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  1. Bozo

    Mirage 2000D Kandahar

    Thanks, Scott! Ok, I'll probably go with GBU-12's then. I read in Frederic Lert's 'Mirage 2000D' book that the first GBU-49 drop in Afghanistan, from the Mirage 2000D, was 20th March, 2010
  2. Hi, anybody happen to know what pod were used for the first GBU-49 drops from the Mirage 2000D flying out from kandahar? PDLCT or Damocles? I am making serial 3-XK, I think. Cheers
  3. Very nice Flanker! I think it has a sharp finish, excellent!
  4. Awesome work and very convincing paint job done with brush?! I like the panellines!
  5. Beautiful build! nice finish on this one!
  6. Thanks a lot guys! Yes, the stencilling took some time, and I didn't quite hit the underlying panels to match the decals perfectly. Had a general problem seeing through the setter Oh yeah, it's a 1 / 48 model, this one
  7. Finally finished my F-104G aircraft 26 + 90 from MFG 2, German Marine Hasegawa kit with Ultracast detail set in resin. Resin bang-seat. Cannot remember if the burner can were resin as well. I've used Daco's excellent decal set for this. Future on the canopy and modelmaster gloss and flat lacquer mixed. Thought a German Marineflieger would be rather weathered, considering its operational environments. Clean, no weapons save the internal gun. I scatched the chaff / flare launchers aft and the mounting plates they sit on. I also scratched a position light on the spine and under the belly, in f
  8. Jeez, how did I miss those rods!? I haven't given it a thought! Thanks for pointing it out, MASU
  9. As answer to your questions; it is the Hasegawa kit. I've used CMK Sandy Dust SD 03 for the dust.
  10. Thanks a bunch, guys Will answer your q's later tonight. I forgot to show the cockpit, and I might upload a couple more pics.
  11. Hi, It has been a while since I've posted. I've now finished my AAC WAH-64 Longbow Apache AH Mk.1. It has been a slow build, but I managed to finish it. It's from Operation Herrick ca. 2006. I've scratched som UK specifik antennae, and a scoop?? on the right side of the nose. I've also remade the grips and the guards in front of the landing gear. I did some wire superdetailling on the Longbow unit and on the gun. For the HIDAS gear, rockets and the decals, I've used Isracasts conversion set. Cockpit is Aires resin cast. I managed to find a '4' in my spare decal box, and the serial is ZJ2
  12. Thanks guys! Colin, the AFV Club kit is a dream, I can say this; it's the most troublefree assembly I've ever had! I got the excellent advice to trim off all the edges in the openings for the panels - thanks Jens - the ledge where the panels glue onto (sort of a step down in the panel openings) should be trimmed away. That means the panels will go in nicely and sit flush with the rest of the fuselage. I hope this makes sense, as my written english starts to fall short here... Anyway there's only minor kinks. The cockpit goes in from behind in the cockpit section - easy peasy. The panellines a
  13. Finally finished my AFV Club F-5E Tiger II USAF aggressor. I've chosen to depict Buno. 74-1556 from the 527th Aggressor Squadron based on Aconbury AB, UK - aka 'RED 56'. Decals are Twobobs F-5E Alconbury Gomer 48-218. the Tiger II has been depicted in the Snake/VNAF scheme as seen on 1556 cirka 1985-86. References are pictures from the internet, as I had trouble matching the paint scheme on Two Bobs drawings to the pictures I found on the internet. Seat is Wolfpacks late seat for Tiger II. Hope You like it and happy holidays!
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