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  1. Many thanks for all of the supportive comments. I'll certainly give this suggestion a go next time. I am guessing I will need something like this for panel lines on aircraft. Thank you - I just followed the Mike Starmer mix for SCC15 that I found somewhere on Britmodeller.
  2. Honest it was dropped, no scissors required (not that I would be game - Frodo can be a bit grumpy) As for the oils, all I can say is it worked!
  3. A quick build of the Tamiya 1:48 British 7 ton Armoured Car Mk IV (which I gather is actually a Humber). Brush painted with home brewed Tamiya Acrylic mix for SCC15. Finished with the markings out of the box for a vehicle from the Polish 1st Armoured Division in NW Europe, 1944-45. My first attempt to weather with oils. Very enjoyable, stress free build (except for the wing mirror I kept knocking off). Build thread here. Thanks for looking. Some photos out in the sunshine.
  4. Thanks Badder, as it happens I wasn’t able to get back to it during the week, but I tried your suggestion for the final wash (filter?) of raw umber today and it did appear to dry much faster. Enough to allow me to push on and finish it, with some dry brushing with some Tamiya flat earth and a few extras like the aerial (courtesy of a dropped whisker from one of the cats). Thoroughly enjoyable, and I think the oil experiment worked well enough for me to have a bash next time I make an aircraft. More pics shortly in RFI. Thanks for following.
  5. Today - my first go at doing an oil wash.
  6. Thankyou Stefan and Stix. It's a great quick build. Ha-ha, although actually I did knock it off again! 😡 This time reattached with superglue. So on to today's fun, a couple of coats of my diminishing supply of Acrylic floor polish. Then on with the decals. Amazing how these really bring the kit to life. Had few issues with the front red and white marking, but nothing a little weathering won't cover. weathering tomorrow!
  7. My current Bronco Staghound build has been off the boil to say the least the last month, so I turned to one of the excellent Tamiya 1:48 military vehicles as a quick build to get my hand back in. It's a public holiday here in Perth, and the weather hasn't been great, so a good excuse to get some glueing and painting done. My choice this time is the Humber Armoured Car. Sprueshots. As always, progress was very quick in terms of construction. And here was where I was at on Sunday evening. Just a little filler needed Monday was spent brush painting. Some home mixed Tamiya Acrylic SCC115 from a previous project. Tyres done in Tamiya NATO black. I managed to knock one wing mirror off. That's it now until next weekend.
  8. 1/72 Revell Cromwell Mk.IV

    Nice job. Tracks look good to me :-)
  9. Thanks, I THINK it was worth the hassle :-) Thanks. Actually not intending to add the rockets as I want to do the British vehicle.
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments. Slavemaster!
  11. Progress today. Yes, very fiddly and the small parts are a pain to clean up. But I have to admit the level of details looks great. A dry fits of the wheels. It's quite a big beast relative to the other 1:48 tanks I have made. https://flic.kr/p/XEeXjZ
  12. And it continues. More glueing of teeny-tiny pieces. This is going to take awhile. Still, it all fits well so far. There is 10 separate parts here that needed to be put together. But it does all fit well on the main frame of the vehicle.
  13. All done! RFI photos here. Thanks for following.
  14. The Tamiya 1:48 Tilly finished in representation of a Caunter scheme with brush painted Tamiya Acrylics. Build thread can be found here. Really pleased how this one came out. Thanks for looking.
  15. Oh my, now I know what you were getting at @Silver Fox Started on step 2. Why oh why did they make this so complicated? I employed the cocktail stick with blu-tak trick again. it didn't take too long, but oh so fiddly. I'll do the other side tomorrow.