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  1. Ah, it’s interesting! And I have their Mirage III V-01 - the great-looking kit.
  2. Excellent work, Serkan! It’s a top-notch surgery engineering. As I see, you’re having serious interest in modelling the late T-10 series airframes; do you have some plans to build this (an earlier) one:
  3. And I like how it works. The sanded panel lines looks very old school - it’s definitely have its character. Fantastic work here.
  4. It’s reasonable, anyway we’re using some techniques to make out paint work pop! Looks like a good combination. Also I discovered the Tamiya XF-76 as a good candidate for the main fuselage colour. Do you have it? On some pictures of the real weathered Mi-24s you can notice that the cockpit colour looks the same as underside colour... In short - I like it! What a progress, Johnster! Mine is just painted inside and waiting for the masking and some additional painting. Excellent! That’s for sure! Winter at its best. Oop
  5. All I need is wait for Sunday as the only day when I can take a pictures in the daylight! I’m not a word master, so I relying on the pictures to make my threads as good as possible. Thank you, Johnny! Now it’s time to look at your progress.
  6. I’m always running out of «laughts» with the Ced’s threads! It’s great to see how you’re enjoying the builds even if it’s not an easiest ones, mr B.! Excellent progress so far, love the British birds. I have the Gannet in my stash, maybe it’ll be started one day.
  7. Good start Werner, I’m in! I have the Hasegawa’s USAF Starfighter in my stash, so I watch your progress with some interest.
  8. I saw some accurate representation of the panel lines on the underside of fuselage... Looks like you’re used a pencil for this job, isn’t it? If so, it went really good, I must say.
  9. I ended up building the kits in the end of 1990s when the Humbrol enamels (the only paint I used, except some Model Master bottles) suddenly became (mostly) unavailable. I was a brush painter and everything was great - I’ve never had any trouble such a brush strokes, etc. These days (I returned to hobby in 2018) I switched to Tamiya (not the best, as for me) and Mr.HOBBY (I like them so much) acrylics and an airbrush. But I like to see others uses their brushes to paint the kits. Glad that you’re sorted the problem - now the surface looks very well! Excellent wo
  10. Fantastic job! I’m not a big fan of weathering, so your work looks very natural. Thumbs up!
  11. I have the MENG one, but Iwata is amazing. Just amazing! Now I know why... It performs excellent and it's a joy to use it. Thank you!
  12. Yes. There's an instruction sheet for the corresponding 72nd scale kit: Mi-24V/VP Hind E. XF-71 will be good, I think. Good work so far, Johnny! Yes, the Microdesign's instructions aren't so clear in some cases and I often look for more information over the Web. I'm doing the same for now...
  13. Hello friends, now I’m ready for some paint work! I added the fire extinguisher to the cockpit and the seat belts to the cabin: The windows were masked on both sides with the supplied masks: And my new tool is ready: Stay tuned...
  14. There’s a misprint: Zvezda 30 is a grey (and it’s close enough to XF-80), but it must be Zvezda 19 (XF-71 as they said). Hope it helps...
  15. I can recommend you to try the Mr.HOBBY paint (H303 for Hu 117 and H312 for Hu 120). These conversions are most accurate. The Tamiya’s paint range is very limited, so the Zvezda’s painting instructions aren’t so precise. Just wrong in some cases. These colours looks better than the suggested in instruction ones, maybe it’ll a good choice! It’s always a struggle to get the right colours every time we’re going to build a Hind! Once I did the painting mistake: J.M. already have an answer (but I’ve never had tried these sets
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