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  1. The finalized smallest ones.. The props are 3.6 mm in diameter:
  2. Nice work, Ian! Is that a wind-driven generator or a pump to feed pressurized air into the gas tank to keep the fuel flowing into the carburetor?
  3. The same as everybody: 24hs a day (well @Martian Hale has a day of 24 hours and 37 minutes on Mars, so HE got some extra time) What I do have is the inclination to help, not of an abundance or excess of time, precisely. I rather be building a fifth model together with the four I am working on now.
  4. Would you believe 2.6 mm?
  5. Impersonating Salvador Dali: Wings and horizontal tail on:
  6. I have built a few. Sigh. Mine came with anti-depressants and aspirin, did yours? or do you have one of the old releases that came with the rope? Sacre bleu!
  7. The smaller of the two I posted is 3.5mm long. It would be a real challenge for me to make a 2.5mm long one, but I guess it could be done (if I get back the eyesight I had when I was 20)
  8. The small circular hatch missing in the kit and present in this plane -as explained above- is masked and painted. Not an easy thing, this one, since I had to make the masks from miscellaneous bits and then some cuts: Inner side aotake color (the hatch will be displayed opened, but only matte black paint will be inside the fuselage). I still have to bend it:
  9. The door is being dressed, including a placard from the Arctic Decals set: Other parts have been painted and sealed (oil coolers and vents). A garland seen in photos is added to the door, above the placard. The aerial klaxon used in British planes of the time (invented by some @general melchett or other) can be seen in the foreground: Struts, Venturis, generator prop, etc., already painted and sealed:
  10. I was misinformed, and told that Martians come out of their cocoons as completely formed adults. Read my reply to Wlad. Shhhhh!
  11. That, Wlad, is Austin Powers' grandfather's (Sir Reginald Archibald Cuthbert Powers) secret vehicle (sources on MI69 supposedly name it "shag-a-go", but I am skeptical), carried on the HP42 aft fuselage section for his missions. Ask no more.
  12. Thanks AaCee Indeed they do have, for what I can see, a generic bomber set that includes the Anson transparencies, -for the price of a nice kit-. I think I would pass on buying it, since I would have to discard everything but a small section of one part (I don't do military). I will go it seems the route of the wood master and vacuum-formed part, and pray to Mighty Styrene, Muse of modeling, for a good result. But the info you contributed may help other modelers in the same quandary. Cheers
  13. Oh...the humanity! We support you all the way, Stuart. I can refer psychological counselling. Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
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