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  1. I have to say, all in all, the Revell Halifax instructions are some of the worst I have ever come across from a mainstream manufacturer. You have to really know/research Halifax variants to navigate through them. I've never made more notes on a sheet.
  2. I agree with Chris. Training incidents and accidents are often/usually absent in the Form 541. Detail may be in any crew movements or the monthly summaries or the base ORB. Obviously there are exceptions. My experience is mostly confined to UK-based bomber squadrons.
  3. I've never understood why the He 162 was in the Bomber Command Hall. It played no part in the Bomber offensive and was more something of a curiosity in that context. It sits much better with the other Axis equipment at Cosford. As you say, there is the ex-Lambeth one at Duxford now, for a barely operational type it is rather well represented. Personally, I'd like to see the Bf 110 & Ju 88 in the Bomber Command Hall.
  4. Does anyone know if there are any plans to relocate the He 162 to Cosford, surely it would fit so much better there now.
  5. 174 Squadron apparently supplied Typhoon 1Bs: JR310, JP541, JP671, JR133 (shot down), JP308, JP793 (lost over Channel), JP303 & JP535. I don't have any information on the six from 198 Squadron. I don't know what configuration they were, but some of the Typhoon experts here may well know.
  6. A long, but possible, shot at tying up code and serial are the log books held at Hendon. Mostly they don't record both, but you could get lucky. They are indexed (or cross referenced) by unit so some will be appropriate.
  7. The sheet number you quote is a Model Alliance one, Hannants seem to still have some in stock.
  8. Alan Lake's Flying Units of the RAF has: "Hurricane I P3978, IIA Z4964, IIC BN541, IID HV663, X AF988" Ray Sturtivant's Flying Training and Support Units since 1912 has: "Hurricane I,II,X (P3723)" "Codes: Individual numbers or letter/number combinations." If that's any help, but doesn't sound any more than you already have (and no IIB).
  9. For me, please Mr Tamiya: Ferrari 512S Ford GT40 Mk I number 1075 (to go with the Joest 956-117) Lotus Cortina.
  10. bah! White disc, black number... None of this 'modern' stuff
  11. Hello Paul, Any news on any progress? Was it feasible? Best wishes
  12. Ah, the corduroy cap, Roman Polanski, Helen on the pit wall, Princess Grace.... those were the days. Very nice work indeed.
  13. Elliott Smock of The Whitley Project may well know. He is most likely contactable via the Key Publishing Flypast forum http://forum.keypublishing.com/forumdisplay.php?4-Historic-Aviation
  14. Could you cut one or more wheels, extend the centre section of one with the section from another (exact same diameter, less filling/sanding) and then cast a set in resin?
  15. You could also ask The RAF Museum. As an aside, they used to have a display of squadron badges, which I for one found interesting, but like so many of the gallery exhibits it is now gone from view.