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  1. I have built this kit up to the point of painting. Im wondering how to paint the gun barrel and the inside of its housing and fill the join on the outside of the box housing without messing up the inside with the finished barrel.. It wont insert later I think.
  2. Very nice work so far. I have both a long station wagon and short hull versions going right now. I added the RB Prod metal barrels and Voyager PE sets too. Although I only used about 1/3 of each set. I replaced the tires with resin replacements from Lion Roar as well. Its a great fit and well detailed offering from Trumpeter.
  3. Thanks all!. I bought the SBS Suomi Finnish turret on Ebay and found my old DML KIT which has the road lights already. Im good to go. Thanks again
  4. Thank you this is exactly the info I needed!
  5. Does any after market outfit make the resin bits for a Finnsh T-72? Meaning the automotive style tail lights and turn signals for the rear fenders. Or does any model manufacturer include them in a 1/35 kit? I am building Tamiyas kit. and I have an old DML T-72 buried somewhere too. Thanks in advance.
  6. GForceSS

    Matchbox Puma

    I built this great old kit and wrote a lengthy article for the USA IPMS Journal. There is nothing svailable at all for this model. I used a set of 1/48 C-47 tire from True details I believe. And Reheat belts for the interior which I rebuilt. Made my own decals
  7. Simply brilliant. Stunning work on the entire presentation
  8. Fantastic job. You added all the detail in the cockpit frame with was not easy. It's perfect!
  9. Really beautiful Starfighter. Outstanding finish and great presentation. One little correction you could make is the inner fins on the wing tanks are backwards. Maybe just one is. Just flip them over and you will be good to go. I don't know how many of these I have seen at contests with this issue but a good amount of 104 builders do this. Again great job sir!
  10. My only wish was this was in 1/32 scale. It would be a beast.
  11. Beautiful Alpha jet. I was cautious of trying another Kinetic kit as I am struggling with a couple right now. You did a great job and I will have to pick this kit up.
  12. Im still drooling over your build. As I m building mine at this moment. What paints and specifically what exact colors did you use. I was hoping to use either Xtracolor Mirage blue grey X 376 or 377 for the grey but to me it looks off. Yours looks the parts sir.
  13. Pedro 66 That build looks amazing. I have two of these and as you said their quite a challenge. Hope mine turn out half as good as yours did.
  14. I have his kit and its no shake and bake model. You did a fantastic job. Now I have to try and make mine look half as good as yours. Bravo!
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