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  1. It’s a very unusual way of working with these decals. Cutting the film may cause unstable results, because it’s very thin... But your idea can work in a very artistic way, once properly done. It would be good to have some distance between the rivet rows on the decal paper and cut it according the whole panels, isn’t it?
  2. It’s interesting approach and reasonable, too. As for me, I have a tendency to glue the plastic parts to each other as much as possible - just to be sure. But the other side of this approach is some problems on masking and handling the model before it’ll be finished... Beautiful job on the Buccaneer, David! The painting looks extremely accurate and the decals took the work at another level. Bravo!
  3. I performed some quick tests and find that these rivets can be barely visible after a good treatment. So I’ll think twice before its application...
  4. The main rotor was assembled few days ago and now it’s waiting for wiring. No other progress occurred, because I haven’t modelling mojo these days. It’s very inspiring, my friend! I’m having some: These rivets are so small and I’m not sure about the final results: Can’t wait to see her painted, excellent progress so far!
  5. It must be a part of the hyper-detailing set, not a stock one... And maybe a few crewmen: Some pictures of the Blackbirds look otherworldly, isn’t it?!
  6. The Revell’s engineers are got nothing on your work here. I can imagine how fascinating to create all these 3D drawings... Looking forward for the next steps, Serkan!
  7. It looks like you’re forgot to add the cinnamon... Your nerves are made of steel, Serkan! Any chance to find our kits (with some resin parts) distorted after many years?
  8. This is evident on many pictures, so you’re absolutely right. Yes, this is it. I’m also has a busy week(s), so the progress on the «A» is very slow. Currently I’m working on the main rotor. Actually, it’s not so much parts left to complete an assembly. Great work, Johnny! The rotor blades looks fantastic, bravo!
  9. Excellent progress on this little bird, Bill! The twin-seater’s canopy and overall shape looks extremely attractive.
  10. Such a fantastic progress, Bill! The Tamiya lacquers seems to be the new standard. Looking forward for the future updates here.
  11. These tubes are the 9M114 missile (AT-6 Spiral) launchers - actually, very Hind-ish things. Excellent progress on these bits, Johnny! Do you have an electric drill or you’ve drilled all these 80 holes manually?! Definitely. Thanks for sharing with us!
  12. Well done, Adrian! It’s nice to see this nostalgic FROG kit here.
  13. Excellent work, Adrian! I’m glad you’re sorted the problems with paint. Also the rigging is great. I think it wasn’t about «cutting», it was about «irrigating».
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