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  1. Welcome back to the hobby, Ray! It’s never too late. Some time ago I discovered for myself that the elimination of the seams is better as a preventive step, so I started to dry fit everything and sand (or add) the plastic until the joints will gone. It’s not so fast at the first sight, but it’ll save your time later and gives you a sturdy model. It’s just my opinion.
  2. Well done, Ed! Excellent progress so far, the painting looks superb.
  3. I’ll take a look, Laurie. These classic shapes and the NMF are always got my attention. The departure steps kit is excellent, can’t wait to see it assembled. Have a nice bench time.
  4. Now we need to add a new Multi-Group-Builds topic to the Group Builds area - this will be something... unusual. Nice progress on Mirages, John! These kits looks interesting, have a nice build(s).
  5. Great build, Giorgio! Bravo! The figures looks superb - excellent painting work.
  6. Thank you, Giorgio! Actually, it’s just a basic application of the Mr.HOBBY H8 Silver, even without a primer. Right now I’m masking the nose area and preparing for some painting work.
  7. Hello, Britmodellers! The silver paint was applied on an aircraft and other small parts: As you can see from the image, the Data Link antennas already in its place: Well, it’s time for a small polishing and subsequent painting work on the wing fences, radome, anti-glare panel, etc. Also I ordered the stencils from fündekals, because this decal sheet contains an USAF markings in Insignia Blue as it should be. Happy modelling!
  8. Stunning work, Tony! As for me, the RAF painting schemes looks far better than most of the USAF ones. The build and the story were also interesting to see, thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
  9. Nice camouflage and nice work, @bar side! Excellent progress so far.
  10. The kit looks excellent even if doesn’t like the 144th scale. But you’re nailed it and now this little bird is amazing. My grandfather used flew them in the Flight School back in the 40s.
  11. Just found a picture that can be informative in some way:
  12. It’s interesting, initially l haven’t noticed it on the first photo. Wait, it’s just the one tire per strut on the centreline?! Bold decision. Keep up the good work!
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