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  1. Vicarage Vee

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    I'm getting the impression that Airfix have done well in selecting this one as, for starters, quite a few of us here are interested for one reason or another. I've also preordered a pair. As a kit it has relatively few parts and is a good canvass for exercising the imagination as well as a fine piece of nostalgia. As for modelling the actual flying prototype it's probably like the old joke about the lost couple asking the yokel directions to which he responds "Well I wouldn't start from here".
  2. Absolutely first rate, simply superb modelling. Bravo.
  3. Vicarage Vee

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Well, the wings are on the correct sides of the fuselage...
  4. Vicarage Vee

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Very much looking forward to the 'artists impression' Concorde being re-released. Purely for nostalgia I'll freely admit. It was the first model ever built for me (in Air France livery) and I'd like another. I did manage to pick up a second hand built one, but I don't have the heart to dismantle it.
  5. Vicarage Vee

    New shelf time ?

    Lovely collection. Hear, hear. So many neglected common and widely used helicopters in the kit catalogues.
  6. Vicarage Vee

    Airfix Classic 1/76th figures, still polythene?

    In answer to my own point.... It seems that the Refuelling Set predates the Personnel set, so the 'hard' moulds were presumably co-opted for the 'soft' ones.
  7. Vicarage Vee

    Airfix Classic 1/76th figures, still polythene?

    Some of the Airfix RAF Personnel are available in hard plastic in the RAF Refuelling Set. This would indicate that at least some could be done in hard plastic. That said, I'm sure that it has occurred to Airfix to produce the air force personnel sets in hard plastic as they would likely sell very well for dioramas etc as they could then be modified to different poses by the modeller (and painted with confidence too).
  8. Vicarage Vee

    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Tamiya 1/24

    On a tangent, I was just musing over the Protar 1/24 Lancia LC2 and found a review online https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/lc2.htm . Oh my goodness. I have had several Protar kits in the loft for quite a few years now. I've never been very impressed with the quality of the raw material but the Lancia looks particularly bad. Given the prices they fetch these days (why?) I think the mortgage is reasonably safe...
  9. Vicarage Vee

    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Tamiya 1/24

    Yes, the Mazda is hard to track down these days. Personally I'd like to see some of the C2 cars such as the Spice and the Ecurrie Ecosse cars in 1/24, but I'm pretty sure that will never happen. You could add the lovely Lancia LC2 as well
  10. Vicarage Vee

    Toyota Minolta 88C-V Tamiya 1/24

    Very nice indeed. Lovely line up of a fondly remembered era too. One major omission though... Cough. Jaguar cough.... B-)
  11. Vicarage Vee

    Tamiya Renault A442

    Was the yellow used by the rally team at the same time the same colour? I'm looking for a reference/match for that and more often than not it appears to be a more orange shade than that used on the Group 6 and F2/F1 cars.
  12. Vicarage Vee

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    Agree with Plasto. Discuss it directly with them not on here is the best course of action. You don't want to risk anything prejudicial or acting on dodgy unsubstantiated advice 'off some bloke on the internet' (i.e. us).
  13. Vicarage Vee

    `Repeat Please`

    The scene is presumably based on the 30th August action where 303 Squadron broke off from a training flight to attack a force of He111s and Bf110s that attacked the Vauxhall works at Luton (resulting in 59 people on the ground being killed). Two Bf110s from the force were shot down: coming to ground at Kimpton and Enfield. 56 Squadron were also involved. Absolutely love the diorama!
  14. Vicarage Vee

    1/72 spitfire engine

    Aeroclub (white metal) ones on eBay. Not sure if the cowls from, for example, the Revell Lancaster can be assembled without the engines inside: if so someone who has built it 'cowls closed' may have one spare.
  15. Vicarage Vee

    Beginner Airbrush Advice

    A compressor, even a decent second hand one, will pay its way quite quickly. Simply put it allows you to practice, practice, practice which as with any new tool is what is required. Doesn't need to be on a model either. Get some artist's ink and some paper, or use food colouring and find what you and the airbrush can do. Having 'limitless' air also means there is no temptation to scrimp on flushing the brush through. Most of us start with canned propellant, no one ever goes back to it through choice! Have fun.