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  1. More on the Team Tyrrell shed here https://forums.autosport.com/topic/215083-tyrrell-and-the-wooden-shed/#entry9072337
  2. That’ll teach me to read it properly
  3. It’s an interesting question, but speaking personally I am pleased when players from the region I follow receive an International call up. It is the pinnacle of sport and they have worked hard for it. That said, in their absence ‘my’ side have been woeful for a good few seasons now, but that is also a reflection of poor squad management. The international matches are not unexpected and clubs need a balance of youngsters, non-British Isles qualified players and ‘autumn of their career’ types to be competitive in these periods. This of course takes both shrewd management and some money. The situation is even more pronounced in cricket where centrally contracted players only make what amounts to guest appearances for their counties. The ratings/attendance moneyspinner that International sport is in a competitive market makes this all but inevitable (unless it is football where the balance seems to be tipping the other way, but I must confess I stopped following football many years ago now).
  4. I am cautious of criticising the policy of disposal per se as I am not acquainted with the financial and practical constraints that the museum is operating under. That said, if the Test Flight hall at Cosford is diminished then that is a major draw for me gone, and as someone who is a not infrequent visitor it will certainly impact on my willingness to make the journey up there. I am particularly dismayed that the Tornado prototype is on the list together with the Bristol 188 & P1127. I fear for the Jaguar ACT and EAP which ought to be alongside the Typhoon prototype. All of these test, development and prototype aircraft tell an important story of both the British aircraft industry post war and of the development of aircraft technology and role specialisation. That the collection is a short walk from the Cold War exhibit which illustrates the contemporary motivations for their development makes it all the more appropriate as a location. It is an important story and luckily many key airframes currently exist to illustrate it. Personally, I’d like to see the Short SC.1 off the wall in Kensington and joining them. If The RAF Museum is unwilling/unable to keep them then my personal pipe dream would be a national collection at Boscombe Down. We all have our favourite aircraft it’s true, but I can’t see why the Heinkel 162 isn’t on the list? How many do we need in Britain? It would help to tidy up and focus the Bomber Command Hall at Hendon.
  5. Back in the day (70s - 80s) they were applied with stencils. Someone here may have an example which they could show.
  6. Nice work Nick! If you wanted you could change the name on the 126 C2. Back in the late 70s/early 80s it was not unknown for teams to change the name on their spare car by putting suitably coloured tape over the name of the team mate not using the car. I don’t know if Ferrari did this for a fact in 1982 though. But it’s a very nicely built model as it is so no harm to keep it as it is.
  7. If I may be indulged, the Jag just looked great. Still miss them.
  8. Thanks John. That is also useful. I’ll make a fool of myself publicly and postulate that it is XW560 because of the cannon ports.
  9. Brilliant, thank you Des, I doubt that I could research it any more thoroughly than that! Mk 4 it will be.
  10. Thank you John that certainly is very helpful, they definitely look more Mk4 than Mk9. It seems that at least XW563 later had a Mk9 in the Jaguar International guise, but I’m looking at their early years (for the Frog kit). Many thanks again!
  11. Does anyone have any confirmation as to the mark of ejector seats fitted to XW560 and XW563? I haven’t been able to trace any definitive answer or a decent picture in any of my references. Production aircraft had the MB Mk9 of course, but some pictures appear to show what could be a firing handle by the headbox. Was this some type of ‘early’ Mk9 or did they carry Mk4s like the French ones? Many thanks for any assistance.
  12. Mark, I can't say I blame you, that sounds like a sensible route. The nose art on the Kits World sheets is undeniably nice. Maybe they should stick to that and just do sheets of that! I have the sheet for Sally B and the BBMF Lancaster, I feel confident that when the time comes I will have enough references to be sure of what is there. I made Commando Chief with the Hasegawa B-17. I painted the nose art myself because as you say, most sheets are for the 91st or 100th!
