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  1. I think that Mr Paint has these colours in its range
  2. Sorry for the late answer: yes it is the same. Nicolas
  3. Hi everybody, I remember an article in a modeling magazine where the author, once the decal was settled, was rubbing it smoothly with White Spirit on a q tip to remove the carrier. Quite tricky but very efficient. The example was the skull and bones on the tail of a VF-103 F14. I'll try to dig in my archives Nicolas
  4. Well, I am at the same stage as you and... I have the same issue with the doors... I had anticipated issues with the cowlings so I've assembled them by anticipation. With a lot of dry fiiting, it went well.
  5. Very nice build! Which green have you used as green base color? Cheers
  6. Hi Rick Thanks for the feedback. I have been told by some buddies that it was quite difficult to spray with the airbrush. What kind of thinner did you use? Cheers Nicolas
  7. Amazing work in both quantity and quality, wow, congratulations
  8. As far as you describe it, it seems that you've bought the Naval version of NH90 (NFH). Unfortunately, the NZ have ordered the Army version (TTH) of the helo. You should have bought the other issue....or go for a what-if????
  9. Actually, there is an exhibition planned by the 20th and 21st October in the south of France where I'll go and Renaissance will be attending so this is quite convenient to discuss with them. Let me know (and the others also of course, I'd be happy to support) Cheers Nicolas
  10. Hi, If you need, I can help, I am based in France (actually I am French, I know, nobody's perfect ....) Cheers Nicolas
  11. Hello folks, I know there are lots of Tornado specialists on this forum, so I'm sure I'll get my answers I am currently building an Italeri Tornado F3 with Italian markings and have the following question: Were the the Italian Tornado F3 fitted with Skyflash missiles and later with AMRAAM missiles? If yes, when did that change occur? I've made a search on Internet but had difficulties to find pictures of Italian F3 with weapons, do you have any links ? Thanks in advance for your answers Nicolas
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