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  1. No. I wouldn't advise it, mini drills are too fast and too hard to control without risking gouging or melting the plastic. Another cheap and effective filler is melting pieces of sprue in a pot of liquid polystyrene adhesive (Liquid Poly type etc). Apply with a screwdriver end or spatula.
  2. Thank you Toryu, another useful site.
  3. I hope that no one minds if I go off on a bit of a tangent here, but there seem to be some P-51 experts here... I have for some time been interested in modelling a P-51B that belonged to the 306th BG (presumably for formation monitoring/hack duties). The only pictures I have of it are poor quality ones in 'First Over Germany' by Arthur Bove (long, long out of print). The serial appears to end in 457 which would make 43-6457 of the 355th FG a possible. Other than the Little Friends website, is there any other that traces P-51 histories?
  4. My father built a select few kits for me when I was very little. A silver Mirage III and Super Mystere were amongst them thanks to The Aeronauts.
  5. Certainly better than the old Fujimi one.
  6. Ah, happy memories of sitting in front of a black and white TV. Loved that programme. I still have the 1973 annual. It has to be said that it wouldn't get published now with today's enlightened sensibilities.
  7. One to treasure and good to see, thank you for sharing it. Looking at the first two pictures you could be forgiven that the original Airfix Mustang was the inspiration for the PC9 and Tucano! I have one up in the loft myself, along with an original Revell one to restore and thankfully a new Airfix P-51, so at least one of them will look like the real thing!
  8. You are more likely to find a subject that you are looking for in 1/43 scale from that era (if they are still available). In 1/25 - 1/20 the trends seems to be for current popular/prominent cars, almost any Ferrari and anything with a Japanese connection.
  9. I understand that the Halifax cockpit is the fantastic one that Cees Broere built in the Netherlands. That alone is a reason to go back to East Kirkby soon!
  10. I wish I still had the Blue Eagles T-shirt that I had in the mid seventies. Not sure it would fit me now though.
  11. Tellingly that was the only thing that came to mind! That they were resurrected had slipped my mind!
  12. My only experience of Humbrol acrylic varnish was with the AD6035. It was on a previously Humbrol enamel painted kit that had sat awaiting suitable decals for over a decade, so very unlikely to be anything to do with not having cured. The varnish had a horrid pink tinge. I have avoided their varnishes ever since.
  13. You’ve done a great job with what you were given there. Go on, scratch the itch, build another F5, but save yourself the pain and don’t start with the Airfix one this time
  14. Vicarage Vee

    Lost book

    Yep your right, not the RAF one, no NAAFI van in there.
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