  13. We've talked about KitsWorld before. I have a few of their sheets, I really want to like them, but the research is duff too often. This thread has more https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235032118-kits-world-decals-how-accurate-are-they/page/2/ Specifically, this same, B-17 sheet, Commando Chief 44-6585 is also incorrectly depicted and has the wrong squadron colours. To save you trawling, I posted this: "The squadron colour on the tail and the propeller bosses should be blue, not green. However, Roger Freeman's The Mighty Eighth Warpaint and Heraldry does state that the 369th BS was blue and the 423rd green. But, a colour picture of 43-39116 'Naughty Nancy' of the 423rd in The Mighty Eighth The Colour Record shows blue propeller bosses and artwork clearly by the same artist as 'Commando Chief'. Furthermore, in Roger Freeman's original 'The Mighty Eighth' the colours are described as bright green for the 369th and medium blue for the 423rd. In addition, there is a photograph of 42-31143 'Satan's Lady' of the 369th, albeit somewhat ironically in b/w, in the Squadron/Signal Fighting Colours booklet B-17 Flying Fortress in Colour where the fin tip does not appear dark enough for blue and the text states that the squadron colour was green. I seem to recall that the 306th BG website as it was back in the early 'naughties' and now heavily revised/replaced had illustrations of the fins for each BS too. The point of all that diatribe? That even with such a prolific and respected author as Roger Freeman you have to be aware that mistakes in text will occur in such a large volume of work and that it pays to check and double check. This is fine if you are researching and creating a scheme yourself, all errors are your own and yours to live with, but when you are offering things commercially, and at quite a price compared to other manufacturers, people might just expect you to go the extra mile to get it right. Edited to say that Kitsworld also produce a sheet for 'Naughty Nancy' which has the wrong, green, tail flash and appears to have blue propeller bosses. These should match. These may only be errors in the illustrations and instructions and the decals themselves being mostly black and white and 'stars and bars' (which are relatively simple to source or replicate anyway) are correct, but at £10.20 for a sheet that only has decals for two 1/72nd aircraft, to my mind this isn't really value for money."
  14. Quite agree, the levels of innate skill, bravery and intelligence have not changed over the past century. What is different is that the changes in machinery alter the relative importance of different elements of the balance of skills needed. Niki Lauda in particular may well have thrived in modern cars. Of course equally he might not. The circumstances of each generation select those best suited to rise to the top, and the best drive the available cars to the edge of the performance envelope. Oh, and Ron’s 312 T is magnificent!
  15. This was one of the great “only just, but they did win” Le Mans winners. The car was quite a state as it crossed the line.
  16. The wheel covers/brake cooling discs were also on and off through the 24 hours and practice at Le Mans, so it depends whether your model is before, during or after too.
  17. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-732-toyota-2000gt--181393 There’s the Airfix Toyota from You Only Live Twice
  18. I wonder if anyone could assist with a complete list of the ten airframes that were converted to GR.1B designation? I understand that the following six were among them, but what were the others? XX748 XX767 XX962 XX970 XZ369 XZ391 In addition, which were the two TIALD capable T2s referred to as T.2Bs? Many thanks for any help.
  19. Tuesday 8th June [a67, a68, a69] - Two A-4B Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 5 shot down over Choiseul Sound by Flt Lt Morgan RAF and a third by Lt D Smith in No.800 NAS Sea Harriers using Sidewinders (4.45 pm). Lt Arraras, Lt Bolzan and Ensign Vazquez killed .https://www.naval-history.net/F64-Falklands-Argentine_aircraft_lost.htm
  20. Looking really nice, a great idea. You could also have done a paddock scene under awnings for a historic festival? Just how bad is the chip on the cowling? Could you not pose the cowl on trestles with someone's overalls/a sheet draped over the chip? Then all the good work on the paintwork can still be seen? Awesome build.
  21. I can only suggest using it as a guide to make another out of Evergreen/Plastruct/Slaters tube, rod, sheet and strip. possibly incorporate some brass for strength.
  22. If it's any consolation, you aren't the first to do that with the intakes on a Tamiya 956... Are you going to be using the kit decals? Whichever you choose, do consider carefully the placing of the sponsor decals around the lights and front end. The shape here isn't correct so it throws out some of the alignment.
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