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  1. Nice rendition of such an old kit! Eduard's windshield and seat were certainly a good idea and I like the surroundings also. Can you perhaps shed some light into these Indian special paint jobs? Any occasions or restrictions when they could be applied? Could theoretically every jet of every squadron receive some splash of colour or only one/ a couple from specific squadrons? Who could come up with the design proposal and who did authorise them? Cheers, Niki
  2. niki

    GWH Su-35

    You can check the content of the box on the left here: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10513465 ... and compare to what you have got at home Cheers Niki
  3. Hey Ranger, you should be able to start browsing the Flight Manual by following this link: https://web.archive.org/web/20111010135525/http://projects.airwolf.tv/resources/manual From there, other parts of the airwolf.tv site should be reachable also. Cheers, Niki
  4. I have also steered clear from getting an AMX because of the rubber tires in the Hobby Boss kit and because of the over engineering [for my taste] in the Kinetic kit... That is until last week when I checked my archive and found that the original dimensions of the tires* used by the AMX are pretty close to those of the late Blocks F-16s. Long story short: I got a good deal on an Hobby Boss AMX kit and decided to spend less than 5€ for an 1/48 Eduard Brassin 648007 F-16 Late Wheels. Real life comparison of the HB rubber and Eduard resin wheels shows an almost perfect match. So, if you don't mind the superior number of "holes" in the F-16 main wheel cap compared to the AMX's [12 vs. 8]... Cheers, Niki
  5. I don't have the sheet myself, but by the images shown on the manufacturer's page, you should find left, right and top views in the instructions: Cheers, Niki
  6. niki


    Hi K., Admittedly, the Tornado in 32nd scale is a bit out of my area of interest. However, here are some starting points in your search: 1. Hannants: "Tornado; 1/32". 2. Aviationmegastore: "Tornado; 1:32". 3. Scalemates: "Tornado; 1:32". Clicking the links above will reveal a host of resin and bras items. Try to compare and see if they would be any improvement over the Flightpath set. Most likely other Britmodellers will share their thoughts on some of these eventually. On the decal front, while I don't see Xtradecal 32-006 available anywhere, Eurodecals offers through Fantasy Printshop one sheet worth of GR.4s in stock [EURO DECALS TELIC TONKAS ED-32100] plus another two on pre-order [EURO DECALS PANAVIA TORNADO GR.4/4A ED-32117 & EURO DECALS TORNADO GR.4 STENCILS ED-32118]. Have fun with your build, Niki
  7. A bit of a mixed feeling about this: no locating pins whatsoever and no Somali nor Ugandan decals - even though shown on the box and in the instructions Still, it may be the best starting point for a 21UM in 72nd scale...
  8. Hi Fred, Here's the f-16.net page for the Danish Falcons (with E-199 shown initially as being Block 10) and some GoPro footage out of a RDAF cockpit where the general front panel arrangement can be made out. And here is the Stoppel Decals webpage, with sheet 183472. Cheers, Niki
  9. Maybe one of our friends from Russia would know anything about this: Has Zvezda tooled two sets of fuselages [cargo and passenger] or did they amend the forms after releasing the Russian Post boxing and drilled passenger windows into the molds? I would like to get the cargo version and was wondering if the Russian Post boxing would be my only chance or - with the molds untouched - Zvezda may perhaps release another boxing down the road...!?
  10. Hi there Bo, In the March 2006 issue of Air Forces Monthly, there is a report on the Ukrainian AF. Included is a picture by Sergey Popsuevich, giving a front-left perspective of "38 white" of the 114th regiment at Ivano-Frankivsk. Picture date is given as January 31st, 1993 (!). The chevron markings applied are explained in the report as being unofficial ones, from a bunch that appeared [in this particular case, at unit level - 114th regiment] in the immediate aftermath of Ukrainian independence from the USSR, before the official, sanctioned markings were settled upon. I have, unfortunately, no information regarding the wing markings. However, in lack of some visual evidence, I would build my model with the chevrons on the wings pointing the sharp end forward - the tail markings have also their sharp ends pointed towards the front of the plane... Cheers, Niki
  11. Many thanks! No excuse for me now not to get cracking on a couple of those farewell schemes...
  12. "Constructive or positive criticism" hints at someone trying to make something "better". [BTW: Who can definitely say what is wrong with somebody's free time efforts in plastic?] Simply stating one's preferences on a subject doesn't quite qualify by itself as "constructive"... anything. If anybody can provide actual tips/ techniques of how one can better portray the idea of a well worn grey Argentinian Mirage in 1/72, other than a dark/ black wash, then that would be something many of us here would benefit from. Nice double-seater you have there! If you still read this: any problems in handling the Model-Maker decals? I thought of giving them a try myself. Keep them coming, if you will Cheers, Niki
  13. Well, they got to this fellow here from this side of the keyboard a couple of times... And, yes, those Colombian Kfirs do look sharp: clicky & clicksy
  14. Aviationmegastore is normally the go-to place in Europe for HpM stuff. Sure, one could argue about their postage rates but... what else is new!? The Derby in 48th scale they do have actually in stock right now. But as long as outer-EU post is not an issue with your local postal/ custom services, then ordering directly from the source in Singapore can't be a bad call
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