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Lockheed Twins (and a CONNIE ) Civvies

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I've got the second cowling modified to suit the P&W engine, and foiled ready to go. 

I thought I ought to catalogue the process as there's a bit of a knack to doing a cowling for a radial engine in foil. 



So that's the modified plastic, turned using the cordless drill as mentioned before. 

The real issue here from a foiling point of view, is the big curved ring on the front. It needs to be done in sections. 

Quarters can be done, but I'm doing it a third at a time. 


I've drawn lines to aid the process. 

I'm putting a piece cut well oversized right on the middle of a section, and then working outwards to the panel line and the open front.... 





I'm letting the foil do whatever it has to everywhere else - the only bit that matters is that one curved section. 

When the panel line is found, all of the surplus to the rear can be trimmed off. 


In the front opening, I've eased the foil over the edge and pushed it in a bit, and then cut the surplus. And then the two ends need to be cut straight to the drawn lines. 


Now I can get on to the second section. 


Once the front curve is done, the rest is a doddle. Just a straight strip rolled on as a band right back over the cooling flaps. 

The whole thing went back in the drill chuck for burnishing down and polishing. 


I'll either cut lines between the cooling flaps or just pick them out with a sharp pencil and let the black polish residue build up in the marks. I don't plan to force the flaps open. I think for that option they ought to be built flared out in the open position. 


Also doing odd fiddly bits on the airframe around the cockpit and nose area. 

I was very tempted to cut open the luggage hatch on the port side, but I've talked myself out of it (so far....) 

Also the very front nose point..... I'm wondering if I should do it in that white style.... I need to look way back to find the pictures that show what I'm talking about.... 


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5 hours ago, rob Lyttle said:

I was very tempted to cut open the luggage hatch on the port side, but I've talked myself out of it (so far....) 

Shame on you! 😉

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That's the one alright....!! 

Don't see much evidence of the nose feature on historic photos. 

I guess it is a modern replacement part, or could there be an antenna or a nav aid dish or something.?? 

I see pictures of Planes still with the perspex nose piece, and on the Ventura kit it's the only nose option..... 

Maybe I should have a go at foiling it to match the rest...... 


I think I've decided on the flaps. 

I'm going to modify what I've done back to the unextended, parallel Hudson style. 

Here's how I see it.... 


The L14 /Hudson suffered from tail fluctuations because the Tailplane was in the slipstream of the wings. 

Lockheed tried to solve the problem by 

1-  raising the Tailplane by 12 inches 

2-  fitting that extension piece on top of the flap guide rails to push the turbulence of the wing (and prop??) down and under the tail. 

The shape isn't mirrored on the underside of the wing /flap structure. 

A few picture refs show a parallel shaped flap just like a Hudson tucked underneath the Lodestar wing. 


This is ALL on the proviso that I haven't seen a Lodestar, and it's just what I think!! 

I notice that many upgraded Ventura airframes like the Lears, Hamiltons and Howard types have done away with the t. e. extensions and even the guide rails. 

Referring back to the post by Moa on page 1, this was included..... 


Oops.... See next post...... ⬇️

And refers to the early Ventura makeovers leaving the kinked fuselage and wing intact.... 

I now take this to mean the gun position under, and the dogleg extension panel and the flap rails. 


Well, that's the content of my thinking for the moment...... 

Any ideas, thoughts or info on the issue is very welcome 👍

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On 12/04/2019 at 01:09, Moa said:

A brief breach of protocol only to present another variation on the theme (I got this a few weeks ago, to do something like the last photo here (from The Lockheed Twins, great book):





With kink included:



This post is the one. 

Refers to "the kink in the fuselage and the wings left intact....." 

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Meanwhile, I'm finding the bits on the MPM sprues to use on the cowlings and nacelles for these engines. 

This is the Hudson MkIV... 


And the Lodestar.... 


I think they're all there under the heading "do not use...." 

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On 29/07/2019 at 03:48, stevehnz said:

a whole heap of Lockheed kits in stock including a 10 & a Lodestar to do a couple of Union Airways ones,

Referring back to your earlier post,, Steve, tell me about the L10 kit if you have a moment. Sounds like an interesting proposition. 

Somebody was asking about a Lockheed L12 which I believe is smaller than the 10. Ever come across a kit option for that one?? 

And how do you source exotic decal designs?  Is there a NZ. maker who supplies the "home market"? 

You will tell us if you start into these, won't you?! 

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Hi Rob, the Lockheed 10 kit is just the Special Hobby one, I've also picked up recently the Special Hobby Lodestar. The 10 will become a Union Airways Electra as they were known in New Zealand, The Lodestar will get early NZNAC colours, both done by Oldmodels decals. I've used their decals before with good results. Definitely I'll show them on here.


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There is a Special Hobby kit of the Electra Junior (L12). I have seen both a civilian version and another that was a bomber or gunnery trainer (I think) with a turret-like mounting and, I seem to recall, Spanish markings

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Well, it seems that MPM did make the Lockheed L12 in 1.72, at some point, 

L12 MPM kit

Anyone ever had sight of this?? 

