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  1. Very interesting and straightforward build, Andrew! It’s very inspirational to see how you build and paint the bird - an eye-catching colour scheme and... And same for the plane. Superb and fast work - that’s what I always want from the hobby.
  2. Excellent work, Andrew! The kits with a raised panel lines looks fantastic and not dated, when they’re done well - like yours. Congratulations on having the Canberra in your excellent collection.
  3. I’ll take a look! An Intruder is one of my favourite naval planes and I’ve never built any Fujimi kits, unfortunately... The cockpit tub looks very detailed along with the crew.
  4. Fantastic modelling style Serkan, it seems like you’re always know what will be the next step in your builds. The camouflage looks outstanding, keep up the good work!
  5. Looks like real, @IPMS19! I have the same kit, but I think it’ll need some time to find a proper approach.
  6. Fantastic work, Volker! The Crusader looks great with the red nose - great painting work.
  7. Excellent work on the kit, Derek! Tne NMF looks absolutely superb. Congratulations!
  8. Oh yes! Absolutely fantastic! That’s reasonable, I think it’s a right decision. Thanks, Serkan - it’s good to find something new. Very interesting information.
  9. Thank you for interest, Alan! Nope, there’s no progress on the Vigilante (as with the other kits, too), because I decided to record an album and take a small break from modelling. Also I’m not having fun with this kit anymore - some time ago I attempted to rescribe some panel lines and had unsatisfying results... The good news is that I have some mojo to writing the music again, but the bad news is that it’s having the same scenario as a builds. OK, instead of a scriber I bought the Tamiya’s Fine Craft Saws - hope it helps (ah, I’m not tested it yet!). After your words I need another attempt to win the game! Thank you, I hope I’ll return to this kit one day... Looks like he was right. But I need to build it and gave the box to my Little Black Friend! Thank you, guys!
  10. Sorry Serkan, I searched over the books but can’t find anything. Maybe it’s a marked replaced compartment door or just a simple «do not paint» stencil... The progress looks great, also the subtle pre-shading - your painting skills as good as your engineering!
  11. Hello David, I’m really glad that you’re sorted the issue with a NMF and the top coat! The painting job looks outstanding, I’ve never seen such a great quality work. I have a Mirage III V-01 in my stash, but I’m barely getting any comparable to yours build quality.
  12. It could be a very interesting build, so I’ll take a look, Guy!
  13. Tamiya has a great acrylic metallic paints, along with a GSI. There’s no need to use an Alclad, in my opinion. Just my Ten Cents...
  14. Excellent work on the nozzles and canopies, Serkan! Looks like we’re going to see both finished soon...
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