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  1. An Airfix classic - Let the Battle begin....

    Plastic, rather than paper, Dymo works well as a scribing template. I tend to use a number of old etched brass frets held still with tape plus some templates. Marking the line in pencil first helps I find. Excellent stuff on the Battle, I love the look of a heavily modified kit with the styrene-meets-model-parts look.
  2. 1/72 lancaster turret blank.

    If I recall correctly it was a temporary scheme, only on the port side, applied last year or the one before. There was an article in Flypast explaining it.
  3. WIP Revell 1/72 Halifax I/II

    Keep up the good work Don! At risk of heading off on a tangent, does anyone know off hand which issue of Aviation News contained 1/72 plans for the Halifax?
  4. Halifax identity

    Yes, most likely a transcription error, DG223 was NP-Q throughout its time on strength.
  5. Halifax identity

    Dear Richard, pm me your e-mail address and I can give you a fair bit more on Sgt (later P/O) Ernest Smith's (assuming it is he) service with 158 Sq. He flew 18 ops with the squadron before being posted to 30 OTU at the end of June 1943. None appear quite as eventful as the first!
  6. Lancaster information

    The Bomber Command Loss Card held by the RAF Museum should detail the equipment fit (for this and any other aircraft that a card exists for). For a polite request the good folk at Hendon (DoRIS) will take a look for you if you can't visit in person.
  7. Aircraft identification

    If you post those pictures on the Flypast Historic Forum HERE then even today you may have an an answer before the sun goes down... I presume any markings on the hub would help too.
  8. SW The Last Jedi Spoiler/Discussion Thread

    Quite agree Allan. They had three whole feature films to explain how child prodigy descends to embodiment of evil and ended up with the pivotal event appearing to be a juvenile tantrum over the equivalent of not being made captain of the school football team when he wanted it. Not the best effort. I have to say I saw the new film yesterday and enjoyed it a lot but I do just enjoy them as films and don't get too immersed in the canon per se, so other's milage may differ.
  9. Visiting London... what do do? where to shop?

    So much to see, do and consume in London. If it is your kind of thing, The British Museum is simply unsurpassed. For books, Foyles in Tottenham Court Road. Absolutely World class theatre and plenty of choice of it (book in advance for anything mainstream). Personally, and to the chagrin of Dr Johnson, I am happy to be an occasional visitor these days, but as cities go it is still outstanding in attractions. As mentioned above, for the aviation fan getting to The Shuttleworth Collection near Biggleswade is most rewarding if you can manage it. A shame that it's the wrong time of year to catch a display.
  10. New Man Porsche 956

    Lovely work, looks absolutely cracking. Have a look at the pictures here https://www.tumblr.com/search/le mans 1984 especially the in-car shot of Pesca, The seatbelts were black in the Joest 7 car. (I made mine to match the works cars and found a picture afterwards). I believe there is another in-car shot in the edition of Grand Prix International magazine that covers the 1984 Le Mans too.
  11. Caribbean aircrew in Bomber Command

    William Sholto-Douglas' post-war Dakota is at Cosford. Might be worth investigating.
  12. Looking very nice Simon! Ditch the Blue Tack and use White Tack, it doesn't leave the residue.
  13. New Man Porsche 956

    Nice work, are you making the 1984 winner? I made this back in about 1987, searched high and low to find what sort of seatbelts it had, had to opt for the same as works and when it was too late found an in car shot of Pesca! Never mind...