Gonna be rather small in that scale..... I think I'd prefer the Williams L10 although it's in the odd scale of 1.53 

c-40 Williams  brother Elec 10


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Just having a little respite from the Lockheed saga, and trying my luck with a Stearman PT-17 in barnstormer style. 



I also got some decor on the MPM Super Electra. 

It's a bit of a fiction although North Central did have some small Lockheeds early on. 







I love their logo, and the sheet is from a Emtex DC3 kit in 1.100 scale which is pretty awful. 

I couldn't get the cheat line to work along the windows, and had to put the reg on the fins, but the Duck makes up for it!! 


I'm wondering if my Academy Ventura kit is a candidate for Civilian conversion in the early makeover style, complete with all over paint job.... 


Like this.... 


@Moahave you gathered an info file on these yet? 

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2 hours ago, rob Lyttle said:

@Moahave you gathered an info file on these yet? 

Hi Rob

Nice going there!

The barnstormer model looks gorgeous.

Just coming back from other activities, still dealing with re-entry, and in fact did not have the chance to touch my HP O/700 or Vultee yet.

Regarding the Lockheed twin, I put that on the back burner as I was completing the HP42, The JU-52 and the other models, and now I completely lost focus.

I have a folder on the Lockheed twins from where I got and posted those images, but please remind me what is that are looking for, I completely lot the thread of this one.


Too Many Things Going On


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34 minutes ago, shortCummins said:

the Revell Stearman PT-17?

Yes that's it. 

I have the rebox with the bigger engine and cowling etc too, and that has 2 options for airshow decor, so I decided to use some on this one. 

I'm a bit of a novice with biplane rigging though. Glad it's not 1.72!! 


33 minutes ago, Moa said:

but please remind me what is that are looking for,

Just considering options for the early PV1 Ventura civil conversions Moa. 

Like that one, still with the gun bulge under the fuselage. 

Trouble is most of the pictures from this era are black and white, so colour schemes are guesswork. 

Just wondering if you had any great designs put away for the future project. I'll probably work out something to suit the range of rattle cans that I have already 👍

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A few more stickers.... 




I ought to say, the mudguards there are homemade - they don't come with the PT-17 kit. 

The aerobatic version of the Stearman has the full teardrop wheel covers incl. Didn't fancy my chances of scratching those! 

But I'm kind of pleased with these little add-ons 😇

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On 10/22/2019 at 10:56 AM, rob Lyttle said:


sorry, mistake, the plane I have posted was not the one I wanted to.

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Well, that was emotional....! 😜






That's done with a kind of stretchy monofilament from a craft shop, and done through 1mm holes and pulled up through the top wing. 

Also made 2 aileron links and dropped those into place. 

I managed to scratch 2 fuel pipes on the the front cabane struts and back up into the top wing, and a curious little clear fuel indicator item that protrudes down from the middle of the tank section. 

I just got to get the top of the wing to fit nicely now! 

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14 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

rig a biplane ..

It's been a challenge! 

I ended up using the stretching line to try to avoid sagging and bending. 

The material is nominally 0.5mm and it gets thinner as it is stretched, but still a bit over-scale I think. 

And looking like monofilament. Don't know if I should try painting it - that might make it look chunkier. 

A Stearman in 1.72....?? That's going to be small!! 

Something I picked up in a bag recently is the Heller DH89 Rapide in 1.72, and I can't see me rigging that! Unless I can train a spider to do it for me.... 🤔

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Hello Rob,

I skipped some posts on this thread... 😬 Excellent work on the Connie - she’s looks amazing in silver and white! Looking forward for the Lodestar to be finished. 👍


23 minutes ago, rob Lyttle said:

And looking like monofilament. Don't know if I should try painting it - that might make it look chunkier.

Even if you’re painting the very thin fishing line, it can look thicker in the end.

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Hi Nikolay, and thanks for that on the rigging. Yeah I think I'll leave it like that, for now anyway. 

Less is More, they say! 

It's just a bit of recreation, with all these Lockheeds stacked up😎

6 hours ago, Nikolay Polyakov said:

Looking forward for the Lodestar to be finished. 👍

A couple of us are looking at the possibility of converting the big 1.48 Revell PV1 Ventura kit into a Lodestar, and I'm collecting quite a bit of information here as I make them in 1.72. 

All interesting stuff, and great looking planes 

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The picture on the link here has convinced me that the Lodestar and Ventura flaps are parallel front and back and do not have the extension pieces to mirror the wing trailing edges. 


The back edge of the flap is clearly visible, following the rail conduits underneath. 

So I'm going to proceed with the reshaping of what I have done. 

The main purpose at the moment, apart from ending up with a bunch of good looking Lockheed Twins, is to learn as much as I can about what's required to make a civvy Lodestar out of the 1.48 PV1 Ventura kit. 

And to this end I've started looking at my Academy PV1 in 1.72. 

This can be compared directly with the MPM Lodestar kit on the bench. 

And what Academy have done is shape the wing bottom panels to match the the wing tops. 

So having decided that this is not the way Lockheed did it, I'm going to commit, and reshape them to match what I'm doing with the Lodestar. 

A picture or two will follow once I've got them on Flickr, by way of illustration. 

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