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  1. Oh, I’m envious! I just ordered an A10 Cruiser Tank and a CT15A (the armoured CMP truck).
  2. Oh, that’s odd. I can definitely see the images, and I’ve been able to access the village photos site.
  3. Looks great! Complex paint job. These little IBG kits are great, aren’t they?
  4. Very nice! I used to only make aircraft as well - but got bitten by the AFV bug just before the pandemic hit. Wonder when I will ever finish the aircraft on my shelf of doom - there’s always another tank or soft skin to do! Like the base as well.
  5. Nice little palate cleanser after a few more complicated builds recently. Finished straight out of the box, with my interpretation of the Canadian camouflage scheme for Sicily in 1943. The markings are for a vehicle with the Carlton and York Regiment, 1st Canadian Infantry Division, Sicily, 1943. You can find an wartime image of this vehicle on this web page: https://captainstevens.com/military/mv/cmp-canadian-military-pattern-vehicles/ Brush painted with Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics. Build thread can be found here: Thanks for looking.
  6. Thanks @Gordon J, you can find what you are after here; https://www.mafva.org/british-vehicle-camouflage-1939-45/?v=79cba1185463 As indicated in my original post, I wasn’t very happy with the Khaki Green 3, but with the current shortage of my usual Tamiya acrylics I was limited for choice.
  7. Looks like VP is back up and running - I can see the photos of the turret. Love the work on the shell ejection ports.
  8. Thanks @PlaStix. Not quite 3 days - took a week on and off to build it before I started painting. However, I decided in the end to add a few more “dusty” washes, with some dilute Italeri Acryl Sand added to the Vallejo Model Wash. Had a few awkward moments when removing the cab roof to add the transparencies for the front windshield, but I’m calling this done. Quickly put together a little base with some sand from the garden and some scatter. I’ll take some more photos tomorrow outside. All in all a rather nice little kit. I imagine in the hands of some one with more skills than me it would be a stunner, but glad to add this to my collection of small scale vehicles.
  9. Most of the images I’ve seen have them looking very spiffy. I’ll be honest as well, I didn’t want to mess it up as my son got it for me.
  10. Thanks! I wanted to keep this looking pretty parade ground smart. May be next time - I fancy doing an Australian one or maybe the Korean War Mk 3.
  11. Thanks! Next step was the main paint job. SCC4 Stone as indicated in the linked conversation above appears to have had a number of subjective descriptions. I has a look for what I had in stock and decided on using Vallejo 70.876 Brown Sand. The tyres were painted Vallejo 306 Dark Rubber. I then bit the bullet and had a go at painting the disruptive pattern on the bottom with Tamiya NATO Black XF69 using various images as a guide - it’s clearly just a guess. Looks a bit stark but I expect weathering to reduce that. I then gave the whole model a wash with a dilute mix (2:1) of Army Painter Soft Tone and Dark Tone. This left the surface reasonably glossy to allow the decals to go on easily. I then followed up with another coat of the Army Painter mixture. I think in future I may seal everything with a gloss coat before I wash with the Army Painter washes, still getting to grips with them. Of course I forgot to take a photo before the next step, which was to use another product that was new to me, Vallejo Model Wash. I used the European Dust Wash. Here is the result after two light coats. Pretty happy how it went on, a lot cleaner than the dilute acrylics I have been using. It’s maybe not quite as “light” as I was after. Question is, do I stop now, or add another coat of dust? And should I add maybe a dab of a paler acrylic to the mix? Or may be the flat coat will be enough? I do think I will do some dry brushing, that may give me the effect I am after.
  12. Bit of a warm one today - reached a max of 42 C. That’s four days in a row (hence the iced black coffee). Added a few touches of Mr Surfacer 500 to help with a few blemishes, and then to start painting. My usual paint, Tamiya Acrylics, are getting increasingly hard to get from the local hobby shop, so for the SCC 2 on the underside and in the cab I used Vallejo Model Colour 70.826. Went on easily, and was nice and forgiving. I painted the engine black using Italeri Acryl Flat Black - although heaven knows why, it’s not going to be visible. While that was drying, I thinned the edges of the spare wheel “compartment”, as it looked a bit chunky. Here I have done one side. Once the paint was dry I could start glueing parts to the chassis. The cab needed some wriggling to get it to sit correctly, but it wasn’t too bad. I also added the various boxes under the rear tray after fixing it to the chassis. Once that had all set, I added the seats to the drivers cab, pre painted with Tamiya XF 49 Khaki. I then gave the cab a wash with a dilute mix of Army Painter Soft and Dark Tone. Tried out a new product for me, Vallejo Matt Varnish, which worked pretty well (still wet in this image). Just a little dry fit of the wheels and can roof - looks pretty good.
  13. I’ve made a few. Interesting subjects and generally straight forward builds. Ideal for a quick build “palate cleanser”. Downsides are sometimes very tiny parts that are challenging to remove from the sprues without damage. The plastic is generally quite soft as well. Examples of what I have built:
  14. Hi Thomas, sorry I’m not sure I can be any help - it was such a long time ago I built my example. I vaguely remember doing what @davecov suggests.
  15. I had intended to start a Miniart 1:35 Dingo in Canadian colours - but found my kit was missing a while sprue. Thankfully Miniart Customer Support were very quick to respond and a replacement sprue is on its way. That’s going to take awhile, so in the meantime I thought I would make a start on this kit. I’ve been picking away at it over the last week, pretty straight forward build, if rather small parts and rather soft plastic. Here is where I am at tonight. Most of the construction complete, just some cleaning up to do. I want to finish it as a Canadian example in Sicily 1943 - it’s got a roundel on the roof . The markings in the box are for a vehicle with Carlton and York Regiment, 1st Canadian Infantry Division in Sicily in 1943. The instructions say it should be olive drab, which doesn’t sound right. I had the following discussion with folk earlier last year. From this I think the base colour will be SCC 4 Stone, with black disruptive pattern only on the lower part of the vehicle. I am going to assume it was originally SCC 2, so will paint the inside of the cab and the undersides that colour. I think I’ve got something that approximates SCC4, and from the photo I found of this specific vehicle the final appearance will be very dusty. The only thing that’s tripping me up - what will the disruptive pattern look like? I can’t seem to find any clear images, so it may be a bit of guesstimate.
  16. It’s frustrating - they have such interesting kits but technically very challenging! Not too bad - sadly serious modelling off the table now as I’m back to work.
  17. Thanks! High praise indeed - I’ve been following your current build and I am frankly in awe of your detailing skills. thanks! It was great fun.
  18. Update: well this whole project will need to be shelved. Belatedly discovered as I started to glue a few parts that the whole of Sprue C is missing Email sent to Miniart to see if they can help.
  19. @vytautas @Bertie Psmith Weather forecast for my location for next week. Sadly I am back at work on Monday.
  20. Thanks for all the feedback. @Ade H, you are right - fabulous website, although challenging to search. I did see the photo of the one I intend to build, as noted by @JackG. I think I will take the path of painting it SCC2, as suggested by @Das Abteilung, partly because I have some of that in my paint collection.
  21. Thanks John - I decided at the start not to do a build thread for this - I suspect I knew what was coming! You are not kidding! This is my third. The first (a 1:48 scale Staghound) took forever - but at least had a simple colour scheme. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the 1:35 scale Comet, which other than a little photoetch, was a very straight forward build with limited extra small tiny bits. I have the Chaffee in my stash - every now and then I take a look. And then put it away
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