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  1. I was dissatisfied with the finish, the gloss coat did not improve the surface greatly (note to self: do not use Alclad II Pale Gold, it's too grainy). A light sanding, cleaning, and re-spraying with Vallejo Metal Color acrylic Gold, and problem solved: Redtail hawk visit of the Golden Eagle model (appeared flying over the backyard), maybe a good omen :
  2. Two weathered sections of tube are added in the guise of exhausts, and a smoky trail airbrushed:
  3. Thanks, Chris! But Mrs. Moa disagrees, and states that she wants a completely different kind of jewelry.
  4. Hi Stuart Coats as follows: Alclad grey primer, Humbrol Gloss Black enamel, Alclad II Polished Aluminium, Alclad II Aluminium. Ailerons (not the whole wing), elevators and rudder painted Humbrol Gloss White enamel instead of black. Alclad Aqua Gloss final coat. Frankly, I don't remember what I used on the Heston, but most likely the same or similar. The final coat on the Heston was acrylic floor polish (as per my custom then and until two model ago). Airbrush at low pressure (abut 12 psi) with a medium coverage nozzle. The enamel is diluted maybe half and half with lacquer
  5. Thanks, Terry. A relatively old one, but still sort of ok. Cheers
  6. Very kind of you, Andriy! Very kind, thanks.
  7. Cowl/engine/prop on. Wheel covers, all lights, aft canopy, directional finder, Pitot and Venturi are added:
  8. Interesting conversion. What registration/s are you after?
  9. The metal paint is sealed with Alclad Aqua Gloss: Wheels are added. Several locations are drilled for the Pitot, Venturi, and antenna leads. Trim tabs, and battery hatch are simulated with metal-painted decal paper cut to size. Two louvers around the nose are dealt with using Archer resin transfers: So many things yet to deal with: nav lights, wing landing lights and their covers, front wheel fairings, nose, canopy and the details mentioned above for which the locations were drilled.
  10. Good and sound fix. I take it that the heat-formed canopy will be now a little bigger than the canopy itself. If it results to be a not very good fit, for the next one maybe you could sand down the plastic plug part somewhat, and then the new part would be more on the ballpark. Hope you can resume your interesting build now! Cheers
  11. Dennis, I am sure you would have pulled it off, but it would have required time, effort and dedication in measures way above the normal, for sure. My build surely will not be peerless, but if it is fun for me, of some interest to others, and renders a reasonable model, then I am happy enough. One learns a lot, that's for sure, thanks to the additional data from knowledgeable fellow BMers like Tim, and the research while preparing and during the build. Thanks for riding along and your always encouraging comments. Cheers
  12. Thanks, Chris! The nice sunsets continue (to fellow Californians: those strange fluffy things in the sky are called "clouds", and they may even produce something called "rain", made of water, if you can believe that. I know because I was born in Argentina. and this Sunday's treat: Argentinian asado!, for Mrs. Moa and myself. The isles' savages may recognize one item: "Morcillas", stolen from us during the British Invasion to the country in 1806 and 1807 and rebranded as "Black pudding". The cheek!
  13. This is a wonderful choice! Such an unusual design, and yet a reasonable amount of them was produced and many photos in different liveries are found on the Net. I have built one of these not long ago and posted it here at BM. It is a bit tricky in some areas. You may like to study previous builds of this kit, as it presents a few challenges. In any case the effort pays off, as you get to add to your collection a beautiful rara avis: Humpty-Dumpty's plane! Following. Cheers
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