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  1. I don't have any bother with members contributing their knowledge to the research and history sub fora but I really believe once you get into critiquing other members' builds then you really should have your own builds out there as well. If you're going to shoot down other people's finished models be it for modeling skills or accuracy then it's only fair that you're willing to put your own builds on the line for the same treatment. I only highlighted Troy's comment as he seems to contribute enormous amounts to the WWII sub forum but I thought it unfair that he poo-pooed Jurek's fantastically built model when all he has ever posted here at Britmodeller in terms of the "Ready for Inspection" section was one painted 1/32 model soldier.
  2. Troy, before you do too much critiquing about others builds (whether your critiques are right or wrong) it might help if you actually posted some of your builds. As far as I can ascertain from the search function you've posted no builds in 10 years on Britmodeller apart from painting a 1/32 plastic Airfix Aussie soldier. It's easy to critique other's builds but it holds a lot more water if you're willing to put your builds in "harms way" as well. I just think if you're going to throw stones about others modelling you should at least have your builds up for the same. Sauces and geese and all that.
  3. hello from the down under

    Hi David and welcome aboard! I'm a Kiwi who lived many years in Melbourne (kids were all born there) and then up sticks and moved to the frozen Arctic. I horrify my old Kiwi and Aussie mates alike as I still religiously follow both the All Blacks and yet always follow how the Dees are doing back in Melb. "You can't possibly follow two codes mate, it's just so wrong!" (That's a direct quote from from one of my best mates). Maybe it's from all the glue and enamel paint fumes! You sound like you'll fit right in here, looking forward to seeing your builds and what you're working on. Tim
  4. Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    Well I just went over to my regular model shop's site and alas no 157 anymore, as Rod above mentioned the fact that they've stopped making it means it seems to have hit here. TBH, I'm not too fussed, I think we can sometimes get a bit silly about perfect shades of colours and definitely for those in environments which would quickly change due to sun exposure/dust/weathering/etc. I've actually been pretty happy in the past using 89 mixed with very small amounts of various reds and sometimes a little white. I don't think I'll bother looking for the perfect Azure Blue anymore because I have a sneaking suspicion that it probably didn't exist exactly in the field.
  5. Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    No John that sort of info is really useful so many thanks for that. I'll have a look when I next pick up some paint. I've got a Tomahawk planned shortly (just have to do the 100th anniversary RAF group build first and also a Sabre) so this is great stuff. Thanks once again. Tim
  6. Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    Oh well back to the old 89 and the red then!
  7. Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    I'll pick some up on my next paint run as I'm a Humbrol man. In the past I've used 89 mixed with a minuscule amount of red which wasn't bad at all but lovely if there's an out of the tin colour now.
  8. Malta Spitfire Colour Scheme

    Is that correct John? So 157 has now been changed to match Azure Blue? That's awesome news. The only thing I'd found with the old 157 was it appeared to be a near perfect match for the blue bands on training missiles (TGM-65 and training AIM-9Ls) used by the RNZAF Strike Wing!
  9. F4U Royal New Zealand Air Force

    Couldn't agree more. Ventura's decals are excellent and they also go on very, very nicely. Also have a look over at the "Wings over NZ" forum run by Dave Homewood which has an enormous amount of info on the Kiwi Corsair units, along with anything else from Aotearoa.
  10. Needing recommendations for paints for beginners

    Best of luck Auch Beasty. Just get stuck in and go from there. As the bishop said to the actress, "the best way to improve my dear is by doing it lots." As it's an SE5a, here's what I'd use if I was making it easy with not mixing paints but just using out of the tin paint, all Humbrol by the way... 155 for the PC10 - the overall green/brown colour 121 for the clear doped linen - the cream coloured undersurfaces 85 for the Aldis sight and parts of the engine - long black cylinder in front of the pilot's windscreen 56, 191 and 53 - for various metals A medium grey for the tyres so something like 106 to 32 For the wooden components you need to simulate two types of wood: one dark; the other light. To do this use your 121 as a base and then when it is dry you use: For dark wood use some artist's oil colour with either raw umber, burnt umber, or burnt sienna depending on the shade you want (you need to experiment here but it's a fun process and if you search online you'll find many tutorials on how to do this). And for light wood I usually use raw sienna over the 121 For the leather round the top of the cockpit any browny red shade will do. I've probably forgotten something but that's a start. Cheers, Tim
  11. I absolutely love it. Probably like many here I grew up with Tintin and have always had a soft spot for his interpretations of cars and aircraft. Really great job. That's inspiring me to do the Mossie from "The Red Sea Sharks".
  12. Needing recommendations for paints for beginners

    My sentiments exactly. Nothing like finishing up painting and thinking, "well there's nothing more that can be done now, I might as well pour myself a large one and consider the next plan of attack." And yes that pipe smiley-thingey sums it up nicely Everybody is in such an awful rush now, it's not healthy I tell you.
  13. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I "Early"....

    It's always tricky Artie with conveying colour digitally and online. Eau-de-Nil could be described as a greener Sky and you probably wouldn't be too far off the mark. Lucas calls it duck egg green which is also probably not a bad description. Incidentally it was a hugely popular interior design colour during the 30s. In terms of cushion colour, if it was me I'd go black with either a metal seat, interior coloured seat or long outside odds a black seat.
  14. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I "Early"....

    Also to add about the interiors, there is the very good possibility that the early Spitfires had a different shade of green from the cockpit grey green we are used to. Paul Lucas noticed this on some surviving pieces like those from X4422 which he called an apple green. I was lucky enough to get some photos of these from X4422 in different lighting conditions and they are intriguing, I would say they were a slightly more lurid or greener version of Eau-de-Nil.
  15. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I "Early"....

    Yes, the first seats were metal so unpainted metal and I have heard it mentioned possibly black as well. No head armour plate either. Yes they protruded as they had flash suppressors at the beginning. Cheers, Tim