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You either know about the Kreiger universe or you don't.

I do and I like the mechanical side of it.

I also enjoy scratchbuilding kreiger stuff, even though I have a stash of the Hasegawa kits.


My favourite is the Falke and it's variants. And this is yet another of my builds along those lines in 1/20th scale.

Basis of the build is parts from a Revell 1/32nd P-38 bought as an old build some time ago from another BM member.

The central unit is a part started Porsche 911 Speedster bought from Kits for Cash.

The Anti Grav units are half ping pong balls (12 for about 3 quid on line).

The GPU was a small Japanese van. The figure is from a Tamiya F1 figure set.

Various other bits came from the spares boxes.

Images (at last) via imgur. I'm not the best photographer though!



Overall view. Helmut is trying to fix the Falke. GPU plugged in



Here you can see the fan unit on the side. Ex Airfix Porsche 917 built circa 1971. They slot into what was the u/c bay.

Hence the colour scheme. Oh, Flug, German(ish) for fly, is Gulf backwards)


Helmut is touching up the sensor here. Don't tell him it's a P-38 elevator mass balance.






Underside rear. The rusty thing is a P-38 turbo supercharger to exhaust the anti grav unit.


And the fwd anti gravs use 1/32nd resin Stuka night exhausts. The cannon was an undercariage leg.

Central filter? was 1/24th typhoon.



The engine (1/32nd Phantom exhaust) plus other bits. Plus Helmuts' test box. (Tamiya F1 kit)



Seat and belts (tape) the quilting is milliput.




Obvious here is the Porsche rear end. 


The flappy jobbers are ex Airfix 1/24 Typhoon engine bay panels donated by another BM member.

The ladder is various bits.



The GPU is perhaps overweathered? (ahem) Again bits of Stuka form the exhausts which I've sort of tried 

to emulate Tiger tank exhausts. Ignore the elastic band, glue was setting!


Comments are welcome. I'll stick some WIP pics up if it helps you to visualize the process.



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Thanks guys, High praise indeed coming from you.


I wasn't too happy with the quality of the pictures so I took some more outside today.


The cockpit bulge is the P-38 canopy facing the other way around & covered in Milliput.


The intake fans are custom car wheel trims.


A better view of the 917 fans. I love how well random bits fit into these builds.


The number 21 was worn by one of the Gulf Porches in the film Le Mans.

The small exhausts you can see above the spoiler are simply folded plastic card.

Aft of the 21 you can see a light. It's a stick on sparkly thing meant for toy jewelry making.

On the top of the engine is a 1/35th tank jack.


I added some structure to the rear of the spoilers. The original Falke has similar spoilers made from 1/32nd

Dauntless flaps. The idea with mine is that the hose they are suspended on can rotate and deploy them

horizontally by degrees as required with the application of hydraulic pressure.


I've resized the pictures to 480 x 640 as that was what I used on PB. So I hope they are clear enough.




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23 hours ago, TheBaron said:

have no idea what's going on

A brief briefing then. Back in the eighties a nice Japanese chap liked WW2 models and Sci fi.

Why not combine the two? Some kit bashing and a background story later and ma.k/maschinen kreiger was born.

800 years in the future Earth is recolonized and the fight for territory goes on. (That's how I understand it anyway).

The details don't bother me. I just have great fun creating these things.

Thanks for the nice comments. 


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Thank you for that. It's one of about half a dozen I've scratched over the years.

I forgot to mention that I sectioned 10mm out of the middle of the Porsche as it looked too wide.


Here we are with the real thing. You can just about see the cut line in the Porsche. It's obviously longer though.


The cockpit. Seat is 1/20th from a Camaro. To it's left,  a fuel tank, is a bit of a tank. (Honey, I think).


Down the jetpipe. A tank drive cog & other greeblies.


Helmut keeping warm by the GPU. The chassis is from a Kubelwagen.


Another in progress shot.

Maybe these will inspire someone else to have a go. It's great fun, but needs good spares boxes!


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