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  1. It’s the only right work to describe @Serkan Sen’s work! These parts are the small pieces of modelling art. Bravo, Serkan!
  2. Absolutely! It’s always a pleasure to see how you work with the paint, Johnny. Lovely build here.
  3. Hello Britmodellers, it’s time for small update on this build! Some drops of Flory wash were applied on the Hind: Also I added the wheel well doors along with an engine covers: Other small bits are awaiting for its placement and I think I’ll post a few photos in the future before an RFI... Stay tuned. Thanks for looking at!
  4. Well done Colin, excellent painting and weathering jobs. Bravo! Even if you hate decaling, looks like it went great.
  5. Excellent progress so far, Johnster! It’s great to see how you can manage the double build here. Ah, and happy belated birthday to you!
  6. Thanks Alain, next will be Flory wash - you’re right! Ah, it’s a famous record-breaking P-42 from Zhukovskiy! Yes, definitely. Great choice, my friend! Thank you, James! Finally I had the right choice with the help of @The Spadgent. I’m not so experienced with it. I hope so Johnny, thank you! Me too - I’m just figured out what you’re talking about and can’t stop laughing! Some little stores around called «Весна» (it’s a «Spring» for English), but when all the letters are capitalised («ВЕСНА») I usually read it like «becha» and I don’t know why... Happy Easter and thanks for stopping at!
  7. Thank you Alain, spasibo! It’s nice to hear, I’m sure it’ll be very interesting build! I was inside the Hind when I was a little boy, it was very fascinating! But the cargo cabin isn’t too big, there’s not so much place to square the shoulders... Thank you Johnny, I was inspired by your painting job. Looks like you’re talking about clear-coating and decaling... Yes, it was great! Take a look... So, after little tweaks here and there, I finally applied gloss varnish and decals: The process was very straightforward: Really brings things to life, especially on the tail boom: But... The star on the belly has a little scratch (I fixed it already): Number on the starboard side was damaged by me (because of the Mr.MARK SETTER’s stickiness): I can can live with it, but looks a bit messy. The second problem was a clear coat drying time - it took a lot of time and sunbathing to hardening. Anyway, I like what I did and it’s far better than my previous Hind build! Thank you, friends!
  8. Mine still in progress... Glueing these wires is still an unknown territory for me. There’s no doubt that handling these little Hinds is very hard. I had broke one step, attached it and... broke another a few days later. Then repeated the same pattern second time! I planning to do the same - it’s always great to learn something new. Looks spectacular, Johnny! It was a nice kit, isn’t it?! It’s about 400 parts with all these additions. *As for the PE parts for launchers - I haven’t used it. These cool things requires soldering and I don’t have such an elegant soldering iron. But it’ll be challenging to do something like this - next time! Not so close to an RFI, but small progress is still progress! Have a nice week!
  9. But sometimes I can break some parts like probes and antennas... You’re welcome, dear CC! I just updated my thread: Thank you very much!
  10. Hello friends, it’s time to post some pictures here... After carefully cutting the camouflage spots I had applied these on the Hind and sprayed an XF-76 on top. I hardly use the Tamiya jars for primary layers but working with these paints is a pleasure. I tried some modulation effects to make fuselage slightly weathered, like this (a little less, actually): Well, especially for you: I ripped off the masks right after the work was completed and was very pleased with what I looked at: All the demarcation lines are really sharp and clean: The only downside is the steps’ attachment points that popping up : Here you can see the rivet rows on the tail boom - it’s a decals and I had settled them with the help of isopropyl alcohol: Too tiny to see! Thanks for looking in!
  11. Looks like I need to try. Usually I prefer the strong plastic-to-plastic joints, but it’s slightly different with PE. I’m avoiding glueing the parts on top of the clear coat; is it reliable/secure? I have a tweezers, CA and even the steady hand!
  12. Thank you! The Hind’s tail has four on the top and two on the underside. It’s easy to miss or broke them off. And there are some rigging required... Another thing for me to try. Thanks!
  13. How did you glued them so accurately? I have some troubles with all these little parts: sometimes I feel that the CA is fragile. Also it causes fogging in some cases... Superb, just superb! Cool photos Johnny, your composition skills are great, along with the proper light. Looks like you’re close to RFI!
  14. Thank you Johnny, but it’s still somfar away from your skills! Thank you! It takes me two evenings to do all the masking as accurately as possible. Me too! I hope you’ll not be disappointed. It was a busy week and not so much work was done. I sprayed an XF-65 as a base colour with tiny amount of modulation effect: That’s how she looks at the moment: It’s masking time again...
  15. Stunning work, Johnster! The wheel hubs is green because they’re made of magnesium. The painting job looks great, especially under the Flory wash! So cool Sir, I hope I will achieve some good results too. Just having an update on my thread, you’re welcome!
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