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  1. Fantastic work. Superbe maquette. Olivier
  2. Great build ! what is your paint for the A-14 cockpit ?? very inspiring build. thanks olivier
  3. Fantastic work ! What paint do you use as a PC10 ? very very inspiring. thanks !! Olivier
  4. "Second" is the proper use in french."Second" is not the numeral expression : "deuxieme" is meaning "2" without the time connection... Olivier
  5. Thanks for the kind words ! Here is few progress with the upper wing fixed ! first wiring .... Few paint details and landing gear next !! cheers olivier
  6. Excellent ! well done ++++++++++++ Olivier
  7. Look very nice ! very inspiring build. O.
  8. Splendid ! hard to believe it is a 1/72 ! ...very very inspiring. Bravo. O.
  9. The Breguet is really interresting even with a "Super-Bidon" ( super tank ) transatlantic version...The Potez 25 is a Grand classic in France, but like the famous Caudron serie no recent decent injection models. O.
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