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  1. - Since my last post, mine has landed too and can't prevent from building it. - Well, the kit is as good as might be expected but , the notice is a nightmare ...fold and unfold the double pages at the smallest building stage is really boring. At first I thought it could be a good idea to seperate each pages and tie them together as single ones......Well, the result is still worse.....( Thanks to this I miss drilling the fixating holes for the wing tanks and rocket pods).. adding to its proper complexity there are many unuseful parts intended for the interceptor previous version of this kit, it has to be followed carefully, some part number are "strange"- for instance, the engine nacelles are numbered differently on the paper and on the sprue. If you choose to install the sabre looking antennas on the side of the nacelles, don't forget to drill the required holes the notice gives no words of this..that's all I have noticed at this stage of my building . Just a last word: OPEN YOUR EYES MY FRIEND...and others....
  2. How wonderfull it should look amongst a FLANKER bunch in 48 on an exhibition table of a show.....I tried to convinced Mr Bassin Maquette but such a model in this scale would be far too expensive to develope in regard of the market possibilities and its cost.. unfortunatly......
  3. - Stilll waiting. !! .........What else are those blokes of UPS doing..??. may the cargo ship not be hijacked or sunk or the container thrown over board. ...... O.K....on the good side that allow me some times to choose which model will be built ...for the moment, my mind is sliping toward the Ukrainian version, I've earmarked some interesting camo.....
  4. - GREAT JOB........!!
  5. MiG-21R

    - I really like the paint job
  6. MIG 23BN - Ech 1/48

    - Hi Gary, -The nose is a replacement transkit from COLDWAR Studio as well as the windscreen and canopy, the landing gear comes from G-Factor, the wheels and wells are from Eduard Brassin and paints are from AKAN . You have to pay attention mostly to the air intakes.
  7. - Owing to inclinent weather I was in the impossibility to take any daylight photo in the open but things are better for a while, this is a little Yak-18; - I'm not very happy with these pictures as the weathering on the photos lookf ar too heavy for such machine. it doesn't look so visible on the model. - You are the judges........
  8. - After heavy rains and some flooding, the winter sun is back again, it's time to take the opportunity to go to my photo spot and share with you my last building
  9. - I don't know where is you favourite dealer, mine is in Hong Kong , 39 Euro shipping inclued. knowing that this brand is not imported in this country, but if it does, this cost is less than the cost of the kit without postage, the delivery delay is a bit longer for sure, but modellers have learned to wait for long ......, I've previously experienced this with other normaly imported kits...If ever, reach me on PM
  10. - I particularly like the jet exhaust without turkey feathers. well done Man........It could be equally interesting to see the "electric pie shovel" in VVS colors with trust vectored exhaust.......thanks for your idea...
  11. - I've noted somewhere there are metal engine nose cone issued by a confidential AM brand I'm going to make some researches. About the 28 PP I fear some inaccuracies around the very characteristics wing slipper tanks, ....but let's see
  12. -Mine is already in the packing process...home within ten days........
  13. - You have particularly well captured the desert camo of the F1 CR......the wing load is perfectly correct, two Magic for self defense, two counter mesure pod one Barracuda and one Phimat,the pointed one, two big barrels and an under belly reco pod ...