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  1. Vicarage Vee

    Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    I notice now that you have indeed re-issued MD048B as X72158, which is very welcome. It would still be very useful to update the titles on it, there could be room for a few of the more modern ones. (prototype Phantom ones too now that the RAM sheets have disappeared, please)
  2. Vicarage Vee

    Can anyone identify this uniform

    I agree with Beardie on the medals, which gives a good anchor to date it.
  3. Vicarage Vee

    Can anyone identify this uniform

    If you can get a close up scan of the medals that could give more clues as to his occupation. Any history of diplomatic service in the family? Likely to be on the easier side of genealogy to trace.
  4. Vicarage Vee

    Decal sets suggestion open topic.

    More people are starting to experiment with making their own decals these days (albeit a small minority of modellers still) but printing white decals remains an issue. Because of that I still believe that there would be commercial mileage in a sheet of serial- and code-sized letters, numbers and arm of service titles in the same way that the old Modeldecal sheets did. Especially so if this were updated to include things like Qinetic, DHFS etc, the sort of thing that appeared on Model Alliance sheets but are now all but unobtainable. It's a sheet that has the bonus of needing minimal research too.
  5. There was an Aeronauts Annual released one year in the early 70s: 1973 I think. It's a comic strip story that makes very un-PC reading these days. Lovely Airfix Mirage, very evocative.
  6. Just caught up with this thread, did they really re-release the Zakspeed? It was one of a string of 'Japanese-engined backmarkers' they made that must have sold literally several outside Japan when first released: is Aguri Suzuki sponsoring these re-pops? Pleased that I finally tracked down a Larousse a few years ago too, cheaper than the now newly re-available one!
  7. Vicarage Vee

    Hasegawa Sauber Mercedes C9

    Those were the colours for the opening WSC round at Suzuka in 1989 if I recall correctly with Baldi/Schlesser leading a 1-2.
  8. That's a lovely looking Wasp Adrian, superb!
  9. Vicarage Vee

    1/72 Tornado

    Yet another one agreeing that the (modern) Revell GR1 is the best out of box option. My personal favourite however is the Hasegawa with a replacement nose. The Airfix one is a nice nostalgic piece in red, white and black but it is very 'gangly' and things don't fit brilliantly in all honesty. As has been said, it should be allowed to be seen in the context of its age. The Italeri I have found is good and workmanlike but lacks the finesse of the Revell and Hasegawa (modified) versions. Esci, I did build one a long time ago and thought it just about on par with the Airfix. Nice decals though. I do like the Tornado. Academic now you've made your purchase though!
  10. Simply wonderful stuff Moa, a fantastic build to follow. Are you going to make a strategically placed jar of freckle cream and a shoe with a loose heel for the cabin?
  11. Vicarage Vee

    Racing Arrow - 1/72 DO335 "What If?"

    Patrese, Mass or Stommelen?.. Classic.
  12. Vicarage Vee

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Oh my goodness. That's hideous (other opinions may vary).
  13. Vicarage Vee

    Airfix Classics Launched

    The Lotus Cortina would be welcome, then I would dare to build the one I have rather than consider bequeathing it to the kids! How well did the Bassett etc do when they did the limited re-release to Airfix Club members (?) a year or so back?
  14. It is sad and somewhat ironic that it would be all too easy to depict this plane in its current state with a hastily assembled kit and not venturing beyond gloss colours over 30 in the Humbrol paint chart. Keep up the good work on the diorama though.
  15. Vicarage Vee

    Halifax BIII Wheels ?

    Shocking that they left the mould seam on that tyre though...