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  1. Neither Dekno kits nor Alpha models. A bunch of other Gammas and two Deltas yes, though. It looks nice. And the original plane is a beauty, needless to say. Build it! You may contact me directly for some references if you like. Cheers
  2. It is indeed: The brand is Airframe (I have built a few, they are ok), in 1/72. You may have a very hard to get kit in your hands. Make it justice. Cheers.
  3. This little, simple, picturesque touring plane was just completed. The WIP post is here:
  4. The decals arrived: Even the minute heraldic shields for the rudder are printed flawlessly:
  5. The Good Ole Trimotor, always a source of joy. Well done.
  6. Patrick, the M- registration is correct for the time period. The EC- register started much later. A quick search on the Net would have given you the answer. For your benefit, here is a photo of the plane: (From "Aérea" magazine, 1928.
  7. Oh, The HorRohrbach! I was truly captivated by the mastodontic demeanor of the Zeppelin-Staaken E.4/20 that I built some time ago, and it was only logical to follow suit with another of Rohrbach's creations, the Rohrbach Roland. Rohrbach is mostly known for his flying boats, the Romar, Rocco, Rodra, etc., and all share with the Zeppelin Staaken E4/20 and the Roland many constructional features and design solutions. The Roland was the most notable of the land-based members of that family, and had extensive service with Lufthansa and, of all companies, the then recently-formed Iberia of -naturally- Spain. Iberia, according to contemporary narratives, was formed in 1927 by a 3/4 of capital coming from Horacio Echebarrieta and 1/4 from Lufthansa. The line, that had several Rolands, covered the Madrid-Barcelona route. These aircraft belonged to the earlier series of Rolands, with shoulder wings and open cockpits. Later versions will have the wing lifted up to the fuselage top and fully canopied cockpits in redesigned noses, plus changes in the power plant. One of these machines (all came from Lufhtansa stock) was re-registered in Spain -in a surprising choice of letters- M-CACA, an oddly perfumed combination in Spanish. In any case, this registration was in place for only one week, and was hastily substituted by the neutral M-CAAC. And who could resist the temptation? A lot of inaccurate information was found in gathering references for this project. Just one example: an article on the subject on World Aviation magazine (Autumn 2013) has a photo of the "Roland interior" that is, you guessed, anything but, and depicts instead perhaps a Fokker F.VII. The interior of the Roland had a faint resemblance with that of the Staaken E.4/20, in the sense that diagonal structural members invaded the cabin space, and in this case the spar box too. Making plans and 3-views is not easy at all, and I do appreciate them when available, as well as information, but, all plans I found were inaccurate in some obvious respect, all color profiles and 3 views had issues in several regards. Again: do your own homework, it ads time to the build, and you learn a lot, but, as much as you are grateful for the data made available, very soon develop a healthy skepticism about what is around in terms of information in the aviation world. Welcome to another beautiful ugly duckling, this time a slightly smelly one
  8. Ay ay ay, Tweener, look at the photos posted above of the work-in-progress, it's all styrene sheet. Now go and write on the blackboard twenty times (I am feeling magnanimous today): "I have to read the full post"
  9. Moa

    Hughes H-4 Hercules 1/72

    Fantastic! I just went to check the in-progress links. Your work is nothing less than spectacular. Congratulations!
  10. There were about 11 civil registrations for the Kangaroo, three of them had canopies for the passengers. All differed to some extent, since they were customized. The reference material available is not superlative or exhaustive, but it's enough to work from. So there is a lot to chose from. And there is the decal set from Arctic Decals.
  11. Keith, go for it. It takes some effort and time, but it's rewarding to have it finished.
  12. Not to mention P that they keep jumping all over the building board while you are trying to add the details.