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  1. Grex Airbrush

    Thanks Happy to help you have any questions on the Grex PM me
  2. For general products on the site use FBDEC17 for a 20% I generally do prizes, discounts on Facebook so it is well worth joining us there. Topnotch Models and Masks
  3. Oramask 810

    I have a state of the art Silver Bullet with all the bits as good as new. I have just invested in a Graphtec CE6000 to handle commercial quantities
  4. Simon the site is http://topnotchmasks.com How ever you will not see a site discount PM me with what you want and just camo or extended for the FW190 1/48 and you address and I will PM my PayPal Address For general products on the site use FBDEC17 for a 20% I generally do prizes, discounts on Facebook so it is well worth joining us there
  5. To celebrate the release of the new Eduard FW190 A2-A4 we havedone new artwork for the packaging. So grab 50% off the RRP of the masks to the First 50 people on the FW190A. Only in 1/48. There are 2 sets- the camo and the extended set which is the camo and a set of Balkenkreuz masks RRP camo £10 extended £ 14. First come first server so the prices will be £5 and £7. Prices include postage in the uK Overseas people will pay the difference for international shipping
  6. I have set up a beta page and after advice on copyright I am satisfied that we can duplicate a part if its made from resin and cast from a Master mould and not injection moulded. I have set uo a form on the our Web site http://topnotchmasks.com. this is a request form and will also me to collate and deal with what you want, rather than trying to troll through FB posts. the philosophy is simple if I can help at a reasonable price then its a solution for all of us. We will cast in clear resin for canopies and replicate other parts in what ever colour resin my Chief bottle washer deems appropriate.
  7. Recommendation for needle sizes

    There is a good a here on needles http://topnotch-models.com/2017/01/12/almost-the-last-word-in-choosing-an-airbrushes/
  8. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    Tony, It really nice to see how a model turns out using the masks. I spend days researching and trying to get them just right. The envelopes go out the door and that is the last I hear. Not that I am complaining...there are no complaints. Good job!
  9. There are 3 prize sets up fro grans all you have to do to have a chance is join the group and share the link. We are trying to create awareness of our masks and spread the word
  10. Couple of questions on AVG P-40Bs

    I have not read the whole thread, but I have done a lot for research on P-40 Schemes for our masks. PM me if you need more help. There are 2 distinct camo patterns Early , painted bt chalk outline and the second with Plywood masks. Aircraft were done for RAF and some of these out of various batches were re-directed to the AVG
  11. Dunkirk movie Spitfire

    Its a genunine restored Early MkI and you will need the Resin correction for Revells 1/32 MkII. The Aircraft Restoration Company's Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 N3200 is the actual aircraft.
  12. Dave,


    Have you got the Maverick/Goose F14 decals on that Fightertown 48077. If so I will tale it



  13. The following has been added to our range and is available 109F2/4 Part 1 109F2/4 Part 2 109G WNF 109G MTT 109G Erla ME262 Early ME262 Late ME 262 Nighfighter 1/32 with modelling and markings (Limited Edition) P40C Early RAF P40E-N Stuka JU87B/R-G Typhoon (for both Bubble top and Car door) Please visit our shop. Alternatively we hop Hannants will add to the existing range
  14. Gunther Rall March '44 109-G6

    Hi Despite search the net I can seem to find any reference to Rall's aircraft when he was Gruppenkommandeur III./JG 52. fron the few b&W picts I think he was flying WNF which in theory (Can of WORMS) should mean that the G6 per factory would have still had a splintered sqaure shape on the right wing. Does anyone have any information or references Thanks
  15. can I get these please