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  1. Whoa!!! The wheel bays look awesome, I'd forgotten how detailed they were. The subtle weathering is very effective...
  2. 'Thanks to a previous Ced build I bought one, they're extremely good!
  3. Just looked in on this one, at Ced's suggestion. Great progress and an ambitious project!..... I'll tag along...
  4. Coming along nicely.... up to your usual race pace....
  5. I'm glad you rescued the axles, you'll feel better for it! I'd agree both side, even just to ease the OCD monkey!
  6. Thanks for the tip... I'll certainly give it a go..
  7. I'm interested to hear how you masked the tyres/wheels so well...
  8. Punch set.... may be one day....sigh! Nice work, the U/C on these birds are exceptional...
  9. You can change the preferences to receive one email per day of all the threads you follow. You can then go straight to the threads...
  10. Doesn't matter what it's called, it never b!@@dy listens! That ip looks great... I'm currently building a couple of Spitfires and a Seafire. My research suggested that later Spitfires had amour plating fitted. Early mark I's were retro fitted. As ever the internet has conflicting information but the consensus was amour on later Spitfires. The leather head pad was another area of was it or wasn't it fitted... Dont get me started on the flare cartridge rack at the front of the seat.... I couldn't determine which had fitted or not!
  11. Thanks for sharing those fantastic pictures..... Beautiful.... All of them, mountains, food, modelling!