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  1. both are nice models however the VC10 is very special excellent job rgds John(shortCummins)
  2. ha ha, help yourself, I'm not sure that I've got all materials/panels identified correctly but its reasonably close and looks "right" rgds John(shortCummins)
  3. Before I start on the linen shadows I wanted to take stock of the paint so far. Here’s where we stand, the “metal” paintwork is more or less complete, panel lines need attending to, and the “base” colours of both the “linen” and “wood” have been applied. There are one of two places that’ll need the paint touching up, some I’ll be able to cover with pre-shading for the wood, others will need to be repainted with the base colour. Next I’ll be finishing off the lined. until next time as always, any suggestio
  4. Various panels were then picked out with AK480 dark aluminium and AK482 duraluminium. I wanted to give a very slightly tarnished or oxidised appearance to the metal so I misted on a very light coat of AK488 matt aluminium along the panel lines. This colour is very difficult to capture in photos but I’m hoping it will give the effect I’m after once the model is completed Where the front cowl connects to the fuselage there’s a metal ring/strap, I want to highlight this so I masked it off and then applied a couple of coats of aqua gloss a
  5. Both the “wood” and “linen” was masked and then I applied the UMP/Stynylrez black primer. Apply the primer showed that I needed to do more work on the lower cowling area… …the this area was filled and smoothed and then given another coat of primer. After the primer was applied it was time to add some rivets. I think that adding the rivets after the primer should help them to be a little bit more noticeable as they won’t get “filled in” by the thicker primer? Whilst everything was masked I spray
  6. So the “primer” layer for this will need to be two colours, white for the “linen” and “wood” and black for the “metal” surfaces. However, before proceeding with the primer I wanted to check the seems so I sprayed some MRP black, being a lacquer based paint it drys quicker than primer or acrylic enabling me to “fix” any issues a little quicker. Before any paint was applied the cockpit was masked to protect from any over-spray. Then the seems were given a quick coat of black. The first primer to go down was a coat of UMP/Stynylrez white.
  7. Dealing with the gap and seems I used some plasticard strips to fill the majority of the gap and then used some sprue-goo to fill/blend the seems. The lower front part of the cowl was too far forward so I sanded it back, however I was a bit too enthusiastic so I had to used some filler to replace some of what I’d sanded. Once the putty and sprue-goo had cured all of the seems were sanded and polished using multiple sanding sponges in increasing grit levels. Next I’ll be checking the seems to see if any additional w
  8. Mike those canvas decals look really good, and the turnbuckles are also something to behold rgds John(shortCummins)
  9. that's a super build, very nice indeed rgds John(shortCummins)
  10. she turned out really nice and your build log was very informative rgds John(shortCummins)
  11. According to Scalemates this kit was first produced in 2006, I’m guessing that quite a number of these have been pumped out as there was a little bit of flash that needed cleaning up. The alignment really isn’t help by the pimples that are the registration points, in effect their non-existent! I'm thinking that these are 1:144 alignment points on a 1:48 kit However the two halves were butted together and the cockpit floor and seat squeezed in. These seems will require a bit of clean up. Both wings, top and bottom, were glued together a
  12. excellent build log and she turned out really well rgds John(shortCummins)
  13. It was time to tryout the Quinta 3D decals, the IP was added… Really easy to apply, I used some PVA along the edges to ensure adhesion, “belt and braces”, to be fair Quinta advises that you might need to use either CA or PVA. Unfortunately this will be all but hidden once the fuselage is closed, still I’m very impressed and will consider these 3D decals for future builds. Most of the console boxes and levers were glued to the sidewalls. The exception was Part E4 which was sacrificed to the “carpet monster” so I had to use the Quinta 3D decal to replace it.
