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  1. Great work @Kiwikitbasher! Both aircrafts looks absolutely stunning Can’t wait to put my hands on my stashed F-102 and F-106. Cheers!
  2. Nikolay Polyakov

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Hello Voodoo lovers! As I mentioned before, some painting works was done... An elevators: The cockpit area: The same: The right intake area: The right flap area: The right wing: And the overall progress on the wings: Actually, it needs some tweaks here and there, but I think it’s not a bad result for the brush-painted NMF... Your comments are welcome. Thanks for watching!
  3. Nikolay Polyakov

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Hello friends! The fork goes on, some details are painted and looks well. Today I finally find a painting «formula» that very suitable for brush painting the large surfaces and works well for me: I decided to paint a small panels instead of a large surfaces with an excessive amount of a paint mixed with retarder and now it looks very promising So, I left the paint to dry overnight and I’ll post the photos soon... Cheers!
  4. Nikolay Polyakov

    Too many 1/72 Hobbyboss F-14 Tomcats

    Felix looks great Tony! Congratulations
  5. Nikolay Polyakov

    Finemolds Last Tomcat Demo Bird 1/72 F-14D

    Stunning work Tony, your Tomcats amazed me! Cheers!
  6. You’re love the extraordinary challenge builds, isn’t it?! Great work @Moa The clear fuselage is a real gem Cheers!
  7. Nikolay Polyakov

    Timm N2T-1 Tutor 1/72nd vac

    Now the vacs are not so mysterious and complicated for me (from the first look). Thanks, I’ll check them! Cheers!
  8. Nikolay Polyakov

    Douglas DC 7C Revel + corrections

    Oh, Rob! You started F-84 prior to finish DC-7?! Relax, looks great and shiny! Cheers!
  9. Nikolay Polyakov

    Timm N2T-1 Tutor 1/72nd vac

    Thanks for the great story @Moa, now the vacuum-form models are explained. Very impressive work, have a good luck! Cheers!
  10. Nikolay Polyakov

    Su-9 Fishpot PVO eastern Europe 1/48

    Looks like a large cable connector:
  11. Nikolay Polyakov

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Thanks @exdraken! Yeah, the Bird is big! Tanks awaiting the painting, so we’ll see them shining soon Thanks!
  12. Nikolay Polyakov

    Hi all - go easy on me...

    Welcome Simon! I wasn’t being involved in modelling more than 15 years, so it’s not a problem to start because it’s never too late As the other modellers said above, here you can find all the answers and very friendly people, friends! Looking forward for your future builds here Cheers!
  13. Nikolay Polyakov

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-101 A/C «Voodoo»

    Hello friends! An air brakes installed, the port board side looks not bad: Same with the starboard side; it still needs a some touch of the red color, but a sink marks are not so visible now Actuators looks great, too. It took some time for the proper alignment, but now it’s OK for me: The windscreen was glued too, and now its wrong curve are so noticeable: So, the windscreen is a bit damaged by the glue because of some glue leaking under the masking tape that I use to place the detail properly... Not a problem, the canopy detail is damaged during the shipping, so it’s have a some problems, too. The area around the cockpit is painted with Revell 99, looks it’s a very suitable paint for the bare metal birds: I think it’s time for the nose landing gear installation and painting the forward fuselage part. Thanks for watching!
  14. Nikolay Polyakov

    1/32 TAMIYA F-4

    Outstanding work @chameleon2009, your paint technique amazed me! Looking forward to see your Phantom is done Cheers!
  15. Nikolay Polyakov

    Douglas DC 7C Revel + corrections

    Wise decision Rob, now she looks better Cheers!