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  1. Ced, are you imagining a Special Forces Op where they are all disguised as a 1980s ska band?
  2. Kits World KW172019 is the 72nd scale version of the decals.
  3. Okay chaps, I've had a major re-rationalise of the decal store, I have free to anyone who needs them: FW 190A Do 335 Zero Beaufort Mosquito Ventura Marauder Spitfire Havoc Firefly Wyvern Venom Vixen La 7 Mirage
  4. Take the man up on his offer It's what the machine was intended for after all. I made five dozen, yes five dozen, Halifax bomb door actuators with mine, no way could I have made three identical let alone that many, and it took minutes, it would be perfect for seats.
  5. Yes, I am evil. A good choice to stick with the slicks as Scheckter's qualifying was a bit more auspicious than his race. Of course the big challenge would be Depailler's runner up car with tyres worn to canvas.... Anyone? I would, but you know, been a bit busy etc. etc...
  6. There are wet weather tyres available for the Fujimi version e.g. here, I don't know whether they would easily fit the Tamiya. Were you planning to use them?
  7. Looking really good now. I bet that etch set is feeling sorry it crossed you Only suggestion would be to try take-away tray foil or wine bottle foil or similar for the belts: IMO they end up looking so much better than tape as they can be made to drape realistically.
  8. Below are the three main suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, strip, profile and specialist embossed sheets for brick, panelling, fencing etc. You should be able to find what you need in one or more of the ranges. Have a search for suppliers, model railway shops/online shops often carry a good range and you may be able to combine elements from each supplier in one order. Slaters Evergreen Plastruct
  9. It depends whether parts are going to be painted on the sprue. For large parts that I'm going to handle, test fit, fettle, fit etc I'd rather wash after the assembly is completed.
  10. I like that a lot! Great rescue, it's so satisfying resurrecting a decades old part-build and finishing it, especially when it turns out so well.
  11. If you're having fun with it, it's never a waste of money
  12. As an aside, the EF-111A can be obtained from (e.g.) Hobby Link Japan now.
  13. For disassembly, and you'll need to clear some space for this, stick it in the freezer overnight. This tends to weaken the glue joints, but be careful when separating parts not to use too much force and actually damage them. If accessible, you can use a razor saw, but probably the best route is to disassemble as much as possible and not get hung up about the bits too stubborn to come apart and work with the maximum number of parts that you can safely achieve.
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