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  1. Thank you! We have a lots of hats and panamas here, so I use them as a test beds for a painting work and post the results (if I’ll find them acceptable).
  2. Well, guys... I completed the figures assembly and now I can post the group shot: The first man deserves to be a more tanned but I’ll decide it later, on the skin painting stage. The «rear» view: An equipment is partially cutted off the sprues and cleaned: That’s all for today, thanks for looking!
  3. Yes, the details are really spot on! I hope I’ll not screw up this build on the painting job. The Dragon boxes show us a bit different colors to use, I need to compare them with the AK sets and choose the «right» direction... Thank you, Soeren!
  4. Hello, friends! This morning I finished the third man and the fourth is nearly done, too: The next step will be cleaning the ammunition and other small parts.
  5. These ladies looks coquettish - good work, Ratch!
  6. Well done! I like the view on the third photo...
  7. Nice colorful ladies, Richard! The street is also spot on.
  8. Yes! Can I ask you to show her... other side, @Ratch?! Well done, waiting for other ladies, too.
  9. Excellent and extraordinary work, Jörgen! I’m glad that you’re finished this Skeleton!
  10. Thank you, Giorgio! The last two men taking a bit more time to work with, but I hope to finish them soon.
  11. Greetings from Russia, Dave! And to our excellent forum! I hope we’ll see your works soon.
  12. Hello guys, just completed the second and third (the guy in T-Shirt on the right) figures: Mr. T-Shirt has a separate pockets on his trousers - the wise decision to make the clothes more realistic. I drilled the ø1.0 mm holes in their feet to use a plastic rods as a handle. P.S. And I got something for the faces: Thanks for looking!
  13. No problem Ron, it’s never too late to join this build! I hope so! That was my first thought and absolutely right (and easy) solution. I hope I sanded the fuselage well... Thank you Ron, you’re always welcome!
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