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F-104G MFG 2, German Marine

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Finally finished my F-104G aircraft 26 + 90 from MFG 2, German Marine

Hasegawa kit with Ultracast detail set in resin. Resin bang-seat. Cannot remember if the burner can were resin as well.

I've used Daco's excellent decal set for this. Future on the canopy and modelmaster gloss and flat lacquer mixed. Thought a German Marineflieger would be rather weathered, considering its operational environments.

Clean, no weapons save the internal gun. I scatched the chaff / flare launchers aft and the mounting plates they sit on. I also scratched a position light on the spine and under the belly, in front of the vertical fin.

Easy kit - it went together with no problems. Kinks here and there entirely my own creations.

I hope you like it! :banghead:










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That is a lovely looking F-104!

They look very smart in that scheme, and you have definitely captured the look!

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Beautiful. It must have taken hours for the application of the stencils alone, don't know if I have that much patience. I have both the TF 104G and the F-104G in German naval scheme. One of my best friends is an old USAF 104 driver, and he has regaled me with his stories, especially the story about his mock dogfight with a Hawker Hunter out of Italy back in the early 60's, which to this day he considers one of the prettiest airplanes he has ever seen. He could out climb him but couldn't turn with the Hunter, so he had to go vertical and then dive on him. In the end it was a draw, but lots of fun! Regardless, there is no airplane like the 104. Keep up the great work.


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Thanks a lot guys! Yes, the stencilling took some time, and I didn't quite hit the underlying panels to match the decals perfectly. Had a general problem seeing through the setter :shutup:

Oh yeah, it's a 1 / 48 model, this one

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