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  1. Oh very nice - that’s going to have to be on my wish list for the future!
  2. That’s one of the reasons I went for the Polish machine Does mean I have an extra set of PE in case I decide to get another one.
  3. An end of vacation blitz build, 48 hours from start to finish. Love these IBG 1/72 military vehicles. A Crusader Mk III completed as a UK based tank belonging to the Polish Forces in the West (1st Polish Armoured Division I think). Brush painted with Mig AMMO SCC2. Build thread can be found here:
  4. I have done a build thread in awhile, so with a week off over Easter I thought I would pull this one out of the stash. I was brought up on Salisbury Plain, and then later Germany so this was quite the nostalgia build. Completed as Chieftain of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, based in West Germany in the 1980s (which was when we were living there). Brush painted with Tamiya Acrylics. Build thread can be found here: Thanks for looking.
  5. Just a flat coat and then some detail painting of vision blocks/headlights etc. No clear orange available for the flashing light on top, so used Italeri flat orange with a thin coat of Tamiya clear red. While waiting for the flat coat to dry, I sorted a quick base of a picture frame picked up from a charity shop, and then a mosaic of paint “swatches” picked up from the local Bunnings worked for a concrete hard standing. A thin wash of dirty oils was all that was needed. And I am calling that finished! More photos in RFI later, back to work tomorrow.
  6. Thanks Calling this one done. Some light dry brushing with oils, a brushed on coat of my fast reducing stock of Italeri Flat Clear and finished! Just a few minutes past the 48 hr mark (flat coat is still drying). More photos later in RFI.
  7. Eye infections suck big time Hope you are feeling better soon. Crusader looks great - great colour scheme.
  8. Of course I couldn’t leave it alone. The dark wash was maybe more than I intended so I lessened the effect a bit with a dry brushing of the base coat. I then followed up with a dilute wash of Italeri Flat Earth, which also muted the rather stark markings. Once that had dried it was time to glue the tracks and wheels in place. So close!
  9. Just a bit of dry brushing today with some Italeri acrylic flat earth. Almost done.
  10. Weathering underway. Think this is as far as I go today. Various oil and acrylic washes. Some light touch ups needed, and possibly some dry brushing on some of the raised detail to finish off tomorrow.
  11. Up early this morning, managed to get some detail painting done. I used Tamiya XF-84 Dark Iron for the tracks, and Italeri Flat Extra Dark Sea Grey for the tyres on the main wheels - thought black would be too stark. After returning from the Saturday farmers market and various chores, it was time for the decals. I forgot to mention that I am using Mig AMMO 0111 for the main colour, which dries to a nice glossy finish perfect for decals without further treatment. The decals themselves went on very easily, and being very thin conformed to any detail very quickly. Any carrier
  12. Not quite last bit - it’s 9 pm and I managed another brushed on coat of SCC2. So, all set for detail painting and final assembly tomorrow.
  13. Right, last bit for the day I think. Managed to forget a couple of small pieces (fire extinguishers?) so added them (the unpainted bits), as well as glueing the fuel tank in place.
  14. Weathering today, first a grubby wash with oils. Then later in the day, a thin wash of Italeri flat earth, to give a nice dusty look. Glued on the left wing mirror (again), and that’s it for today. Just the final flat coat and some detail painting of lights and vision blocks to do. Maybe a hint of dry brushing.
  15. Thanks Coming along very quickly. Main construction complete - even the photoetch headlight protectors. Shortly will start painting. I’ve decided to go with the fuel tank - less aggro to fill gaps at the back.
  16. It’s almost the end of the Easter vacation for me - just a weekend to go. My holiday project of a 1:72 Takom Chieftain is almost done, so thought I would indulge in a blitz build of a kit I saw in the local hobby shop while searching for paint. I made the Mk 1 at Christmas as a quick build, and it was a lot of fun. I am going to make a UK based machine from the Polish 1 Armoured Division (so no sand shields). The only change will be to have an overall colour of SCC2 as I gather that is more likely. So 11 am Friday and we
  17. Casting around for my next project, I was thinking of picking up the IBG 1:72 Crusader Mk III. Rather taken with one of the schemes in the box - a tank belonging to the Polish Forces in UK in 1942 (I assume 1 Polish Armoured Division). The colour call out is for Olive Drab - but that doesn’t seem right to me. Would 1942 be too early for SCC15? I would be grateful for any advice.
  18. I have to admit to not being a great fan of photoetch - in fact I come close to loathing it, for many of the reasons mentioned above. I am in awe of those who can work with it. I can count on the fingers of one hand (not stuck together with CA glue), the times I have used it successfully. I have a few kits in the stash that have photoetch as an essential ingredient and it is a significant energy barrier to me starting them.
  19. Two steps forward, one step backwards today. On the plus side, the very few decals needed went on very easily. Added the last few bits’n’bobs. A light wash of black acrylic made the engine grills look a bit better. however, needed to strip back the paint job on the bazooka plates due to the claggy old paint and repaint. Also had some issues with the bits’n’bobs - particularly the lamp on a pole on the turret roof. It was impossible to get off the sprue without breaking, even when using the “spare” (I’m doing the included Mk 10 as a BATUS tank without the flashing light)
  20. Progress today. Surprisingly the bazooka plates went on relatively easily compared to the other bits of brass. Not entirely straight, but I’m happy that at least they haven’t fallen off yet (my supply of superglue is getting old and claggy). Also on the picture are the tracks, which have been treated to a coat of Mig AMMO 0042 Old Rust. The instructions call out for 0041 Dark Rust, but the local hobby shop was out of it. Doesn’t look too bad after an thin wash of Italeri black acrylic and then another of Italeri rust. The track pads were painted with
  21. Today’s progress. Glued the engine grills in place - more or less ok. The paint job covers the worst of the slightly botched job. The sharp eyed will see I have replaced the splash guard at the front with some plastic card - made a real hash of trying to glue to photoetch. It’s not perfect, but it will do. Then to paint. This particular jar of paint has been sitting around in my collection for well over 10 years, and needed some serious stirring and thinning before it was suitable to be used. Went on ok. Looks a bit patchy, but I guess that will be covered by the subsequen
  22. Spent all of today on the turret. Included some inevitable wrangling of the photoetch. Pretty complex, and I had to pay close attention to the instructions (which are on the small side). But looks pretty good. Just some minor tidying up to do and then on with the paint!
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