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  1. I don't see generals as particularly soft-hearted, but you know him better.
  2. Next time I have an issue with a build, I think will post it in the "Love Clinic" or "Issues of the Heart" section of one of those store magazines. You know: "Tell Rita your intimate modeling problems, and she will safely guide you through those difficult times"
  3. Dear John, as pointed out above somewhere, you light-sand the primer to your heart's content once you have removed the tape, blending-in the detail as much or as little as you want: no unsightly pronounced steps or too-hard edges. Yours truly: Jack the Ribber
  4. Beautiful model! Congratulations. Cheers
  5. And again, to compensate for the nitpickings, some praise: the elevators on the Ente had a very thin metal trailing edge, which is surprisingly well represented on the kit.
  6. If I would have to give a single piece of advise to modelers seeking an accurate model, it would be: "Look at photos, as many as you can". Because plans, 3views, drawings, etc. are very welcome and important, but are seldom accurate. I have a few plans/3views of the Ente, and all, invariably, either miss or misconstrue details. Again, I highly value and am grateful for them, but it is wise to go the extra mile and compare them with photos. Planet helped with the location of some of the rigging items, but missed those related to the extra wing fins (and the control leads for the rudder): Planet also missed two small fairings that seem to wrap either instruments or mirrors: Planet also missed two very small cabin cross-ventilation airscoops (one facing the front on the left fuselage side, ahead of the first window, and the other opening to the back on the right-hand fuselage side, after the aft window). These scoops are present only at certain time of the life of the plane (I am modeling the plane as it flew in England for demonstration): The location for the scissors is unmarked, and surprise! Planet's plan is not to scale. So it's up to you, again: Missing too are the attachment points for two lengths of rigging that unite the front plane to the fuselage: Holes are drilled on the engine area metal plating as per photos, and new fuel caps are added -on the right locations- again as per photos:
  7. Since the momentum in respect to the center of gravity was short, the area of the vertical stabilizer had to be comparatively large. Here that part was added, and the fuselage prepared for the not so amusing puttying/sanding/priming/repeat session:
  8. I recalled three more examples of Canard models I built, here they are for your solace:
  9. The fuselage halves are glued together. The fit is good enough, but not perfect, so a modicum of putty/filler will be needed. The elegant lines are evident now:
  10. Once again the sign of someone sleeping at the wheel at Planet Models. You need six registrations: one for each fuselage side, one under each wing (right and left) and one over each wing (idem). The hyphen is missing for the tail lettering, and according to the cited kit build in Jet & Prop, the decal are anyway the wrong size. You will have to fabricate two exhaust pipes in the case you show the engine uncovered. For the covered engine (the shield is provided) you will need to fabricate a very convoluted exhaust arrangement, not provided or even described in the kit:
  11. Whilst I out the inaccuracies of the kit, I should as well praise the good things, and it just happened that I looked closely at the seat and it has the detail of a wicker molded in rather nicely, considering the medium and the scale. By the way, do not be mislead by models on the Net that have two chord/length black bands; photos and newsreels of the real thing show that there was no such bands, only the fuel tanks in that dark hue (not black either).
  12. I fear nothing, as you well know Sönke has his famous Death Ray. He actually uses Men in Black paste to make marzipan. But now you have scared the @Martian Hale, who keeps running from them, after that steamy episode with Serleena that ended up pasted all over social media.
  13. Building the substitute for the inaccurate wheel well: Nice sunset today
  14. Some dry-runs with the interior: The windows are added as well as short lengths of structural tube seen in photos. After making the new nose wheel well box, the fuselage can be glued together:
  15. Or perhaps more like warnings...
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