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  1. Zvesda B737-800

    Somewhat late, but maybe still of help. From Zvezda's website: http://www.zvezda.org.ru/en/distributors It was using the contact details above that I managed a couple of years ago to obtain a replacement for a faulty canopy from Zvezda's Su-27 kit. All it took was an e-mail to the shown address with details of the kit, where and when I did purchase it and [in my case] pictures of the problem. An e-mail reply came in a matter of days with an estimated time frame for solving the problem and, indeed, five weeks later the replacement sprue arrived at no charge. Cheers, Niki
  2. Airbus sharklets and 737 winglets - questions

    I, for one, would go that route. This fellow did a similar job in 1/144 (taking the somewhat misshapen Revell winglets and turning them into sharklets): https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=42327&sid=0392d5a4dbaca8a9b05078f02a8a6aff Not a 1/1 match but, as you said, close enough. Cheers, Niki
  3. Well, it "only" took one and a half years. I'll be on the lookout for a box P.S.: Colin, one day. One day, for sure!
  4. Has any of you got both the Italeri and the Trumpeter Su-34 in the stash? I wonder if one could just cut off the nose from the Italeri kit and graft it to the Trumpeter fuselage? I am thinking here about the dimensions of the cross section in the fuselage where the nose starts. I noticed Antoine mentioning a resin upgrade coming up, but I try to avoid using resin whenever possible and as I already have the Italeri kit... Cheers, Niki
  5. Romanian Mig-21 LanceR C help needed.

    The A2G LanceR A variant was the lower cost (lack of Elta 2032 radar) cousin of the LanceR C. There was stuff the LanceR A couldn't do compared to the C, but nothing really the A could do that wasn't accessible to the LanceR C. Anyway, after the LanceR A was sent into retirement, the LanceR C officially became what it had been from the beginning: a multirole (I'm referring here to the ability of conducting A2A and A2G missions - not getting into the theory and true capabilities of a multirole...). Mind you, a targeting pod hung under the belly isn't automatically associated with an A2G mission. They do use it for A2A target identification at greater range also. Lots of choices for you then of things to put under the wings.
  6. Great WIP of a beautiful looking bird! Thanks for sharing, Niki
  7. 1/72 IDF Su-30MK Flanker

    Man, that's some serious hardware... Looking forward to seeing them finished!
  8. 1/72 IDF Su-30MK Flanker

    Maybe switch the Spice and Kh-31 between them? Looks like with the Spice on there, the R-77 are "hitting" the Spice's wings... Great progress of a crisp build! I always get inspired by such ideas Cheers, Niki L.E.: I see the R-77 are not quoted in your weapons list, so maybe they're not staying?
  9. Well, the camo is very effective against that cutting mat I like how you managed to bring out all those details in the Trumpeter plastic - a beautiful build! Any chance of a picture or two from abeam the model standing on its landing gear? Cheers, Niki
  10. 1/72 Basler AC-47T Fantasma

    I was just thinking the other day of getting the Alley Cat set, because I am also a bit "troubled" by the Fantasma The 'bit pricey Airfix kit (subjective, momentary opinion of mine, I know) has stopped me so far, but seeing your work (as soon as you figure out the pictures issue* ) might change my mind. Cheers, Niki
  11. Heller 1/50 330C Puma

    Good to see one of these built - they're rather rare! Have myself one in the stash with the intention to turn it into a Romanian Puma or an Irish Air Corps example. As either requires some extra work, that's still out for debate... Cheers, Niki
  12. Revell Q1 2017

    Given the old molds of the Monogram F-4 (with a couple of runs to their credit by now) and some of Revell's recent new releases where the molding quality left a lot to be desired (especially on the clear parts), I really hope this will turn out alright! I've been wanting one for ages... L.E.: I wonder what prompted Revell to bring out another EF Typhoon kit in 1/72!?
  13. Oh, indeed, a splash of colour those Indian [special] MiGs are! What purpose do they fill exactly? Identify "aggressors" in training? And perhaps it was for the better that the Airfix kit was out of stock. Not bashing it (I have one in the stash myself and it is going to be built), but I have a feeling the Italeri kit provided for a slightly easier build. Cheers, Niki