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  1. The parts are looking great with the decals on - all the stencelling and logos always make these Gundam kits come to life. Are the pale ash grey parts painted in IJN Grey Green, as they look very similar to tha colour? I wasn't sure if Tamiya did that colour in a TS spray though. Andy
  2. I love the pearl effect, is that done with contrast paint too? Nice shading/highlighting on his pet skull. Andy
  3. Good point. I'd seen that film on ebay a while back, then totally forgotten about it. Thank for the reminder Andy
  4. I agree, it's a shame they don't seem to include tinted glazing anymore. You can get a set of tinted self-adhesive stickers from SX-Art to replicate the effect, complete with a pair of mirrored foil stickers for the door mirrors, something else that Meng used to include but don't seem to that often now. Andy
  5. The GW washes were used neat if I remember right. I find they loose their surface tension too much when watered down and tend to pool more and leave tide marks. The varnish I sponged on probably did need watering down slightly though, as it left some white stains on the surface. That didn't really matter on Boris as he needed to be quite grungy, but thinned, or maybe with glaze medium, it might add some patchiness without leaving the residue. The mask idea should work well too. I've been using a PE one I got from China via ebay and it's good for genera
  6. Thanks, the acrylics are definitely quicker to work with, and a far less delicate one dry. They're quite blendable too if you add a little drying retarder or glaze medium. The leather trim is just a thinned coat of Vallejo Cavelry Brown over the base coat I'd applied for the wood. Later on I added an enamel pin wash around the stitching to bring out the detail more. Andy
  7. Nice work. The level of detail on this kit really is quite amazing. Andy
  8. I used sponged on matt varnish and GW washes on Boris to get a similar kind of weathering over shiny metal, albeit to a far stronger degree to what you'll want on this. The same method might work if it's applied more subtly. Andy
  9. Thanks again for the comments chaps. The aircraft was a trainer, so the scheme was probably for visibility. It's done with paint. A pale wood base coat, then a darker brown acrylic brushed over and wiped off with a sponge to create the grain Andy
  10. Interesting solution. I'll have to try this with my Mars. The resin I'm using has a recommended operating temp of 20-25 degrees and the room the printer is in falls way below that in winter. Andy
  11. Thanks for all the comments everyone Actually, it wasn't that difficult, just time consuming. It was all straight lines, so just a case of adjusting the tape until it looked about right. The wings were easy since the stripes were 10mm wide and I was using 10mm Tamiya tape. Cheers Bruce. Yes, I added glaze medium and the paint is very easy to work with after that. Very similar to using oils, but the paint dries faster so it can be over-coated sooner, and it's less delicate once dry. Andy
  12. Sopwith Pup "Gnome" Wingnut Wings 1/32 This is WnW's Gnome engined version of the Sopwith Pup, and it's the first kit of theirs that I've built and way out of my comfort zone, being an AFV and Sci-Fi modeller generally. The kit went together without any real issues, although handling it become more difficult as the build went on and a few repairs were needed along the way. The single biggest job was the masking for the stripes, although I simplified it as much as possible by breaking the painting down into stages, rather than trying to mask and spray the whole th
  13. Thanks guys, I think the only danger I might pose with a 3D printer is if I accidentally overrun the world with an army of mouse droids, in which case we might all have to run for the hills . Hope you get one Stephen. You definitely won't regret it. Andy
  14. Cheers Will, they look equally good from the back. I think that works on the spine. Makes it look like boney protrusions coming through the skin - also, I've only just noticed how the purple wash on the hands and face ties in with the base tiles . Andy
  15. EL-5A Mouse Droid 1/12 3D Print I've recently bought a 3D printer (Elegoo Mars Pro), and have been slowly finding my feet with that and Fusion 360. I wanted something fairly simple as an initial print, and there's very little that's simpler than Nigel. He objected to a digital doppelganger though, so this initial print has become EL-5A who's now betrothed to Nigel in some kind of weird mouse droid arranged marriage. The print came out fairly well, although there are some things I need to tweak, both with the printing and with the original file. The upper body was done at
  16. Really nice Will. I like the way you've added a lot of perceived detail to what are fairly simple sculpts - the bloody hand and mouth, the speckling on the back - any chance of a rear shot to show that speckling better? The bases are fantastic too - I really thought you'd cut out a print and stuck it to the tops at first. One question though; what are the, err... clumps of 'soil'? Do these boys still need to be house trained? Andy
  17. Well, we knew it would be coming after appearing on the boxtop of the flatbed wagon, but Miniart have finally confirmed a new tool Austin AC with interior Andy
  18. Fantastic work Will. I'm surprised just how much detail they managed to pack into these little sculpts, like the teeny tiny shovel on the track sponson. Andy
  19. I hadn't seen those. Just had a look on ebay and found deck parts for both the Meng and Suyata kits. I may well have to pick up one of the kits now along with the deck. The Suyata version is also available with a port scene, although I've no idea where it's supposed to be. I want a model of the multi-deck pagoda bus though Andy
  20. You can actually get a set of figures (from some obscure film) for this from Tori Factory And, bizarrely, it's not the only cartoon Titanic available. There's another coming from Suyata (with added seals!) Andy
  21. Nice work Will. I really like the schemes on these. The curved red section at the front makes a great contrast to the angular design of the Tiger Sharks That's the main reason I've cut down on using them. You can get much cleaner results with acrylics, especially at small scales. Andy
  22. There's a nice Indian from Thunder Models. I've not built it, but in general their kits are very good OOB (reviewed on Britmodeller here) Das Werk have re-boxed the Dragon Kettenkrad, if you want to class it as a bike There's also a Triumph announced by H3 Models. I don't know anything about the company, or what the nature of the kit is (resin? injection?), but it might be interesting Andy
  23. Thanks for the comments everyone Thanks Gorby. It may go on a scenic base at some point, if I find the time. I've got a figure for it too which I need to get painted. Andy
  24. Case VAI Tractor Thunder Models 1/35 I've had this little Case tractor sitting on the shelf, built up and in primer, for a couple of years, but I've never seemed to find the time to get it finished. I've currently got a short gap between bigger projects, so I thought it was high time I got it out of the box and done. Another reason for the long delay in getting it done was that I wasn't sure what to do with it. I'd originally primed it in rust with the view to finishing it as rusted out wreck, but when it came to it I decided to go for a heavily worn but still working machine
  25. Really nice paint jobs Will. They remind me of those interwar German schemes with the red bands under the swastikas. Andy
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