  14. thanks John means a lot best rgds stay safe John(shortCummins)
  15. thanks billn53 early days, still plenty of time to mess up thanks Mike my eyes wouldn't let me even think about 1/72, I'd be cross-eyed within half an hour! rgds John(shortCummins)
  16. I brush painted the leavers and knobs steel, red, yellow or black, mainly to make them stand out a little. The headrest was highlighted with a mixture of XF-64 lightened with yellow… …and the floor, seat and leaver console boxes dry-brushed with Hobby Color H70 RLM02. The greys were dry brushed with XF-63 and Hobby Color H306 grey. Next I’ll be adding all these to the sidewalls and getting to play with the Quinta decals. until next time as always, any sugges
  17. Eduard suggests that the cockpit walls are grey and the floor, seat and most of the control levers green, for the grey I’ve used Tamiya XF-66 light grey. The green I’ve used is Tamiya XF-13 JA green. I’m not too fussed if these are the exact shades of grey or green, once the fuselage is buttoned up you’ll not be able to see anything anyway. The headrest and control stick handle were painted XF-64 red brown. Next I’ll be detail painting the leavers, assembling the cockpit and doing some light weathering.
  18. thanks Marklo from memory this is smashing little kit, the only "tricky" part was the landing gear panels as their multipart with little advice on how best, which order etc., to fit them. funnily enough this weekend kit has Chinese markings but I'll not be using them, if you want them PM me and there yours. rgds John(shortCummins)
  19. The first thing to say is that the i-16 is a tiny aircraft, here’s my previous effort next to a Spitfire Mk.V Quinta Studio provide a number of different 3D decals for the instrument panel, seat belts, leather panels and leavers. I’ll not be using all of the decals as I’m happy to paint and detail the kit leavers and headrest however I’ve got to say that the IP and harness’ look fantastic. The “interior” bits’n’bobs were separated from the sprue and then given a coat of UMP/Stynylrez black primer.
  20. thanks billn53 if this goes well there's some other, mainly Russian, aircraft that may get the same treatment rgds John(shortCummins)
  21. Having built a couple of “naked” aircraft, a Mosquito and recently Ef-126, I decided that I needed to build another one. So whilst searching the interweb I stumbled across this photo… Sorry I don’t know who’s photo this is, I’ve just used it for inspiration. Some years ago, when I first got back into the hobby, I built Eduard’s 1:48 ProfiPACK type 24 version and I remember that I enjoyed the build and I thought that this would be the ideal victim. So off I went to the Hannants’ website and purchased this Weekend kit… Whilst on the site these
  22. Hello Chaps I've just started a build log... however, I've not actually started the build, its an Eduard dual combo kit and both kits are still in their unopened plastic bags, would I be able to join the build when it starts? I'll happily put the box back in the cupboard and get another kit from the stash while we wait for the GB to start rgds John(shortCummins)
  23. thanks for the info, the note about Speak's bad landing came from Eduard's detail so I wouldn't be too surprised if it was inaccurate, it's still interesting to get a little background? I wondered about the camo' change from green and grey to blue, I'd assumed that they were supplied blue as perhaps they were originally destined for the USN and for some reason shipped to RN instead? also presumably there would have been a number of joint operations. between allied forces and having all of your aircraft looking the same would help gunnery crews with identification, fear of Kamikaze's and
  24. sorry I didn't realise there was a GB I've not taken part in one on here before and I'm not sure I'd get any model finished in time, I sometimes get distracted by other shiny things. so when does the GB start and how long will it run for? this kit has 2 aircraft so if I enjoy this build and I finish it a reasonable time perhaps I could join. Or, as I've only open'd the box and I've not even open the plastic bags the sprue's come in, could I wait and enter the GB? rgds John(shortCummins)
  25. thanks Mark I tried re-visiting your build but for some reason I can't see any photos? anywho, I pooped over to your website and had a look there, very interesting site, I'll spend more time and have a good look. thanks Roger by all accounts its a nice kit so I'm looking forward to build it. thanks Grey Beema you built the same scheme as I' attempting, I'll not be building her at the same speed you managed! rgds John(shortCummins)
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