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  1. Not there yet but if all goes well Somwhere between August and October
  2. Hi, We are moving to Wellington in about 4 months. Welcome to BM
  3. Alex Hi, Privyet and Ma Shalomeg, Welcome and just PM or shout out to members if you need help. We look forward to seeing some of ypur work Sean
  4. I have the Graham chips. I personally think the Eduard "Dull red" is more of a match but ot was use the Hannants decals or buy more in. The finished product is not bad but I would not say I am 100% happy
  5. Wez appreciate the comment and looking forward to feedback
  6. The quetion is more about the Hannants red it seems a bit too brown, comparing it to Eduard and even thier specific sheets for spifires (IR Gleed)
  7. But is it correct for the mosquitos
  8. I am just finishing a mosquito FB and used Hannants generic sheets. All in all in does not look back but close up I can't help felling the the red is a bit too brown. Has anyone any thoughts on this?
  9. If you have no takers for the Hurricane PM Me. I have this kit but its a goody and dont mind the price

  10. Not sure what you mean miggers but I remebered Airfix have 1 in there 1/48 new tool and I could make a 1/32 from there
  11. I am trying to approximate the dimensions in 1.32 of the undercarige lever. I have seen the enginering schetch elsewhere on BM and while it is of some help there are no dimensions. Does anyone have any idea as to what would be the measuments. It does not have to be exact, just look right in 1/32.
  12. so what seat was in them in June 1940. I think green mettal as the composites were not yet fitted> Iif metal, were they using back padding yet?
  13. I am doing a Mk I circa June 1940 - 74 sqn. Photos show the early aerial (striaght pole) but I cant find a sutable referance photo of the cockpit to show me what it looks like. I beleive it was on the port side) A lot of phots show the later radar with the 2 rows of push button and it is evident from the cannon trigger that the aircraft is a Mk V or higher in these photos
  14. I have the data sheets now to email them to EPS NZ the chap at Albion was most helpful and said put the stuff un a seoperate box with a square half white/black on the box. look ta some picts and It's an diamond (turn the square 4f degrees and denotes hazardous material. So it is look much better than a few days about that redhead...which one?
  15. I put the "to" in LOL