed on other kits. Tamiya, Eduard and even Hasegawa kits from 90s are far superior in sharpness and execution of various details. BTW. do check up my model. I have also put in the pilot.
  2. It certainly looks the part. My main gripe with this kit are notably thick wing edges on the back side.
  3. Is this the latest trend or am I having troubles with my eyes? Shouldn't it be painted dark green instead of olive drab? Otherwise it's a lovely tribute to P. Clostermann.
  4. If you can and still have the will to do so, please make a bigger surface for both models. Let them breathe. As a diorama this just isn't it. At least for my eyes. Way too crowded.
  5. I have Tamiya kit and I plan to stick with it, but I strongly dislike rockets. Would it be OK to use the very detailed ones from the new Eduard Tempest kit?
  6. Your model turned out great, but as for me, paying 60e for this kit is just too much for me right now.
  7. Thank you for the tip about the canopy. If I ever get one I'll test fit the windshield before glueing. Otherwise it looks the part!
  8. On the close inspection there is a big gap between the fuselage and the windshield that really spoils the whole picture. Was the fit so bad?
  9. Because it is a Beaufighter that was released in 1990s and the only other modern kit of a Beaufighter is the Airfix one from a 2020. We would and should expect a huge leap in quality from AIRFIX by now, but somehow we didn't get it. Their main advantage over Hasegawa is that their kit is widely available.
  10. The fact that Hasegawa hasn't issued as many British aircraft as Airfix had has nothing to do with the high quality plastic, sharp moulding and superior panel lines.
  11. Now that's what I've been telling people all the time. Hasegawa models from the 1990s are sharper and better looking than the new Airfix ones. Great job!
  12. Hello old friend! My first kit! Ofc. I was waaay to young for you;-}
  13. Actually that wasn't a bad thing. Very early single seaters, that were only introduced in the service in spring 1941, had metal fuselages. The trouble is in details. They had armoured glass behind the pilot and slightly different cockpit hoods that Zvezda provides. Zvezda should do the metal fuselage and we could fill panel lines or not, according to our preferences. Just like the wings on Eduard Mustang.
  14. IL-2s with metal fuselage were very rare. The first 300 or so single seaters and some post war/veteran late two seater were built/had the fuselage replaced with metal ones. The latter mainly in Yugoslavia.
  15. O. K. All but the later. That required a skilfull modeler and a single seater.
  16. ACM did the whole line. Their common weakness was totally wrong spinner and propeller.
  17. Top notch for your part. You made it come to life. I guess that I'm the only one that isn't happy with Airfix kits. To my eyes it looks like another clumsy effort that just isn't in the 21st century yet. Panelization is too deep and overall it looks soft.
  18. Tamiya will win because of more robust look and true to original surface details. It has hinges on the access panels etc. When I did my ACM two seater, I had to replicate all those details that Tamiya already had OOB. Not to mention the ease of assembly.
  19. Now that is a first class model!
  20. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with Tamiya kit. It has the best surface details of them all. This Zvezda kit has petite panel lines. It's too neat for a Soviet warplanes. On the wings they were almost invisible.
  21. Thank you. Actually I think that IL-2 isn't really an ugly looking airplane. This one actually looks nicely proportioned and thought out, at least to my eyes. Josip
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