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  1. Finally tracked it down, it is a Lindberg custom 5 window Ford Model T coupe (cat 2101). Currently one on eBay with the sprues nicely displayed.
  2. Oh please, please add some small bowsers for fino and amontillado, just for the dear ladies.
  3. Not sure I’ve fully understood either but a dark acrylic primer such as Stynylrez is an option, would that help? Then score around the masks as was suggested above?
  4. Perhaps that payload is unique to dealing with specific threats in King's Lynn?
  5. Quite likely Pete. Many was the time I watched them from South Gower over the Bristol Channel of an evening when the skies were clear: the bang and then the plane disappearing at a noticeably increased rate... Ah, memories.
  6. I agree JWM. Photo-etch is great for certain things, but there are other items included on etch frets that can be made as convincing, or often more convincing, by other means: be it wire, plasticard or resin/plastic blocks etc. Etch has its place as do so many other materials and techniques, it's all a case of experimenting and going with something that works for you as an individual.
  7. Thank you very much Tony, just found a very nice picture too.
  8. I've been trying to identify a representative airframe from 25 Squadron that would have worn the late all over medium sea grey scheme around about the time of the squadron's disbandment. Haven't had much luck so far in positively identifying one and wondered if anyone knew of any for certain. Failing that, an 11 Squadron machine would do at a push as it's something Leeming-based that I'm after. Many thanks for any help as ever.
  9. Oh good idea Rob, the 1910 Cadillac Limousine looks worthy of further investigation. Actually, it looks like the Model T but that has moulded on boxes on the running boards. Another make of Model T?
  10. Yes, Your Lordship, lots of plasticard: Evergreen, Slaters and Plastruct are your friends, lots of rod and strip too... come over fully to the 'mildly dingy' side of scratchbuilding improvements, you are already qualified after the innovative use of gardening consumables!
  11. Now, I know the provenance of almost all of the spares in my collection but this fragment has me beaten as it is so far outside my normal scope. It dates from the late 70s/early 80s and was picked up by my juvenile self while beachcombing on the south coast. Does anyone have any idea which kit it is from? It is 10 cm x 3 cm, clearly half a chassis with the other half snapped off, in fetching blue wood-effect plastic. Topside Underside It's so far out of my usual sphere I might just have to get one and make it... if only I knew what it was! Thanks for any suggestions but I'm afraid no reward other than my grateful thanks!
  12. Yes, both British and French boxing have both noses. The trainer version only comes with the refuelling probe nose though, so you have to make/acquire a pitot for the RAF T2 (unless you just chose to ignore it of course).
  13. Are we allowed to share that excuse?
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