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  1. Bozo

    Mirage 2000D Kandahar

    Thanks, Scott! Ok, I'll probably go with GBU-12's then. I read in Frederic Lert's 'Mirage 2000D' book that the first GBU-49 drop in Afghanistan, from the Mirage 2000D, was 20th March, 2010
  2. Hi, anybody happen to know what pod were used for the first GBU-49 drops from the Mirage 2000D flying out from kandahar? PDLCT or Damocles? I am making serial 3-XK, I think. Cheers
  3. Very nice Flanker! I think it has a sharp finish, excellent!
  4. Awesome work and very convincing paint job done with brush?! I like the panellines!
  5. Excellent Lynx. Very nice colours!
  6. Beautiful build! nice finish on this one!
  7. Thanks a lot guys! Yes, the stencilling took some time, and I didn't quite hit the underlying panels to match the decals perfectly. Had a general problem seeing through the setter Oh yeah, it's a 1 / 48 model, this one
  8. Finally finished my F-104G aircraft 26 + 90 from MFG 2, German Marine Hasegawa kit with Ultracast detail set in resin. Resin bang-seat. Cannot remember if the burner can were resin as well. I've used Daco's excellent decal set for this. Future on the canopy and modelmaster gloss and flat lacquer mixed. Thought a German Marineflieger would be rather weathered, considering its operational environments. Clean, no weapons save the internal gun. I scatched the chaff / flare launchers aft and the mounting plates they sit on. I also scratched a position light on the spine and under the belly, in front of the vertical fin. Easy kit - it went together with no problems. Kinks here and there entirely my own creations. I hope you like it!
  9. Jeez, how did I miss those rods!? I haven't given it a thought! Thanks for pointing it out, MASU
  10. As answer to your questions; it is the Hasegawa kit. I've used CMK Sandy Dust SD 03 for the dust.
  11. Thanks a bunch, guys Will answer your q's later tonight. I forgot to show the cockpit, and I might upload a couple more pics.
  12. Hi, It has been a while since I've posted. I've now finished my AAC WAH-64 Longbow Apache AH Mk.1. It has been a slow build, but I managed to finish it. It's from Operation Herrick ca. 2006. I've scratched som UK specifik antennae, and a scoop?? on the right side of the nose. I've also remade the grips and the guards in front of the landing gear. I did some wire superdetailling on the Longbow unit and on the gun. For the HIDAS gear, rockets and the decals, I've used Isracasts conversion set. Cockpit is Aires resin cast. I managed to find a '4' in my spare decal box, and the serial is ZJ224, which I think is the one Ed Macy flew to Jugroom Fort ? It was painted with WEM Helo drab and toned down with MM helo drab. Afterwards, I made a thin dust wash, which doesn't really show through the dust powder. I wish the dust would have been more red, though. I wanted to show a dusty Apache, from Afghanistan. I hope you like it. I am just pleased to have finished it and can now move on to something other. Cheers,
  13. Thanks guys! Colin, the AFV Club kit is a dream, I can say this; it's the most troublefree assembly I've ever had! I got the excellent advice to trim off all the edges in the openings for the panels - thanks Jens - the ledge where the panels glue onto (sort of a step down in the panel openings) should be trimmed away. That means the panels will go in nicely and sit flush with the rest of the fuselage. I hope this makes sense, as my written english starts to fall short here... Anyway there's only minor kinks. The cockpit goes in from behind in the cockpit section - easy peasy. The panellines are very prominent though, which, if your paint is thinned too much, can cause the paint to flow in the panellines and ruin the pattern you're trying to achieve. Seriously, It's the best kit to assemble I've ever come across. It just fits together nicely.
  14. Finally finished my AFV Club F-5E Tiger II USAF aggressor. I've chosen to depict Buno. 74-1556 from the 527th Aggressor Squadron based on Aconbury AB, UK - aka 'RED 56'. Decals are Twobobs F-5E Alconbury Gomer 48-218. the Tiger II has been depicted in the Snake/VNAF scheme as seen on 1556 cirka 1985-86. References are pictures from the internet, as I had trouble matching the paint scheme on Two Bobs drawings to the pictures I found on the internet. Seat is Wolfpacks late seat for Tiger II. Hope You like it and happy holidays!
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