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  1. SMW 2017 Telford 11th & 12th November

    - Does sone one experienced something like a miracle in his (her) life after drinking my Holly Water (Heiliges Wasser - Eau Bénite) in Alien corner dinner show in the Show ? please tell me so I can ameliorate the formula for next year........
  2. - Both stabilos blown out as right fin, the other one needing some fixing, right gear and associated doors and canopy gone in the wind but retrieved , nothing very difficult to repair but some extra work is needed to give the model the appearance of the look it had fresh from the work bench.....
  3. - Under a monsoon sky ........and wind..!!! - And after a wind stroke.......Bye Bye TELFORD.....
  4. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    - It is now time for painting ans as usual a wash has to be applied - The low level lights system is made of strip of adhesiv black stripes and yellow painted white ones the whole being a bit under sized , the size over would be too large The after market metal landing gear is easy to install but is is not mandatory, the kit one could be used as well - And the beast is finished, (minus the gun tube ) - Other photos will be posted later and it will be displayed at Telford SMW next week in alien corner.....
  5. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    - It is now the usual modelling phase - I'm speaking of landing gear - A very pleasing moment now
  6. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    - Work is going on with the canopy. As very often there is a molding line right in the middle of the transparency to be rmoved. - According to my old habit to open the canopies each time it is possible , the furnishing of the nside is mandatory - Then I began the first coat of paint . I've used the H 308 FS 36375 from HOBBY COLOR
  7. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    - I went on to the fore planes..They arevery thinly molded,that render drilling a hole on the side is very tricky , so I rely to a much more radical solution - I simply cut a slot in the part again with my trusty dremel....... -Then gluing a strong metal wire with C.A glue -The remaining slot is blocked by resin dust dropped on a C.A glue drop -Then sanding and priming....they will be installed at the end of the building as the resin is very thin and fragile and may sustend heavy damages , difficult to repare at best ,during the host of remaining handlings till the R.F.I post......
  8. Tu - 22M3

    - What a machine.........WHAT A MODEL.....!!!!
  9. 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 Flanker-D

    - Hi Wee - My argument about the photo was for John; if he could send us a photo of this bloody part, may be that could remind us something useful to him
  10. 1/48 Kinetic Su-33 Flanker-D

    Same for me ,sorry ,a photo of this part could help may be.....
  11. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    - Things are going on at slow pace but now they are in the usual model building way. - The first pics are about one of the challenge I had to copê with, the stranhe warning devices on the back and under the nose - The beast is now primed, there is still a few bugs to eradicate - The grey of the radar nose cone is Neutral grey H 53 Hobby Color. The whole fuselage will be FS 36375 Grey Hobby Color I think this will fit
  12. - Sorry , I just have another look to your photo and iit seems it's not the trailing I thought at first but the leading edge, this part fit under the fuselage so no problem just cut it simply , once in place under the fuselage a possible use of some putty may occur
  13. - Well - If I had this problem to resolve and if my interpretation ot the photo is right, I'll file and sand progressively this part from the inside to have the sharpest trailing edge as possible, during the process , keep an eye on the the thickness of the rest of the trailing ege of the parts already glued. to have a continuous thickness all along the wing..
  14. - SUKHOI Su 30MKM - 1/48

    - After another dive in my deepest stash I discovered this.......dating back from the last secular, in those days the Euro didn't exist yet....hencethe decision to inclued it in my MKM - This means another surgery party....... - I know, it should have been done before installing the cockpit, it should have been easier and far less risky for my dear dremel........ - That is it is intended to look like....... - This the result raw from the work bench....... note the electronic device in front the windscreen, it remind me the same looking installation on some late F 16 version
  15. - Hi Russ, - I didn't knew AZ had issued a kit version with a modified nose glazing, I have the first one in my stash but I think I won't built it owing to this nose unless I should find an A.M vacu correct set but I'm not sure there is one available. Your Lily is a testimony of your skill in building and painting