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  1. Wow Ced I am extremely envious of that. Brilliant experience and very well told I was hanging on each word.
  2. Late but here! I have a seat and will catch up over the weekend.....(work to do GGGRRRrrr)
  3. You could hold them in place with sticky tac for painting...
  4. Looking good, impressive result. If it conforms the end result will be excellent. Fingers crossed!
  5. Looking great. Personally, I'd leave them off until the end... but that's just my opinion.
  6. Well this gets even more interesting.... Are we still in 1/72??
  7. Well well, missed this one! Great job.... Tr9 ooo I can only wish..... one day one day....
  8. Just caught up on this one after a sort BM break. lovely job Mr B....
  9. Been away from BM for a sort while, life getting in the way and all that. The Cat is making good progress and I do hope that you do too... Best Leon
  10. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    This should be very interesting..... Mind if I tag along..
  11. Nice work on the etch.... It certainly makes a great difference..
  12. Been absent from BM due to outside pressures. The vac-form work is a cunning idea and looks great.
  13. As ever lovely work.... I'm looking forward to the vac-forming results.