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  1. New Man Porsche 956

    Lovely work, looks absolutely cracking. Have a look at the pictures here https://www.tumblr.com/search/le mans 1984 especially the in-car shot of Pesca, The seatbelts were black in the Joest 7 car. (I made mine to match the works cars and found a picture afterwards). I believe there is another in-car shot in the edition of Grand Prix International magazine that covers the 1984 Le Mans too.
  2. Caribbean aircrew in Bomber Command

    William Sholto-Douglas' post-war Dakota is at Cosford. Might be worth investigating.
  3. Looking very nice Simon! Ditch the Blue Tack and use White Tack, it doesn't leave the residue.
  4. New Man Porsche 956

    Nice work, are you making the 1984 winner? I made this back in about 1987, searched high and low to find what sort of seatbelts it had, had to opt for the same as works and when it was too late found an in car shot of Pesca! Never mind...
  5. 2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    Off on a tangent, there was a second hand kit shop in Cowley, Oxford around 1994/5. I managed to repurpose a few kits and bits there and acquire a few to replace them.
  6. 1/72nd Matchbox Halifax- FINISHED

    All power to you Tony, will enjoy watching this as always! (really, you know that you want to do NP codes :-))
  7. OT I do like the way you build models, skill with the priceless addition of bringing genuine smiles to faces. With respect to the car kits I have the Lotus Cortina which one day I shall build, but I am acutely aware that it is one of the most valuable I own.
  8. Italeri Tornado IDS into a GR.4 1:72

    The Italeri isn't the worst 1/72 Tornado and, I think, it does have an LRMTS albeit all in opaque plastic? I have a vacform canopy for an Italeri Tornado that I shall never use that you are welcome to if you want it
  9. Hmmmm, looking at it I would go for vac form in three parts: the nose glazing and then the two halves of the main part split vertically all in clear plastic . It looks like there are too many windows too close together to do it in opaque plastic and then fit all the glazing neatly enough, so it needs to be integral. Better ideas will be along in a bit!
  10. Maybe it was a jet-propelled guided NAAFI?
  11. Dick Ward

    Very sad news indeed. Sincerest condolences from another who only knew him through his most excellent work.
  12. Model Buses, any interest?

    There's also an Oxford bus museum at Long Hanborough.
  13. Repairing a broken canopy

    I would join the chorus encouraging a plunge-moulded one. Use some PET packaging, ie free raw material, it takes a few goes to get it right but you lose nothing and save a tenner.
  14. Simply breathtaking Tony. An idea perfectly executed. For what it's worth, I found the Airfix exhibition at Hendon a bit 'tatty' and jumbled with too much emphasis on the hurriedly constructed stereotype. Your displays are not only a different league but a whole different sport!
  15. Airbrush cleaning.

    Thermos of warm water and a bowl?