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  1. Already dealt with the tail, and fuselage side and bottom rigging/cabling, mister. Only more work on the wing remains. Now, where did I leave my eyesight?
  2. Rigging progresses ever so slowly, only a few lengths per session. The dark paint against dark rigging material situation makes visualizing really difficult, not to mention that each segment has to be cut to exact length and then inserted in one hole and then the other, at odd angles, and trying no to bang the tail or wingtips against the visor, the lamp, the table, etc. and not to entangle with previous rigging or model details. Lots of zen attitude: "The are no struts, there is no model, there is no rigging material. All is empty. Even ‹all is empty› is empty":
  3. Thanks, Greg! That happens to you when you don't build nice civil planes!
  4. Can you imagine how difficult is for me to prepare 1/72 tea for them? I can barely see the teabags, and the ham slices for the sandwiches are so thin! I have to use the most powerful magnifiers and the pointier of tweezers. Demanding little sods, but unfortunately necessary. A budget in toilet roll, I tell you.
  5. Thanks Paul Yes, there were comments posted regarding this somewhere in the WiP. Earlier machines had the shorter nacelle fairing and no kink, Then the kink appeared, then the longer nacelle fairing. As Work in Progress said above, you have to rely on photos to make your choices. Cheers You are very kind, sir.
  6. Thanks Jackson Yes, not a good first vac, surely. Something really simple would be better. Cheers Thanks Graeme! Cheers
  7. Now a general view: The vac canopy is a bit thin, but of good transparency, and of near perfect fit if you are careful trimming it bit by little bit. I will be gluing a support flange where it seats, to add strength. The panes are flat enough, but their number, the thinness and flimsiness, could make masking challenging. As you can see in the photo above, two canopies are provided, an excellent decision on part of Planet:
  8. The fuselage sides are united: The skin of the fuselage top (that comes as a separate part) is glued on. The fit of all these parts was good:
  9. It will be very, very difficult to see anything from where you are. Unless you have superpowers.
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