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  1. Thank you Johnster, you’re always welcome! The detailing wasn’t intended - but it’s great to try something new. Thank you Adrian, now the intake trunk looks less toy-ish. There’s a lot of other work here, so I’ll notify you about some updates later. Thank you for having an interest!
  2. Thank you CC, much appreciate it! I think the idea of «back-to-back» build was interesting! We had the same kits with the same aftermarket parts, and even the same paints... Now we’re both finished our Hinds with our own style - ‘twas amazing, Johnny!
  3. I'm glad that you'd enjoyed this build, Johnny! Your Hind looks fantastic, congratulations!
  4. Yes, it’s an excellent and lovely kit. Please let us know when you’ll be ready!
  5. Top notch work with an «E Z Line», Johnny! This double-build is absolutely fantastic. I think it’s not that cool, handling two builds at the same time is much easier than handling two wives! Keep up the great work!
  6. It was just a yogurt plastic bag rolled into tube. I sealed the one end, while the other was inserted into the nose kit part and some TET was applied to: Also the White Acrylic Putty was used inside the tube to make it smooth. Just before joining the fuselage halves I made an opening for the cockpit insertion, because I decided to paint it later: Cutted pieces of plastic were used to slightly reshape the forward fuselage part: I think the single-seater kit doesn’t have these problems because of its short nose. Next will be sanding... Thanks for watching!
  7. An RF-101C and F-101B kits from Kitty Hawk has a missing locate tab on one horizontal stabiliser, but F-101A/C that I’ve built kit aren’t. The fit was excellent. Luckily, all the drawings show you the right angle and it’s not a problem to find a proper stabilisers’ position. Excellent progress on the Voodoo, Rob! Thumbs up! The tail light looks superb.
  8. Hello Quang, I have the same nostalgic feelings about it! It’s great to hear from you again.
  9. Looking good, Rob! The painting job is so accurate.
  10. Here you can check nearly every kit’s sprues, very useful site for knowing what’s in the box.
  11. The «D’s» cockpit has the same issue with an IP and looks similar to what we’re having for «F». I’m glad that you’re in, Martin! Thank you Adrian!
  12. They’re not knowing about its modifications, despite it’s a lovely kit. This kit is a mixture between all the Voodoos... Also you can find some useful information in my own thread here:
  13. Excellent start with an excellent kit, Rob! I’m in.
  14. I’m really impressed by your progress, Serkan! The Bird looks better and better.The painted wheel wells is superb - just like the real things.
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