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  1. 1/72 Revell Cromwell Mk.IV

    Nice job. Tracks look good to me :-)
  2. Thanks, I THINK it was worth the hassle :-) Thanks. Actually not intending to add the rockets as I want to do the British vehicle.
  3. Thanks for all the kind comments. Slavemaster!
  4. Progress today. Yes, very fiddly and the small parts are a pain to clean up. But I have to admit the level of details looks great. A dry fits of the wheels. It's quite a big beast relative to the other 1:48 tanks I have made. https://flic.kr/p/XEeXjZ
  5. And it continues. More glueing of teeny-tiny pieces. This is going to take awhile. Still, it all fits well so far. There is 10 separate parts here that needed to be put together. But it does all fit well on the main frame of the vehicle.
  6. All done! RFI photos here. Thanks for following.
  7. The Tamiya 1:48 Tilly finished in representation of a Caunter scheme with brush painted Tamiya Acrylics. Build thread can be found here. Really pleased how this one came out. Thanks for looking.
  8. Oh my, now I know what you were getting at @Silver Fox Started on step 2. Why oh why did they make this so complicated? I employed the cocktail stick with blu-tak trick again. it didn't take too long, but oh so fiddly. I'll do the other side tomorrow.
  9. While waiting for paint to dry on some of the detail parts left to put on my Tilly, I started cutting and glueing. The plastic is hard, with crisp detail, and also very thin. Tamiya thin cement works very well with it. These first few parts fit very well together as well. Can't help but think that Tamiya may have molded this as a single piece though......
  10. Thanks for the advance warning. I will be taking this nice and slowly! (Honest @Bullbasket and @PlaStix )
  11. @clive_t A quick look through that link you sent me, and it would appear the British markings are of a vehicle from HQ Squadron of an Armoured Car Regt in XII Corps. From this link here http://www.warwheels.net/BritACsInEurope44_45BROWN.html it would appear that it would be likely to be the Royal Dragoons. Thank you!
  12. Almost, but not quite finished. Got the windscreen in, which was actually rather fiddly. Not totally happy with it, but it will do. After a bit more chipping and general grubbying I gave a once over with Italeri Acryl Matt varnish with a touch Italeri Acryl Sand to give a bit of a final "dusty" look. I have a couple of bits to add (like the shovel on the cab roof), but this one is almost done.
  13. No, not likely a all 😆 Thanks, I'll take a look at that.
  14. My next armour project arrived in the mail today. Tamiya 1:48 quick build this ain't! Looking forward to getting started, this will take longer I think than some of the recent kits I have built. Anyone know what the British markings are?
  15. Thanks Will, and yes that's the plan (although I am anxious not to over do it). Had a slight mishap after the photos and will need to use superglue to put the headlights back on!