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  1. Steven F Udvar Hazy Centre

    Great pictures, thank you for posting. It really is a superb aviation collection, I could have spent days there. Pound for pound it's the best collection I've visited, the only one that rivals it for me in terms of significant airframes (although on a much smaller scale) is The Science Museum's. Only downside for me at Dulles was the restricted choice of refreshment options...
  2. 1985 Ferrari 156

    At odds with 99% of the world I've never really associated the number 27 with GV. He didn't spend all that long in cars carrying it and only took two of his race wins in it. In my memory Gilles is 12. 27 reminds me more of Alan Jones and the FW07.
  3. 1/72 WW II RAF aircrew, standing

    The Revell RAF figures come up pretty regularly on eBay: going rate seems to be £12-20.
  4. You make some very good points there John. The old Airfix Magazine conversions (and those in Chris Ellis' How to go Plastic Modelling) were a great inspiration to me as something to aspire to and then have a crack at. Sure, they were mostly beyond my abilities then, but they were an excellent grounding and now the most fun I have is in converting, scratchbuilding and going way overboard on minuscule homemade details. It's what makes my hobby fun for me and I'm much happier doing that than assembling 'flawless' kits from the box. Others may prefer things differently which is fine by me. I honestly don't think that magazines would go too far wrong by having sections on basic skills: everyone can learn something after all, especially if it's showing something not quite the way one would do it.
  5. Whats this 'aerial' on this Lancaster wings ??

    Ahhhh. If LL811 was lost soon after it might be worth getting the Bomber Command loss card, this should list the 'special equipment' fitted. The Group diaries go into a fair bit of detail as to how the tactical targets were to be marked and the formations organised. Definitely the onus was as stated on the Oboe Mosquitos, Pathfinders and the Master Bombers.
  6. Whats this 'aerial' on this Lancaster wings ??

    She lasted longer than her cousin Monica.
  7. A pair of Airfix Hawks in 1/72

    To file under the list of 'that won't work': The problems with things this small include issues of repeatability and the thickness of the adhesive used. Is it possible to make one, cast it on top of a piece of rod (so can make out of plastic or brass) and then insert the cast with a bit of the shaft into a small locating hole. IF (76 font) it sits on the surface it could disappear nicely. (or be impossible to cast in the first place).
  8. Whats this 'aerial' on this Lancaster wings ??

    It's the right shape for Rebecca.
  9. Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    Microscale 72-366 has one if you are after 1/72.
  10. Tamiya vs Fujimi 1:20 Tyrrell P34's.

    I too haven't seen the Fujimi kit close up so won't comment on its qualities. I built the Tamiya one over 30 years ago and thought it better than me then! I have two awaiting their turn now. I would say that they can still spruce up very nicely. From a purely motor racing history point of view the 1976 car is surely more interesting than the late '77 car when it was clear that the project had no future. The late season 'radiator-nosed' car especially; for me that will always be associated with the tragic accident at Fuji.
  11. How do i restore transparencies?

    I did the very same thing to the very same transparencies OT and micromeshed them back to life. Nail buffers would work too as suggested but I chose the former. Coat of Klear at the end for good measure.
  12. Halifax

    Always nice to see a good Halifax and read stories of their crews. The Australian contribution to Bomber Command was a very significant one, their presence was greatly appreciated on the squadrons, even if some at home didn't realise just how hard a time they were going through. Which correction set did you use?
  13. I completely sympathise with having original work stolen, but they may in fact be correct in this instance that the copyright on those photos had expired, especially if they had been published in Germany. As far as 'fair use' goes, I'm not sure. Complicated business is copyright.
  14. Old Airfix B-17 Bit o Lace

    The old Hasegawa kit had the artwork with a better colour of dress. Not sure whether it is actually better or whether painting over the Airfix one would be easier. I must get them out for a comparison again for the day when I get to finish mine off!
  15. Old Airfix B-17 Bit o Lace

    You fought the cheek windows well. The kit offerings are certainly 'a basis' for the part but not the finished article! The crew figures always did look as if they came from a 50s sci-fi movie.