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  1. It's interesting how times do/don't change. My hazy memory seems to recall that similar complaints were raised against the then current magazines back in the mid to late 80s. Back then this led to the publishing of what could be termed (in an absolutely non-disparaging way) 'home-brew' magazines for both general and niche subjects. I suppose the modern equivalent is fora such as this one.
  2. DH9A.....

    Also watching with interest. The DH9A surely must be due a release in 1/72 by someone mainstream. Not an insignificant late war and post war aircraft.
  3. Old Airfix B-17 Bit o Lace

    So iconic. All power to your arm with this one, it's going to look fantastic. I could be wrong but just about every one I've ever seen had at least one broken prop in the box. I think they made them that way!
  4. DIY F1 windscreen?

    It isn't impossible to make it out of clear styrene sheet. Put masking tape over the kit part. Trim the excess and you have a template. You need to curve/attach carefully so it doesn't 'bruise'. The best way would be to crash-mould, plug mould or vac form one, probably from PETG. Since it is the correct shape you then have more options for the adhesive.
  5. Shuttleworth WW1 evening airshow

    Lovely photos of a very enjoyable evening. Nice pictures of the Tutor which has long been a favourite for me. The Blackburn Monoplane's hedge-cutting landing approach was a bit heart-in-mouth mind!
  6. Hunter T.7 on the move

    It would seem that it was XL612, apparently off to St Athan and hopefully a brighter future.
  7. Hunter T.7 on the move

    Surely not XL612 ex ETPS finally moving from Fairwood?
  8. Aircraft markings, 71OTU RAF, 1944?

    May be worth asking The RAF Museum archive (DoRIS) for a copy of the aircraft movement card. Quite possibly it will just confirm the other details as it was probably the source, but it may have some other nugget.
  9. 1979 Shadow DN9b

    Very nice indeed, superbly done. An unforgettable livery.
  10. Tank girl 1/9th scale resin

    Ah. Not the 'Tank Girl' I recall of Deadline magazine fame then...
  11. RAF Museum Lysander to be Restored

    It will be interesting to see how the transformation turns out. Looking at the site the other week I just hope that it will be finished by April. It looks likely that there may well be fewer airframes at Hendon. I must confess to being 'old school': the smell of old aircraft, the medal and uniform displays in the galleries, the old dioramas etc. But if it is the case that those are no longer a draw and more interactive and virtual content really is more effective at appealing to the current and next generation of visitors then so be it. I'll just have to travel to Cosford more frequently!
  12. Airbrush or paint issue?

    Excuse my daft question, but can you spray water out of it? If so. Then it's likely that the paint is the issue. If not then the fault is elsewhere.
  13. Go on, go the whole resin casting route it's fun... https://www.dwrplastics.com/product-category/5375f3863711c/Low-Odour-Beige-Fast-Cast-Resin https://www.dwrplastics.com/product-category/537334fad6355/General-Purpose If not, I've got a couple of those Matchbox bomb aimers that you could have gratis.
  14. By the time that the recovery team dismantled the aircraft the guns and ammunition had been removed by official sources and some extra damage (including shooting some bullets into the airframe) had occurred as had the removal of parts including (but probably not limited to) the sight on the cowling and some cockpit instruments. However, as recovered it certainly wasn't stripped bare. it was five years ago now that it was removed from the desert.
  15. Exhaust stains on aircraft

    On a practical note, if you do intend to use an airbrush, plan ahead. The Mosquito is certainly one where getting suitable access to apply exhaust stains on the inboard side of the nacelles can be quite tricky to get the correct angle of flow.