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  1. The original Lancaster was very.... tactile. So many rivets that you could play it like a washboard with your fingernails. The Corsair F4U has a few too.
  2. A suitable first approach might be to pop it in the freezer overnight or for a day or two. Then carefully try to prise the pieces apart. Don’t force it.
  3. This is all very familiar. For me it’s the construction (sometimes this could be termed constructive destruction I suppose) that is the most enjoyable part. After that it’s an opportunity to undo the good work! I try very hard to finish what I start and have now reached a stage of only having kits ‘in actual progress’ now. This has meant that I have to resist my biggest source of stalling which is starting a project that takes my fancy before having the decals to complete it. About 20 years was the longest wait to find the right ones.
  4. I don’t want to criticise but... that corner of the Bomber Command Hall has for years been crying out for some placards and captions for the exhibits in it. A really effective, evocative and, dare I say it, cheap, exhibit could be made of things like the nose art sections. Friday the 13th’s nose art is there, but no explanation as to its origin or significance. I’d be quite happy to do the research and organise it if they wish to get in touch...
  5. I can only echo everyone else. Tamiya have for years been a standard to which others are compared. You can get more detailed kits which are a level (and price tag) above, but they are accurate, usually straightforward to build and can be detailed to your heart’s desire. The quality of the detailing of the kits has improved over time too so they have remained a ‘go to’ brand for many of us. The only regular issue is the thickness of decals where a surface deviates from flat...
  6. http://www.hobbyco.net/scripts/oe11.3/cgiip.exe/WService=WSHobbyV3EcomLive/help/contactustab.p?session=fcjlblQbidsvcfOaiZkicVtDnODqcFlm It might be worth getting in touch with the UK importer. The instructions should give the reference number for the sprue/tree in question. In my experience they are very helpful.
  7. Nice Tornado. if it’s the magazine that I recall, I believe it was called Take Off and the kit was the Italeri version.
  8. The RAF Museum mounted an exhibition on ‘Pilots of the Caribbean’ a few years back. Might be worth contacting them as they will have lots of details. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/research/online-exhibitions/pilots-of-the-caribbean.aspx
  9. Similarly, Lancasters look ‘wrong’ with the correct radiator intake shape after childhood familiarity with the original Airfix version.
  10. The TWR Porsche WSC-95 affordable in 1/24. Only two chassis made and one of them won Le Mans twice. Would look nice alongside the other double winners.
  11. I managed a passable effect when building the exact same aircraft by ‘painting’ Vaseline on to underlying metal colour and then carrying on all the way through painting, decalling and clear coating before chipping off to reveal the metallic paint. Looking at photos of the aircraft at war’s end the weathering on the tailplanes doesn’t match and nor do the areas painted yellow: it encroaches on the fuselage on one side. It’s a detail that often seems to be missed.
  12. Lovely model and lovely colour scheme too! Nothing wrong with finishing it however you want it, besides, the out of the box option is wrong anyway as the Surtees car at Nurburgring had an Aston Martin engine.
  13. Vicarage Vee

    Halifax query

    The main visible difference between a Mk VI and a late Mk III was indeed the repositioning of the exhaust on the starboard outer engine from outer to inner side as alluded to above by Graham. There was apparently an intention to send MkVIIs to the Far East as glider tugs.
  14. Finally tracked it down, it is a Lindberg custom 5 window Ford Model T coupe (cat 2101). Currently one on eBay with the sprues nicely displayed.
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