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  1. -After the FITTER, here come the FULCRUM, - This is the two-seater from HOBBY- BOSS a bit scratch customized . Well, I'm not really proud of it...The paints are from two old Model Master bottles, Fulcrum USSR grey and grey green, decals from spare box...I had to wait for a while till having a few sun rays for the photos the panels lines hand paper pencil drawn could have been better;..........Without these bloody old shaking hands. I have noticed this mess once the varnish sprayed..... - Using Model Master paint has been a f
  2. - Nice job........I have just a question about the green light on the left wing tip and wing glove........?
  3. - Vielen Danke to have put this old thread to the light again. I wish you the best for your kit bashing. It had been easier than I thought at first with the Sol transkit for an Su 33; I don't know the one from wolpack but I guess the adaptation on the Su-27 shouldn't pose major problem as it has been taylorded for. - If I can can give you an advice, use as much parts of the main kit as possible - The result can be seen somewhere in my profile.
  4. Looks great, of an horrible horror you've made a top-model........
  5. - I've seen the WIP in the last Cocardes magazine you've done an excellent job .I dream of a 1/48 kit of this monster..
  6. - I bought them from Hannants. The result is striking, it is a real progress compared to the photo etched set, no headache to fix the parts together and most of all this put a end to the flat cylindrical parts technically impossible with photoetched parts.
  7. You re right the KH is a bit more difficult to build but the final result is better
  8. -Very convincing réalisation......It's story in France is similar to that of TSR 2 one's in U.K
  9. - Hi Werner -I miss your post very good begening, where did you buy quinto stuff ?
  10. - Thank you - The ingraving being very light on this kit the traditionnals washes are difficult to fix in it so I used white oil paint direct from the tube with a flat brush and rubb the surfaces till the white paint remain in the ingraving only the rest being extended to visually desappear which has the advantage to give a subtile greyish shade to de camouflage rendering some effect of general weathering to the whole then sprayed matt varnish.It works perfecly on dark surfaces. - I think it will be unvisible on clear under surfaces and using dark oil paint will darken the clear
  11. - Oh yes you'r awfully right it seems I had spent too much time the nose on the kit and was eager to end this building for another challenge. I will spray some matt varnish to alleviate the glossy brand new effect;
  12. - Coincidentaly, after the excellent KORALIK64 this is another Fitter two-seater. in 1/48 scale - This one is from HOBBY-BOSS. I had this in my stash, the one from KITTY-HAWK definitely better. - The ladder , platform and wheels shocks are from a new brand (to me) 3D printed stuff.
  13. - Excellent model the decals from the box gives the model an outstanding look...
  14. -Very nice Paul," I like your why not idea" It is surprising that without the smallest contact together we arrived at the same solution. This is mine and its TSR French counter part
  15. - Masterpiece of cockpit - It deserve to be exposed as a model by itself.......
  16. -Incredible!!!! - If you didn't tell me I wouldn't have believe it - What a job you've done......!!!!!
  17. - Yes you'r right it should have been MIRAGE IV K designed but didn't proceed farther than the drawing board or a project offer......
  18. - Very nice What if. That reminds the one I made in French Armée de l'air commemorativ scheme but to make the balance not to get my English friends angry, I made a Mirage IV in white anti flash RAF scheme.......
  19. - Very nice model with a stunning rendering, does decals scheme set in place easily ,I assume they are,?
  20. -Yes you're right, knowing that Algerian up-rising began officially in 1954 after Dien-Bien-Phu, even if some skirmishes triggered by the nationalists occured after the end of WW 2, Morocco to a lesser extent, and Tunisia observing an "activ",should I say "neutrality" during the war, Algeria being in those days part of France national territory as a "Département". these two countries were used as training, supply and rest area for the FLN ( Front de Liberation National) army leading the Armée de l'Air to close its bases in Morocco in this period. So the P 63 had duly been used in North Afric
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